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  1. RandleXX

    Editing tools in X8

    Right-click in the tool info box in the operation and click "re-initialize feeds & speeds". This will set feeds and speeds to tool manager settings. There may be a faster method, but I have yet to find it...
  2. RandleXX

    Agie Wire nocore X,Y zero move??

    I think I found it.. The "Default Wire EDM" has different dialogs than the "Agie" version. There is a no Core selection for "Auto Exit" in the defualt. I turned this off and the path looks correct. I should be able to develop an Agie post that uses the defualt type of dialogs or just go back to using the Agie C-hook. Thanks for your help Del.
  3. RandleXX

    Agie Wire nocore X,Y zero move??

    It is a startpoint issue. I also noticed that when I regen the startpoints will get mixed up.. Wonder if X7 is any better?
  4. RandleXX

    Agie Wire nocore X,Y zero move??

    Thanks Del. Picking area helps avoid cutting inside the treading hole, but it still makes a direct b-line to zero at the end of the "no core" path cutting through the part. I guess not many people are using wire, much less the Agie post.
  5. Does anyone know why the wire path always wants to go to X,Y zero between the core and trim pass when using nocore in Mastercam?. This is great if X,Y zero is at your threading hole, but when the threading hole is located anyplace other than x,y zero then the wire always wants to move to X,Y zero before making its trim cut. The last move in the posted .ISO file for the nocore is G1 X0 Y0. I have found a work around by deleting the zero move in the .ISO, but there must be an better way. Is this a glitch? Mastercam X6 Mu2 with the AGIE GENERIC AGEVISION_AWF 4X WIRE post. Thanks, Randle
  6. RandleXX

    A axis feed

    Are you using "Inverse Time Feedrate" in your control setting? If not,.. I am pretty sure this needs to be used on a Haas to get proper feedrates.
  7. RandleXX

    Solution found for the "END" key doing endless spin

    Please don't get rid of this function.. it's my favorite part of Mastercam..
  8. RandleXX

    Horizontal Programmers needed - Livermore CA

    Were are all of these 6 figure jobs you speak of? I could use a new gig.. Preferably in NX of course..
  9. All the time. Since we do castings in a best fit scenario, we are always updating the work offsets according to probing calculations..
  10. RandleXX

    Multi Core and X6

    Does X6 have true multi core support? Or is it still like X5 where only a few toolpaths can use it and must be manually directed? It is really a huge waste of resources to watch Mastercam grinding away at 25% on a quad core processor when there are 3 other cores sitting idle.
  11. RandleXX


    Thanks for all the input. Lots of good info so far..
  12. RandleXX


    Thanks gcode. We are looking at a new 5 axis Matsuura
  13. RandleXX


    They say it does not require a post to work with Mastercam. It uses only the NCI to generate code. We are looking into this for a new 5 axis horizontal and of course I'm a little leery of this claim and wonder if anyone else here has had experience with it or has any comments. Thanks Randle
  14. RandleXX

    From CNC - Why X6 downloads have been suspended

    :rofl: Screwed the pooch on this one.. LOL!!! Oh well, I wont be upgrading anyways.. boss pulled maintenance to save $$
  15. RandleXX

    Protecting custom posts

    by using .psb files.

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