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  1. Yes I did. That was observant! And that explains everything. AND, this is a recipe for disaster. If Mastercam Code Expert messes with my post with invisible junk, crashes are bound to occur.
  2. Why is this not working? All I get is -99999, also test = opinfo(15332, 0) will yield the same result. if op_id$ <> xform_op_id$, #Inside transform? [ test = opinfo(15332, 0, 0010) *test, e$ ] EDIT: Actually param 15332 is work offset numbering type, but that's what I am trying to get, despite misleading topic. EDIT2: I don't get it. Now it mysteriously started to work, despite code being exactly the same, and operations being exactly identical. Is it possible that Mastercam fails to reload the modified/updated post processor file into memory for some reason (it is on network drive) which can cause glitches?!
  3. SlaveCam

    Drill cycle is reset

    This seems to be the case. Very unfortunate, I always use tool's coolant yet the same tool could be used for about four different custom cycles. There should be at least option "IGNORE" in the combo box. Now it is a two-edged sword.
  4. SlaveCam

    Drill cycle is reset

    I use custom drill cycles over-extensively. What I don't like is that when selecting another tool, it changes drill cycle automatically back to drill/counterbore. Even if I click the same tool that is currently selected (by accident or otherwise), the drill cycle is reset. In other words, can I disable this (I never use it):
  5. SlaveCam

    Repeat without transformation

    This was solved by using transform op's custom parameters. in pheader$ if trans_mi1$ <> 0, progno$ = trans_mi1$ *progno$, sopen_prn, sprogname$, sclose_prn, e$ Btw. Help says there are 10+10 custom parameters for transformations. I see only 4 ???
  6. SlaveCam

    Rookie Mistake

    Adding WCS check was the first thing I did to the post of our 4-axis machines. It is unfathomable why in tombstone programming where WCS never changes between ops I can't lock it in Mastercam.
  7. This almost bit me again. Isn't the point of ghosting that the user is in full control what to post and what not? I do a lot of transforms (4-axis work), sometimes I post the source ops and sometimes the transformations. I've started to just delete ops (or move to another machine group) instead of ghosting just to avoid accidents. This behavior is something I'd love to have fixed.
  8. SlaveCam


    Why not remove redundant N (line number) codes?
  9. Never mind, I read the post too hastily...
  10. SlaveCam

    Create holder from geometry, save holder only

    This is excellent, Günther! I still think it's CNC's job to provide us with more flexible holder management...
  11. SlaveCam

    Mastercam Lathe

    I used U all the time with Fanuc 18i. It is ok when turning from one point to another, but I hated it when some people used it for multi point correction when turning long shafts instead of absolute X values.
  12. How do you do this? To use custom geometry for holder, I have to create a dummy tool in Mastercam and Edit Holder under there. Now it creates an assembly item. I want to extract its holder it and save it to a separate .tooldb file. No luck. So far: Create dummy 2D toolpath Holder -> Create new holder and import from level Ok so far... Then, when I click "Save library", the holder is not saved! It just disappears from the list.
  13. SlaveCam

    Cannot create custom tool from this geometry

    I agree, but there are special cases where I need visual confirmation. There's plenty of custom form tools in the machine and I really prefer seeing them in visualization as they are in real life. Toolpaths for them are very simple (usually just a full circle with lead in and out).
  14. SlaveCam

    Cannot create custom tool from this geometry

    Not happy yet. As the geometry consists of many tiny line segments, instead of a few arcs, performance is quite poor. Is there any tool that would fit arc to a set of lines using given tolerance? Best I've managed so far is convert the tiny lines into a spline and break it into larger lines using break many, but I can't get the tolerance option to work. "Number" option works as expected.

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