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  1. I haven't heard anything about CNC going to this model either - part of why I like the company and product. Just wanted to get my disdain out for public review.
  2. Attacking and limiting privacy along the way.
  3. A lot of vendors have gone to this sales model. Maybe I'm old school but I hate it. I have ZERO interest in cloud based and I will go down kicking and screaming before I give in to a subscription service. IMO the subscription model gives too much room for them to screw you and hold your own data over your head. As in you can't even use old files without active subscription.
  4. Ok, I know what you mean then. You can't record macros but you can use hotkeys as well as build nethooks and chooks. What exactly are you wanting to do?
  5. jlw™


    can you share a file?
  6. jlw™

    Linking parameters in flow toolpath

    wow, i was guessing not legit.
  7. Macro for probing or using macro variables in posted code?
  8. jlw™

    Mazatrol Nexus Matrix

    I think Fusion and up can run EIA. I believe this is the same as the canned lathe cycle question thread.
  9. jlw™

    Mazak help issues

    I don't know about the alarm but there are no block numbers in the program. It has to have block numbers to know where the start and end of the pattern are.
  10. jlw™

    Mazak help issues

    I used canned turning all the time. What machine/control? There are a few differences in input than Fanuc, can you share a file and a picture of the diagnosis screen with the alarm?
  11. jlw™

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    I'm interested in taking a look. Send it to me?
  12. jlw™

    Problems with custom tool file or data?

    Quick little video here of how to create and save a holder inside of Mastercam. You can even create new tool databases and save them.
  13. jlw™

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    can you print to pdf and use a pdf reader on the machine?
  14. jlw™

    5-Axis Swarf Tool Path

    Ditto, lead in/out, all the goodies.

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