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  1. MIL-TFP-41

    New to mill-turn

    Its funny how different AE's in different areas have loyalties different software packages....yet they all work for Mori. Our local AE's have very high opinions on Gibbs.
  2. MIL-TFP-41

    New to mill-turn

    I cannot honestly remember. It had to of come from my reseller. It came with a generic machine & a step by step .pdf. The version I have is dated 2017......maybe show this screenshot to your reseller & see if he has an updated version.
  3. MIL-TFP-41

    New to mill-turn

    When we first got mill-turn (for the exact machine...NTX2000 SZM) it was a HUGE help to go through the Mastercam Mill-Turn Tutorial. You pretty much have to follow the workflow they outline. It is very frustrating at first, but like anything, once you get used to works. Also make sure you got through the application guide...this will get you through the many settings that are buried in Code Expert. The code we get is very good. We also drive a NT3200 will mill turn. Never had a wrong tool number...that one seems odd.
  4. My personal preference on things like tool break checking... I do them as a manual entry. If they are turned on by something like a Misc Int then you have to expand and open the operation to see if you have it on or not. As a manual entry, it is right there, you can see at a glance if you have it on a tool or not. I also do them with a custom G code...much easier to remember especially if you are using a Renishaw one place and a Marpos or Blum or whatever on a different machine. For our set up, G103 is always a tool break check.
  5. When searching for 3 flute drills on MSC, you can really narrow the options down by filtering by 150deg drill point. if you can use a 6.5mm drill, your options really expand.
  6. Why isn't 3 flute an option? MSC carries SGS & they make a very good 3 flute drill.
  7. I wanted to do this route...but trying to cover all the bases. Like if an operator fat fingered an offset during the middle of a cycle...machine retracts, repositions, calls G43 (it happened) This will check every time a G43 is read. It has worked in testing, but the look ahead concern has kept me from doing it lights out.
  8. So on one of our production machine cells (couple of MX330's) we have had an operator fat finger an offset while adjusting a tool. (he cleared the offset on a differnt tool while adjusting one, needless to say when you have a zero instead of 5.000 things go wrong fast) I can up with a simple macro to check the tool length offset against a nominal value to prevent this. O9019 (TOOL LENGTH CHECK) (#101 = NOMINAL TOOL LENGTH) (CHANGE PARAMETER 6059 TO 43) M98 P7999 (CAPTURE NOMINAL TOOL LENGTH) #100 = #[#518+10000] + #[#518+11000] (CAPTURE CURRENT OFFSET) (COMPARE LENGTHS) IF[[#101-#100]GT .1]GOTO500 IF[[#101-#100]LT -.1]GOTO550 GOTO1000 N500 #3000=99(TOOL LENGTH TOO SHORT) N550 #3000=99(TOOL LENGTH TOO LONG) N1000 G43 H#518 Z#26 M99 So every time a G43 is read in the program it verifies the length offset is within +-.100. Program O7999 is this: (Note that I used 7999 instead of putting things all in one program to make adjusting values easier should the need arise) O7999(NOMINAL TOOL LENGTHS) (#101 = NOMINAL TOOL LENGTH) GOTO#518 N1 #101 = 3.66 GOTO2000 N2 #101 = 4.21 GOTO2000 N3 #101 = 4.75 GOTO2000 N4 #101 = 4.61 GOTO2000 (ect up to 60, plus sister tools) N2000 M99 I have tested it & it works as expected. My concern is running this with high speed look ahead (G131 for matsurra or G5.1 Q1) Does the look ahead have the potential to mess things up eventually? It worked OK in testing but I want some input before I let this go lights out.
  9. MIL-TFP-41

    Mx330 problems

    We have 2 MX330's w/ 20K spindles in a robotic cell. Runs 24/7. Machine #1 has over 25,000 running hours on it. Machine #2 is around 18,000 hours. We did have issues with Machine #1 blowing out the internal air lines on the 4th/5th axis table. We wound up replacing all of them & have not had an issue since. Machine #2 never had that problem, guessing Matsuura changed the hose material sometime between the 2 mfg dates. Other than other general maintenance stuff (thru spindle coolant union, etc) They have been way solid. With a combined time of 43,000 hours if there was an issue we would of found it.
  10. MIL-TFP-41

    Surfacing with the side of an endmill?

    That's the ticket, Thanks!
  11. The attached file was made in 2020. The toolpaths are doing pretty close to what I want it to do, tho I am really looking to drop the tool down in Z (the tool Z axis, not the part Z) a bit so it is cutting more with the side of the tool rather than the tip. I know this could easily be done with a ball tho I gotta think there is a way to generate this with the side of an endmill. Any ideas? test.mcam
  12. MIL-TFP-41

    Verisurf Most Used Free Tools

    Verisurf holeaxis is much more robust than the one under Model Prep (supports surfaces and wireframes and may resolve an axis in places mastercam will not. ) Pierce point is way handy. Minimum bounding box is great for a quick way to orient a model to fit in the smallest amount of stock, especially handy for stuff that does not require a grain direction. Those would be my top 3.
  13. MIL-TFP-41

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    Verifying classic 5 axis toolpaths (like curve) is fuxxord. The tool may be way out in space. Holder may be somewhere in the middle of your part. by the time you are done verifying the holder has wiped the part completely out. Backplot looks fine however.
  14. MIL-TFP-41

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    woot woot! used for 3 whole hours before logging my first defect! Staying with 2020, this one is going to be unusable till it gets fixed.
  15. MIL-TFP-41

    Fanuc 30i 8 digit program number

    That was the ticket. Thanks!

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