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  1. chappy

    whideside milling guitar pickup bobbin

    Thanks a lot Sir I got it to work
  2. chappy

    whideside milling guitar pickup bobbin

    Hey Poolrod thanks for your time in helping me but i am stuck here and i do not how to get it to work i have included the Parasolid file and some screen shots what is that i should do Thanks remco pickup test.x_b
  3. chappy

    whideside milling guitar pickup bobbin

    ok thanks i will give that a go
  4. chappy

    whideside milling guitar pickup bobbin

    Thanks witch of the toolpaths would you use for this type of tool
  5. Any one that can help me here i tried all kind of ways but i can not get it to work in X5 i want to side cut the middle part of the piece in the images and not toughing the rest i am using a whiteside 3110 cutter for it i have looked on youtube but can not find any videos Thanks
  6. chappy

    mastercam x5 mach 3

    ok here is the file BODY CARVED
  7. chappy

    mastercam x5 mach 3

    ok i wil try to post the nc file here but the forum tels me that i am not permitted to upload a nc file
  8. chappy

    mastercam x5 mach 3

    hey i have this thing going on and i am not sure what it is I have made design in solidworks and when i work in mastercam x 5 and want to cut out a pocket 17 mm deep it all seems to be as it should be But then when i bring it to my Cnc machine witch runs with Mach3 it cuts out abouth 4 mm to deep could this have to do with the post processor or is it something else Thanks for any help
  9. chappy

    wireframe chain does not work

    Thanks Colin i will give it a go
  10. Hey i have a question i have made a guitar body file in solidworks and saved it as a parrasolid now when i open the file in mastercam for some reason i am not able to make a selection when i use the wireframe chaine to select the contour lines any one has any idea I have tried it with x5 and x8 Thanks chappy

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