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  1. Good luck and I hope so too! Big parts or small parts? Smaller parts, like vise work tend to be much easier imo than parts that take up a 30x60 table. Worst part I ever had took a 560lb pc of stock down to 22lb finished part with all kinds of area for warp and stress and thing walls for chatter.
  2. jlw™

    How to load tooling ball on a fixture

    Magnificently poetic. Ron in full form right there.
  3. Truthfully, I'd probably quit a job over this. It's amazing how fast you can rough 718 but it's expensive. No one wants to pay what it costs. No one is willing to put the time and consideration in that it takes. The heat from ceramics often warps and stresses causing more relief. So many of the new tech end mills will literally rayp inconel but it's expensive. You also have the inconsistencies - one piece of stock and hi performance end mill will run great for 4 hours. Next piece and you go through 5 endmeills with about 20 min tool life before you find another 4 hour end mill. Truthfully though, I'd take inco over heat treated aermet any day.
  4. jlw™

    View ports in main graphics area

    This!!! Viewsheets was probably the single biggest game changer ever for me in mcam.
  5. I can't help but find this funny.
  6. jlw™

    Gun drilling cycle

    If you want to go the old way, jparis has a very concise set of instructions. I've used it multiple times with good results. Now tho, I Just use the advanced drill.
  7. jlw™

    Nominal Models Rant

    This probably accounts for 80% or more of the geo I create.
  8. Just curious, but this sounds like situations I find myself in quite often with BC heat/table machines. If you're looking to correct minimal angle changes due to work piece setup, using the probe to define offsets in the control has worked very well for me. Can you post pics of the issue in the machine? It seems you're reinventing the wheel on problems that many of us have solved over and over. Maybe with a better explanation of the problem we can offer better help. Tidbit - yes the angle info is in the posted NCI BUT using that data is difficult. If you can handle matrix math you can handle it. What post are you using?
  9. Nice!!! Idk why I didn't think of it but I like this a lot.
  10. jlw™

    Kennametal KOR-5 worth it?

  11. jlw™

    Mini dovetails

    very nice. straight dovetail or do they have locating notches?
  12. jlw™

    Thread Milling Burr

    How big is your csink? I generally beat my major by about .005in on the radius to make sure I have proper lead in.
  13. I've had great luck with feed mills conventional cutting. Particularly Iscar and Mitsubishi.
  14. Not running vericut at all. I've only ran simulation on one machine - a Mazak V100. Simulation sales always talk about the cost of one spindle but I've also never killed a spindle. Having said that, I do see the value of simulation but I don't compare it to spindle cost. Back to the lathe - I rarely cross turrets and we do prove outs of main, sub, then full program. I have programmed Doosan TTs in a medical shop with the generic fanuc post. That was nerve racking but fortunately all of the parts balanced out very well and I never had to cross turrets. Most of those parts didn't even need live tooling.
  15. Nope, I even throw it in my pocket when I need to work at home. Edit: there is no license sharing. All 3 of our seats are the same except mine has lathe. I can see that for sure. I've always worked in places that only have 3 or so seats so I'm in a different position with licenses.

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