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  1. Ah, that was the reason. I was just thrown off by the misleading error message. It should really tell you that you haven't selected a machine type. Thanks a lot, JParis!
  2. Hi all, I am using the book 'Learning Mastercam X7 Mill 2d Step By Step', which includes a 'Mastercam Design X7 Demo/Home Learning Edition' CD. Everything was going fine until I start learning toolpaths in Chapter 5. When I click any button in the ‘2D Toolpaths’ or ‘2D Highspeed Milling Toolpaths’ toolbars it says, ‘requested function can not be run from Mastercam Design X7 Demo/Home’. So, I can't use the demo software from Chapter 5 onwards, i.e., about two thirds of the book. Anybody know a solution for this? Can I upgrade this software, or do I need to buy another version? Thank you.

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