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  1. MIL-TFP-41

    Camplete Plugin for 2022

    Just buy a new MAM or MX every year & have them add a year of maintenance to your existing seat(s). Easy piesy.
  2. MIL-TFP-41

    Drill Location Date Macro

    #121=#3011 =20210729 #101=FIX[#121/100] =202107 #102=FIX[#121/10000] =2021 #103=#101-[#102*100] =7 I find myself using the macrocalc from NCplot quite often. I know I could of simplified this by doing something like "#101=FIX[#3011/100]" but by writing it to #121 it allows me to check my math with the calculator.
  3. MIL-TFP-41

    Drill Location Date Macro

    There is probably a more elegant way to do this, but my approach would be something like this: #121=#3011 (capture date) #101=FIX[#121/100] #102=FIX[#121/10000] #103=#101-[#102*100] so for today's date, as Fanuc writes it (202107270) that little bit would make #103 equal to 7 From there it would be something like this: IF[#103EQ1.]GOTO1 IF[#103EQ2.]GOTO2 IF[#103EQ3.]GOTO3 IF[#103EQ4.]GOTO4 IF[#103EQ5.]GOTO5 IF[#103EQ6.]GOTO6 IF[#103EQ7.]GOTO7 IF[#103EQ8.]GOTO8 IF[#103EQ9.]GOTO9 IF[#103EQ10.]GOTO10 IF[#103EQ11.]GOTO11 IF[#103EQ12.]GOTO12
  4. MIL-TFP-41


    have you tried moving the *xout, *yout before the " !p_abs, !s_abs " line? I do something similar in my our posts & it works out great. ppos_cax_lin #Position the rotary axis before move - rapid if p_inc | s_inc, [ sav_gcode = gcode$ gcode$ = zero punclamp pbld, n$, sgcode, *p_out, *s_out, e$ pbld, n$, *xout, *yout, e$ pclamp !p_abs, !s_abs ps_cinc_calc gcode$ = sav_gcode ]
  5. MIL-TFP-41

    MCAM 2022 > Migration Wizard seems to work 100%!

    Now if they will let you migrate machine/control def's to different folders and point the control def to the post in the new folder...that would be nice. Example...all of our machine/control def's are on a network folder "P:\Mastercam Machines 2021" Inside that folder there is folders for Wire, Mill, Lathe & Mill-turn & Tool Libraries 2022 folder is named "P:\Mastercam Machines 2022" Subfolders are named exactly the same I still had to do the manual process of pointing each control def to the right post, and the Machine def to point to the right tool library. I suppose if I got rid of the version in the folder (ie 2022) it would be happy. But what fun would that be? Or did I do something wrong???
  6. MIL-TFP-41

    Camplete Plugin for 2022

    Mastercam is doing away with the USB key also. Wanna run mill-turn? Say bye bye to the USB key. It will only run on a software key. It is reasonable to assume that new sales are software keys no matter the package you purchase.
  7. MIL-TFP-41

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    On the topic of AE's, not all are created equal. Couple of examples of what I have dealt with from DMG/Mori AE's.... This was setting up a NH5000.... Them: Ok you have the Rotary table fixture offset option (G54.2) now. (Mori installed, not Fanuc) Me: did you set the parameters for it? Them: ???? Fortunately I had set up this option on a horizontal before & knew which parameters needed to be set. This was setting up a NHX4000 a few years later.... Dynamic offsets (G54.2)? I have never heard of that. Why do you need those? You are the only ones I have ever heard of using them Tapping in G95 (IPR)? Why would you want to do that? You are the only shop I ever heard of that does that. And, apparently this is not just the AE's in my area. The NH5000 story was repeated by someone in the Bay area. I was able to help them, not DMG/Mori. To their credit, their service side is very, very good, for us anyways. I have heard stories from other territories tho.
  8. MIL-TFP-41

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    We have a NTX2000 and see the same issues. We also have a NT3200 sitting right beside the NTX and that machine is way more stable. DMG/Mori refuses to admit that the NTX just aren't as stable as the NT...but when you have 2 machines sitting side by side it's obvious that something is up.
  9. MIL-TFP-41

    Alternative use for TSC...

    Matsuura's can be made to run with air via a keep relay...but as stated above the rotary union will fail when run dry.
  10. MIL-TFP-41

    Beta Testers for IKE Post customization

    Definitely interested, just hope my DM went through
  11. The first one I saw on a MAM72-63V was 2006ish? We got our first 63V in sometime around 2005-2006...word was it was one of the first 7 that landed in the US. The early version of that machine was nowhere near as refined as what they are now. Little things like the way covers...bigger things like it didn't come with scales....PITA things like the linear pallet pool was migrated over from the H-Plus 405. Everything eventually got fixed(scales got installed, but the way covers were always a headache).....I still won't buy a first generation machine again. Oddest 63V I have ever heard of was a 50 taper version with a 840Di control.
  12. Just a quick question....I have not seen it documented but is it possible to have a OR in a WHILE statement? Example - WHILE[#19EQ620.] OR [#19EQ622.]DO1 blah blah blah END1
  13. MIL-TFP-41

    Big dovetails.

    doubling up on the Raptor's to do When we did ours we actually had to re-cut one of the dovetails. They were mis-matched by .005" or something. Height was dead on, but the width direction was off.
  14. MIL-TFP-41

    matsuura mam 72-42 pc24

    Run. Better yet, throw a stick of dynamite at it then run. The controls were a good idea at the time. Siemens and Yaskawa teamed up & made them. Couple of years go by, Yaskawa & Siemens got into a pissing match. Divorced happened, Siemens was left with supporting the controls & hardware. So anymore, if a Yaskawa drive goes out on one of these, you first contact Siemens and pray they have a re-manufactured one in stock. If you are luck then do, and you pay the $20,000 for the drive (they do give you $16,000 back for the core, so net cost is $4000. Tho the $16k for the core tells you that there are not many spares floating around) If they don't have one in stock, the drive first gets shipped to Germany. Then Germany ships to Japan for repair. Repair happens, back to Germany then back to the US then back to your shop. 4-6 month turn around. All that being said, they are fairly reliable. The problem is when something on them goes bad (and its not an if, its a when, something will go wrong) they are so unsupported you will wind up paying beaucoup $$$ in downtime and service. We have 4 of these controls on various machines.....wish we had zero of them.
  15. MIL-TFP-41

    matsuura mam 72-42 pc24

    If it has a 840Di control on it, pass on it. If all I had to pay was shipping to get a 840Di machine in the shop I would hesitate. Just don't buy one with that control. You don't want the headache it will give you. Im not sure how long ago Matsuura quit making the 42V. Things like way covers & other parts might not be as available as one would hope.

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