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  1. Hi, There are currently no examples for this. How do I set CoolantParams for a Mastercam.Database.Operation so that Coolant 1-3 are ON Coolant 1 is BEFORE Coolant 2 is WITH Coolant 3 is AFTER The following code sets ON and BEFORE to *all* coolant options var cool = new Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantParams() { Positions = new Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPosition(Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPositionType.Before), States = new Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantState(Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantStateType.On) }; op.Coolant = cool; and I really can't find a way to set them individually as the interface is very confusing. Thanks for help. 2019. EDIT: As usual, found out the solution a few minutes after posting. Have to use the indexers (which I had completely missed) cool.Positions[0] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPositionType.Before; cool.States[0] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantStateType.On; cool.Positions[1] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPositionType.With; cool.States[1] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantStateType.On; cool.Positions[2] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantPositionType.After; cool.States[2] = Mastercam.Operations.Types.CoolantStateType.On;
  2. SlaveCam

    Can't get solids from surfaces to work (2019)

    Hello and thank you for your response. The key was to set edge tolerance as high as 0.1 (mm). By setting edge tolerance to 0.01, Mastercam goes haywire (as if the operation never finished properly) and zooming in/out I get "tessellating..." message. Surfaces had no errors.
  3. All I get is a black outline of the surface. I once got around this bug somehow but now I can't remember how I did it. What's the magic trick?
  4. SlaveCam

    Mastercam and bitlocker

    There was certainly something else going on: somebody had unplugged the extension chord my laptop is connected to and as there's a bug in Win10 that the battery icon updates only once after restarting, I thought it was plugged in all the time. Feeling stupid again. Still the original question remains, for curiosity.
  5. SlaveCam

    Mastercam and bitlocker

    New company policy: all laptops must have their C-drive encrypted. So bitlocker was activated a few days ago. Is anyone using Mastercam with bitlocker here? I instantly noticed some decrease in performance (to be expected) but shouldn't it affect only hard drive I/O performance? However, even zooming in and out is sluggish now! The laptop is a high-end ZBook and it seems like there is something else going on here, as it was performing okay last week.
  6. SlaveCam

    Line: specify first endpoint bug

    Found out why that's happening, sometimes Length is set to 0 when starting line drawing. When greater than zero, it works as expected. Still wondering what is causing it to reset to zero.
  7. This has been happening a lot lately: MC won't let me select the first endpoint. 2019 with the latest update. This has worked flawlessly until a few weeks ago this started happening. Last update was committed months ago. Any ideas?
  8. SlaveCam

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    This is fantastic news. As we manufacture hydraulic manifolds, these parts contain hundreds of drillings and reamings. To speed things up, many custom cycles have been created (such as multifeed/spindle cycle which is similar to the stuff above, but extremely restricted due to limited parameter count). I have already reached the limit on custom cycles. It is especially frustrating that you cannot link custom parameter to feature. I truly hope the new operation allows associativity between drilling depths and points. I couldn't agree more. I skipped 2020 altogether because of all the negative feedback and hope CNC emphasized refining basic things with 2021.
  9. SlaveCam

    Back Plot Cycle Times Vs Reality

    This is obviously the correct website for the software: Downloading via (which uses the same download link but without https) I get trojan warning)...
  10. SlaveCam

    Back Plot Cycle Times Vs Reality

    Does it support G83 (peck drilling) and can I enter peck clearance as well? How about pallet rotations and tool changes? Thanks. It is getting a bit frustrating spending days programming for quotation only and then NOT get accurate estimations. Replying to myself: the extra second came from toolchanger component in machine definition.
  11. SlaveCam

    Back Plot Cycle Times Vs Reality

    This seems to be bugged in 2019 (why am I not surprised?). It doesn't seem to take clearance into account, no matter what I put there the rapid feed time stays the same. Or is this by design?? (edit: apparently not, because rapid feed travel length seems to work properly with clearance)
  12. SlaveCam

    Back Plot Cycle Times Vs Reality

    Does anyone know where this extra second comes from? (Doesn't seem to be related to home position, because changing it in the op has no effect)
  13. SlaveCam

    Back Plot Cycle Times Vs Reality

    I have also been asked to estimate cycle time using Mastercam for quotation purposes. What's your experience with 2019 backplot time estimator?
  14. SlaveCam

    Full 4 axis programming

    Another macro user here. It is a G65 P[macro number] B[incremental rotation] Q[target work offset coordinate number] call, using G55 as source location, which is acquired by probing or machinist by hand. All macro calls (rotation calculations) are performed at the start of program and planes in mcam have the proper work offsets assigned. I could also add offset to rotation using a macro variable so that if fixture is located on side 180deg instead of the programmed 0deg, there is no need to repost. It is not perfect, however. All macro calls have to be entered as manual entry - the post should include logic to automatically create them. Perhaps one day...
  15. SlaveCam

    Mastercam file name display

    I wouldn't care about this if one of the toolpath tabs didn't get in the way, cutting the actual filename part out. Yes, you can customize tabs but why do you have to redo a ribbon to fix a flawed design? I have ended up naming the first machine group same as the filename to get around this.

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