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  1. jlw™


    I've never seen a control do this and had no idea about this. Is this even possible on other controls? I know you can do this in 840D but I don't know of anything Fanuc based that will do it. Some one school me here.
  2. jlw™

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    I use Code Expert for all post work, Cimco because of the simple backplot and Beyond Compare to compare files. If Code Expert had backplot that's all I'd use for NC code.
  3. jlw™

    Approach after unwind problem

    I always turn off motion on G43, G43.4 and G49 in Mazaks. I don't know if this is your issue or not but I hate motion on tool length comp activation.
  4. jlw™

    MISC Values Help

    What post is it?
  5. jlw™

    point cloud approximation

    Chook points-2-arc? I would try that then loft surface from the generated arcs.
  6. jlw™

    5 axis positive rotation

    This sounds like a recurring Yamazaki nightmare I have. I would start with machine parameters on this one. Second to that (I would say most but it's all) all of the bought posts I've seen have a misc integer to force a +/- bias.
  7. jlw™

    Double sided chamfer mill issues

    Math, that's how I always do it. It's a simple triangle to get the proper depth on a 90deg double angle cutter. Other than that, I usually end up drawing it to check my math.
  8. jlw™


    Not that specific one but other head/head machines. It is possible. I used reference points for my pre-positioning. It was a little more work but it gets around the auto output when tools are not set properly. I found myself smacking overtravels all the time. Unless you are really confident in your post editing I would buy a post - and I am very confident in my ability to hack a post. My first choice would be to see if Colin Gilchrist is available to work it up for you because I know him. If not I'd buy Postability.
  9. Are you hand editing your code or is your poco good in mastercam?
  10. jlw™

    Threadmill Operation Bug? WIerd quirk

    This pitch bug cost me an M36 hole in a $90,000 forging and egg on my face when I had to tell a customer and then do a work-around. At least it was an extremely high pressure hydraulic manifold that only weight about 24k lb and was 4340 forged so we couldn't weld it. Since then, I find myself spending more time checking threadmill paths than making them. Also I always take a quick look at the posted code and then calculate the pitch again to make sure posted code is correct. I also set my pitch in my threadmill tool definitions EXACTLY. Your defaults can also mess with this as that's where that 0.05 comes from. My most common thread was an M36 so I set my default to that. No way of knowing how many times that helped me but I'm sure it did at least a few.
  11. So, if memory serves you have to program Z+ instead of Z- on a mazak sub. It's been over 5 years since I had my hands on a Mazak with sub for turning. I always used G55 for sub and then macro to transfer the transfer value into it. Did you get that macro moving the value? I know you were in good hands with Orvie. I did look and I can find the parameters for that if you need. However, after I had some time to think about this I believe the Mazak is OPPOSITE for the Z values.
  12. jlw™

    Partial flow edge error detected

    What path Zeke? I've found that blend will cover a lot where flowline will not. I also see this in the advanced rotary and usually creating a new cylinder surface will correct it.
  13. I've been busy today. My head is stuck in Integrex mode... give me a minute to dig through notes.

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