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  1. SlaveCam


    Don't forget to set control to "free cutting mode" instead of "accurate cutting mode". It could make a huge difference. Unless, of course, there is surface tolerance.
  2. I like math comments. To be honest, frontend sucks. If only I could do backend only and leave the ui to others (without switching jobs that is).
  3. SlaveCam

    Toolpath Manager Frustrations

    It was improved. The icons were renewed in 2022.
  4. SlaveCam

    Change parameters at point

    I just had the incentive to install 2022 because of a new job involving a LOT of drillings at different depths, and it seems this bug still exists. You still have to subtract the Z origin of the operation's construction plane from the value you enter to get it right. I assume (rather hope) this is a bug, because if by design, all hope is lost.
  5. SlaveCam

    Codemeter vs Hasp

    We use NetHASP and it has been giving trouble for years. I can't wait to get rid of it and use a software license instead - assuming it works more reliably. Codemeter is already used in Mill/Turn here, and as far as I know, it has worked flawlessly. On the other hand, NetHASP constantly fails to release license (both Lathe and Mill 3D) and I have to reset the HASP services several times weekly, if there is a lot of programming to be done. It has never been figured out why the licenses are not released even if Mastercam has been closed properly. Is there yet a change of going fully software with 2022 in terms of license?
  6. SlaveCam

    Change parameters at point

    Has this been fixed in 2022 ?
  7. Faster how? It it *much* slower to generate a 2D Dynamic toolpath than a Circle Mill for round geometry simply because 2D Dynamic uses a very complicated algorithm for the toolpath whereas Circle Mill is very simple, so much as I have made a radial helix macro as one of my custom drilling cycles for our Mazak's. Circle mill is also simple to use, requires fever clicks, options to set and geometry to draw. For me, simpler is often better. The code generated is terse and fits in smaller machine's memory, no need to use filtering. There are alternatives yes, but surely the aim here is to be as productive as possible? Not to mention that semantically it makes sense to use Circle Mill for radial helix It does from me. It's the second most used operation after drilling in the parts I program. It's great for both finishing and roughing with a high feed mill. I've many times hoped for an Advanced Helix-Bore operation that would let me create segments of pitch, feed and other variables similar to Advanced Drill. Why can't you just add the "starting diameter" text box in the dialog with some DLL injection? Just kidding, don't do that. It's illegal
  8. SlaveCam

    2D Dynamic entry point

    How do you prevent excessive air cutting with circle mill / pocket (True spiral) ? It always starts roughing from the center. Air cutting may be ok for small batches, but it is not ok here for production code.
  9. SlaveCam

    2D Dynamic entry point

    It will retract first, then move to ref point (leading to crash). I rarely use approach/retract in milling, in lathe they are very useful.
  10. SlaveCam

    2D Dynamic entry point

    I'm undercutting with Dynamic 2D so the tool should be positioned at the center of a hole at the end. Can it be done? (toolpath editor is not an option)
  11. I'm still waiting for this feature. How come we still don't have it, considering how useful it would be? Dynamic toolpath is a much more heavy operation that can do it, but I prefer to use "light" operations whenever possible with no additional geometry.
  12. Is there a way to retain alignment on dimension labels or regenerate them using current consturction plane? While mcam's drafing features are undoubtedly sub-par, I find the "Point" dimension to be very useful for creating helper profile drawings for lathe machinists. SW does not have a similar feature (if there is, I'd be happy to know). However, too often somebody comes and says "I want this profile mirrored" and then I have to redo everything because:
  13. But it ends with "...THIS SESSION"! I'd prefer it to end with "...until the sun becomes a red giant"
  14. Why is there no "Never ever show me this damn message again" checkbox? Same with MANY other message boxes
  15. Am I missing some setting here? Default behavior makes no sense. Can I change it without post modification? I want it to feed out to retract, then rapid onto clearance. Mcam2021

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