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  1. Not running vericut at all. I've only ran simulation on one machine - a Mazak V100. Simulation sales always talk about the cost of one spindle but I've also never killed a spindle. Having said that, I do see the value of simulation but I don't compare it to spindle cost. Back to the lathe - I rarely cross turrets and we do prove outs of main, sub, then full program. I have programmed Doosan TTs in a medical shop with the generic fanuc post. That was nerve racking but fortunately all of the parts balanced out very well and I never had to cross turrets. Most of those parts didn't even need live tooling.
  2. Nope, I even throw it in my pocket when I need to work at home. Edit: there is no license sharing. All 3 of our seats are the same except mine has lathe. I can see that for sure. I've always worked in places that only have 3 or so seats so I'm in a different position with licenses.
  3. I'm running Postability posts for Mazaks with upper, lower and sub. The only editing required is to suit my taste in output.
  4. jlw™

    Large block of wood

    I've done the exact same thing Ron is talking about except we used 2x4s cut in about 4 inch lengths. I put them every 4 feet or so.
  5. This is why I prefer a good old dongle. I love dongle. Dongle is best.
  6. I'm sitting on 3 bug #s for 2021. I had none in 2020.
  7. jlw™

    Alt+E in MCAM 2021

    I'm seeing the same thing. ALso seeing solids i've deleted in dynamic verify.
  8. jlw™

    For Developers

    Did you put this on the official forum? You're kinda peeing into the wind here.
  9. Did you go with pparameter or pnci?
  10. jlw™

    edge errors

    Totally agree. I disagree. I think subscription services where you lose your work when no longer paying are a scam. I also look forward to the next release. I've been included in several development studies and some of my input has been implemented in the software. I guess it depends on how you view the world but I'm going to put my best effort into any tool at my disposal.
  11. jlw™

    Compensation Poll - Take the poll

    I find this disturbing:
  12. jlw™

    edge errors

    I see this with Catia models all the time. I've grown to hate Catia and I don't even use it.
  13. jlw™

    For Developers

    This would probably get more traction on the official forum. I would like to be able to select geo by level myself. I think this is a good idea. Then you can move any needed geo to that level and have all associated toolpaths regen.
  14. jlw™

    lens mill aluminum

    I'm very interested in your feedback on how you're running these and how they perform. I've tried a few and in my experience they chatter really bad. The extensions/gage line I've needed they seemed to have too much tool pressure. They were faster but they also chattered where a ball mill did not. Any way, please report back.
  15. I've gotten pretty proficient at applying the morph path. If you can post up a sample I'd be glad to give it a go.

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