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  1. Tyler Robotson

    5 Axis Tool Cutting Into Part

    Hi Ajmer!
  2. Tyler Robotson

    5 Axis Tool Cutting Into Part

    Extend to infinity pretty much what it says it is - take your tool and imagine it is as long as infinity, going back into your machine. It is useful if you have a cut angle that you know might run your head into something - you can add a tilt /avoidance strategy. Also very useful to control machines that don't have a physical tool (like spraying or blasting)
  3. Tyler Robotson

    Export points as Vectors?

    I think he just wants what Roger mentioned outputting vector information can be done in the post but is not for the faint of heart; even experienced programmers will find matrix calculations frustrating at first blush in post. NEThook would be easy enough to write jlw, how bad you want something? If you only need to do this once, and having a unit vector (i,j,k) is okay. You can save the file as a .STEP then open it as a text file. iThere will be a section for each line, you can search/replace everything else to just be left with points / vector (Direction) ie: 104=LINE('',#101,#103); #105=CARTESIAN_POINT('',(0.869525945998740,-1.491090563615069,1.013089119252023)); #106=TRIMMED_CURVE('',#104,(PARAMETER_VALUE(0.0),#101),(PARAMETER_VALUE(1.0),#105),.T.,.PARAMETER.); #107=CARTESIAN_POINT('',(0.618476426778893,0.380408095902425,0.708966688719660)); #108=CARTESIAN_POINT('',(0.618476426778893,0.380408095902425,0.708966688719660)); #109=DIRECTION('',(0.851776802699722,0.523904837143769,0.0)); #110=VECTOR('',#109,1.0);
  4. Tyler Robotson

    Guitar neck with High Surface Finish/Hybrid

    I'm worried about the grain & knots on that neck. Looks cool but that thing might MOVE
  5. Tyler Robotson

    Best Material For Outdoor Sign?

    Corian is great stuff!! thanks for the accoya suggestion - I didn't know about that and it looks really solid. We use a lot of mahogany & Sapele - I'm amazed at how well they do outside with little effort. I just made a sign out of Walnut for... some reason - I saw a great walnut sign that seemed to have withstood the San Diego sun, but time will tell on mine
  6. Tyler Robotson

    wood engraving project

    Engraving toolpaths can work, but you can probably achieve that desired look using 2-D pocket & contour, along with an engraving bit to chamfer edges, and use different depths. The nice thing is the things you learn in Mastercam from this are applicable to all sorts of other work
  7. Tyler Robotson

    Cad/Cam milestone

    Some tools come and go but the big red toolbox is a fixture in the shop - Happy to have the staff at CNC.
  8. Tyler Robotson

    Mpmaster - Master G-Code Post - Version X8

  9. yeah that's what I meant - I think for almost anyone it would be more effective to pay someone else to develop in MP than to learn more advanced functions unless you plan to be with Mastercam for a long time and forsee needing to change the post quite a bit. The big limitations to MP like you mentioned being 1D arrays so matrix math is a pain. I think the biggest limitation is it forces someone who may already be comfortable OOP in modern languages to fight against programming instincts. The buffer filestream is a nightmare to explain to someone and so there's a huge barrier to entry which I can only imagine holds back post development at CNC as much as it would at any other company. I'm sure there's far more to it than that As far as quick script-like programming, Python is lightning quick as an alternative.
  10. If you're comfortable with vector may and 3x3 matrix rotations, the hardest part of the vector math in 5axis posts is realizing how a matrix is represented and manipulated in MP. So I would +1 to what mkd & watcher said - I would only recommend spending time in MP if you're looking for some wham-bam output but if you're thinking long-haul development, in for a lot of headbanging in a proprietary language.
  11. Tyler Robotson

    5axis internal toolpath roughing

    nice! In the future you might try using the walls as drive and control some roughing using depth-cuts/multi-pass and a side tilt angle of like 87 degrees. not the best but sometimes you want better control on the tilt angle for the inside of a cavity and you gotta watch the material engagement on the rough
  12. Tyler Robotson

    STL files

    Does it convert and approximate edges as true solid faces or do you get a polygonal faceted solid? In any case I would be careful with conversions because it's either averaging or you're going to get a mess and you might as well cut from the original STL. Most of the time the STL is from something you're not trying to hold a tight tolerance to anyway
  13. Tyler Robotson

    Stock Model

    Have you checked out the rest-mill toolpaths?
  14. Tyler Robotson

    STL files

    if you need to manipulate the STL try out Meshlab - sometimes slicing it is the way to go.
  15. Tyler Robotson

    Multi Axis Curve

    If what you're doing is what I think, Curve toolpath is not good at projecting the edges of a surface to the same surface. Seems silly I know because 90% of the time you're going to want to be trimming 'around' a surface if you're using this path to trim something. I've brought this up a million times and the path has gotten better but it still comes down to a tolerance of the surface edge vs. the 'loop' it creates around it - I thought this wouldn't happen in Mcam for Solidworks. Like Ron said you'll often avoid this while using Lines, but you have to watch sometimes on sharp edges. If you really want to use the surface, if you untrim it, then it should work out well - it gives the toolpath some 'meat' to project onto during calculation.

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