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  1. MIL-TFP-41

    Planes origin jumping around

    I believe this has been logged as a bug in 2020. Yes, it is frustrating.
  2. MIL-TFP-41

    Fanuc 30i Control Data Server

    There is a parameter that must be enabled that allows transfer from memory card to the data server. Unfortunately I don't have my notes handy & I cannot remember which one it is off the top of my head.
  3. MIL-TFP-41

    Post Help

    tcr$ should get you what you are looking for
  4. MIL-TFP-41

    G43.4 and G68.2 Error Questions

    I just noticed that you are turning on high speed after you are in G43.4 & G68.2. Try moving your G05 P10000 before, like so: G00 G17 G20 G40 G80 G90 G91 G28 Z0. G28 X0. Y0. M79 M11 G90 A0. C0. N1 T3 (0.5 SPHERICAL / BALL-NOSED ENDMILL) M06 G54 G17 G90 G05 P10000 G00 A-90. C90. G43.4 H3 X0. Y-6.6062 Z5.85 S2139 M03 G94 G05 P10000 Z3.85 G01 Z1.85 F25.
  5. MIL-TFP-41

    G43.4 and G68.2 Error Questions

    On the first example.....why are you running inverse time while in G43.4? One of the advantages of TCPC is being able to run in feed-per-minute.
  6. MIL-TFP-41

    Cimco Error

    A few months back I had a hard drive crash on one of our seats. Reinstalled everything, including Mastercam 2019. Cimco came up with the attached error. We made the move to Mastercam 2020, and still get the same error. The error comes up when you try to open from Mastercam and when you browse to the Cimco directory and double click the executable. Any thoughts?
  7. MIL-TFP-41

    2020 post update issue

    That whole "mill table" is what was causing my issue on a few machines. We have a few machines (robodrill & matsuura's) with a 5 axis table mounted on the mill table. So when I "built" the machines in earlier versions, I put the X & Y axis, then a mill table, then the rotary axis's, then a mill chuck. Worked great till 2020. Now for whatever reason if you have the "mill table" enabled, it grays things out like Colin described.
  8. MIL-TFP-41

    2020 post update issue

    Just barely got 2020 running on all of our seats today. For whatever reason, one machine definition out of 30 needed this fix. Thankfully all of that stuff is on the network......
  9. MIL-TFP-41

    Lots of good enhancements

    Look back at some old threads when they went from the classic V9 & earlier interface to the X style interface. Same thing.....I have heard that there are still some out there that run V9.
  10. MIL-TFP-41

    Lots of good enhancements

    New bugs. Took me all of 2 minutes in programming my first part in 2020 till I found a bug with creating planes via the gnomon.....The bug is not a deal breaker but it is frustrating when something worked perfect in the previous version now does not. To be fair, there are a few features I like in 2020....have yet to make a complete transition tho. Waiting to complete a few big projects before dealing with more surprises.
  11. MIL-TFP-41

    Finding centerline of letters

    Yes, Ive done similar in the past, & it does work well...till you run across something like this. Then I try MedialAxis, and wind up with a bunch of zero length lines.
  12. MIL-TFP-41

    Finding centerline of letters

    I am sure I am doing this the hard way.... When engraving letters of a font like arial, is there an easy way to generate the center contour? Like on this screen shot I attached....I don't want to outline the inner & outer letter profile, I want to just do the middle. I have tried using the medialaxis c-hook with limited success (only works in the top WCS & not very well)
  13. MIL-TFP-41

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

    Thanks Ernie. These tools make life so much easier
  14. Cool to share how you did this?
  15. I set it up like this a while back... [if not (nextdc$ = 3 | nextdc$ > 7), *speed, *spindle] so the spindle won't turn on for tapping or any drill cycle over 7, which is where my probing cycles reside.

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