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  1. SlaveCam

    Backplot peck animation

    Please give us the option to disable it. Somehow the update that has this feature ended up on my laptop and I really dislike it. Why? I can't think of a single actual use for it, all it does is yell at me "hey, this is a peck drilling op!!" a thousand times. Even if it's not a pecking operation (say, a custom operation), it is still messing up the animation if the peck parameter is used. I use custom ops a lot. Also I like to quickly verify with backplot using keyboard commands forward+backward, so that pecking animation adds a lot of unnecessary keystrokes, forcing me to use my mouse to skip the pecking op in backplot. Thanks for understanding.
  2. SlaveCam

    Lots of good enhancements

    WHY was this changed? It wasn't broken. Just change stuff for the sake of it? Why not put a vote here and Mastercam's official forum and let the users decide?
  3. SlaveCam

    Lots of good enhancements

    I wouldn't miss the dynamite button, but I think it would be reasonable to put an epilepsy warning above (or below) the operation tree control.
  4. Now that you're at it... would you be so kind as to reprogram the whole operation tree and share it with us? I'd be forever grateful.
  5. SlaveCam

    I'm trying to like Cimco

    Good. This is especially important when comparing two files, one of which has a very long toolpath and the other not but everything else is identical. A high quality file comparison tool should be able to pass that.
  6. SlaveCam

    Tools for fixing old corrupted MCX files?

    I was able to reconstruct the file using import operations. It didn't even take too long. Lost all the solids and some geometry were messed up, but it is postable. Thanks.
  7. SlaveCam

    I'm trying to like Cimco

    Still waiting for file comparator to improve. I wish users put more pressure towards developers, because it is an extremely useful and important feature - and much faster than using Beyond Compare separately. What's really needed: Colors to indicate what is added and what is missing File-wide comparison vertical bars (click to scroll to position) No "file comparison failed" message because of too many differences. It is not for CIMCO to decide.
  8. We have lost NC code file for an old job and the MCX file (from 2011) which I try to open gives and the file fails to open, only machine group and toolspath groups are there, nothing else. Google says this is a rare error and a bug in some ancient Mcam version and the dude who programmed it obviously didnt try to recover it. It would seem it's time to reprogram. Is there by any chance recovery tools available I should try first? I have tried opening it in X5, X6, X7, X8, X9, 2017, 2018 and 2019 with no luck, HOWEVER, I am able to import ops.
  9. SlaveCam

    Post process from console

    Is there by any chance an option to post-process using command line? I'd like to automate tool list posting based on when file is changed.
  10. SlaveCam

    My configuration is all messed up now!

    I hope your network is fast and reliable. I can say from experience there will be trouble if not, worst case being file corruption. Make sure registry key \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 2019\UserDir points to the user folder Gunther mentioned (my mcam without the config part) and \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam 2019\SharedDir to the shared folder. Disclaimer: modify at your own risk...
  11. I for one like to assign NC file name based on which toolpath group op resides in. When importing ops from another mcam files, they need to be reassigned. However the suggested new name may be practically anything, I have no clue how mcam guesses it. So why not change the editbox to a COMBOBOX and display all NC filenames present in the project in a drop-down list? Just a suggestion
  12. SlaveCam

    Custom tool geometry problem (again and again)

    You're right. Better option would be to set chaining tolerance to a tighter value, select the geometry with chain option and find the discontinuities. However if there are a lot of them and changing system tolerance works, then I don't waste my time trimming hundreds of entities by hand. Of course it's then important to restore the system tolerance to its original value when done.
  13. SlaveCam

    Custom tool geometry problem (again and again)

    I am able to revolve the profile without problem. The issue here seems to be that the chaining tolerance in custom tool creation is different to that in chaining tolerance in settings. The small red horizontal line doesn't fully coincide with the endpoint of the adjoining line (there's 0.0009mm difference). By adjusting "System tolerance" to 0.001 I was able to overcome the problem so it must be set to a looser value when creating custom tools from automated 2D geometry.
  14. SlaveCam

    Variable feed in a chain

    Sounds like a NET-hook thing, I doubt one already exists but it is definitely doable. If it was a single chain (or point to point), things would get much simpler and I'd use a macro. May I ask why do you need this?
  15. SlaveCam

    Operation changing on it's own

    I had drill cycle change when switching tool in operation because "Use tool's peck, step and coolant" was turned on. It doesn't say "Use tool's drill cycle". So check out if it has other side effects..

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