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  1. MIL-TFP-41

    CAMplete TurnMill

    I doubt it will happen, but a NTY3-250 Most likely we will get another Mori NZX (2 turret) It is a shame Mastercam MillTurn doesn't support 3 streams (at least to my knowledge)....which was one of the thoughts on looking at the Nak. Camplete would solve that part of the equation.
  2. MIL-TFP-41

    CAMplete TurnMill

    Just reaching out to see if anyone has used this. I have used Truepath with great results for our Matsuura's, but all I have seen with the TurnMill is some pretty impressive looking demo's. That being said, a demo is a demo & not necessarily what one see's in the real world. Any opinions?
  3. MIL-TFP-41


    We had the same problem with our 330's. Is the attached pic the alarm that comes up? It was really odd and frustrating, a Y axis alarm during a tap cycle when values were in the WSEC table. In our case it was a Fanuc issue that was resolved with a software update.
  4. MIL-TFP-41

    License "borrowing"

    I imagine it would be the same scenario if one lost their physical key/hasp 2 years after being off of maintenance. What that would entail....I hope to never find out.
  5. MIL-TFP-41

    License "borrowing"

    I wonder about this. Say I go off of maintenance for whatever reason. 2 years later my computer fries. With a physical key/hasp, no problem. With it being a software license and it was never "deactivated" before the computer you get a hold of your ex-dealer to get things reactivated? Or are you going to have to pony up some $$$ to get it back going?
  6. MIL-TFP-41

    License "borrowing"

    Yes. When we recently bought a new Mill/Turn environment, we had to move to a software license and turn the old key in.
  7. MIL-TFP-41

    License "borrowing"

    CNC Software is forcing Mill/Turn users to a software license. My guess is eventually the HASP will disappear. To be fair, with the software license, I can un-register it at work, go home, register it, do some work. Just would have to remember to un-register it at home.
  8. MIL-TFP-41

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    Exactly. Tho it won't work if you don't have your compressor running....or the operator left the E-Stop pressed when he powered down. [edit] Leon Beat me to it....
  9. MIL-TFP-41

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    We have 2 20K Matsuura grease spindles on MX330's. Machine #1 is closing in on 18,000 hours of spindle time, #2 is close to 10,000. Machines run 24/7, the spindles are one area where we have not had any issues (knock on wood). We also have several 20K air/oil spindles....they have been solid. A few are 10+ years old without issues. (not saying that some haven't been!t does happen...and at 20K, it happens really fast) We do run warm-up religiously, auto timers should be standard & not an option.
  10. MIL-TFP-41

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    The Mitsu Seiki looks to have similar bridge construction. They do have a reputation similar to Yasda....dunno if this particular model is a "budget line" or not. It does look very robust & is advertised having .1 micron resolution, also similar to the Yasda. The thing that does raise eyebrows is a machine like that being around the same price point of a Matsuura MX machine.
  11. MIL-TFP-41

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    Between those 2 machines I believe the Mitsu would be more accurate. That machine is more like a jig bore built around a 5 axis table, where the Matsurra is closer to a conventional "C-frame" machine.
  12. MIL-TFP-41

    Cleaning tool holders

    I wasn't thinking the whole holder...more just the nut & the collet. Those 2 things seem to collect the tough to clean FOD more than the holder.
  13. MIL-TFP-41

    Cleaning tool holders

    I have been wanting to try using one of these for that purpose but have yet to get around to it.
  14. MIL-TFP-41

    micro endmills ^^^^These guys have tiny stuff Richards Micro Tool either makes or used to make all of the harvey miniature series. Good stuff. Kyocera is also very good at the small stuff.
  15. MIL-TFP-41

    Planes origin jumping around

    I believe this has been logged as a bug in 2020. Yes, it is frustrating.

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