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  1. Cool to share how you did this?
  2. I set it up like this a while back... [if not (nextdc$ = 3 | nextdc$ > 7), *speed, *spindle] so the spindle won't turn on for tapping or any drill cycle over 7, which is where my probing cycles reside.
  3. MIL-TFP-41

    Smart Machine Tool

    The VTL's & Boring Mills on their site look to be HNK's. Korean company that builds some seriously big machines. The smaller machines....who knows????
  4. MIL-TFP-41

    mind blown

    Glad I am not the only one. I can assure you that I am not muttering under my breath though.
  5. MIL-TFP-41

    5 Axis - Swarf - Smoother finish advice

    Cut tolerance & the one I use a lot for transitions like that is "Maximum Angle Step" on the tool axis control tab.
  6. MIL-TFP-41

    Fanuc G68.2 with rigid tapping

    Ran into a very similar problem on our MX330's a month or so back. Exact same error & everything. We could tap fine using G68.2. However when I tried tapping with G54.4 active, we got the exact same error. (Y excess) Fanuc had to come out & update their software....Things are happy now.
  7. MIL-TFP-41

    Mastercam 2019 Update 2 is released

    I stand corrected! This is working now! woohoo!
  8. MIL-TFP-41

    Mastercam 2019 Update 2 is released

    Ugh. They didn't fix the toolholder creation from .dxf bug. R-16953
  9. MIL-TFP-41

    Tap extensions

    They actually have a taper machined (or edm'd) into where the square fits into the socket. When we first stared using them, we did have a couple fall out. We just weren't seating them hard enough. We have them on a robodrill that has done thousands of holes, no problems. No issues running them in high production.
  10. MIL-TFP-41

    Tap extensions

    Ive run the tap associates ones a lot. Way simple. The only thing is they kid of require a bit of "feel" to get the tap seated tight, but not too tight. Way nice for reaching down past shoulders, etc.
  11. FWIW we run a bunch of Pioneer stuff & haven't had any issues. Inventory on the shelf has been a problem tho.
  12. I believe on a Mori NLX machine you can do CSS with the Y axis. Its a parameter change somewhere.
  13. MIL-TFP-41

    Machining Cloud

    I am using it as I type this. What quit working?
  14. MIL-TFP-41

    Fanuc G68.2 with rigid tapping

    A little off topic....but tapping in IPR (G95) is an option on a Mori NHX. The local application guy even told me he never heard of people tapping in IPR. Needless to say he gets no phone calls for assistance from us.
  15. MIL-TFP-41

    Quick question on Ring Gauges

    How does the thread check over wires?

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