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  1. jlw™

    2020 Turn Profile

    What are your planes? I only have this when I've slipped to the wrong plane combo.
  2. jlw™

    Good model for verify

    The easiest way for me is Modify set to Remove under the Model Prep tab. As a side note, practically every casting I have ever worked on came with an "as cast" and "machined" set of solids. Do you not get both? I mean, they have to have the model for the foundry. Maybe you can request it? If not, and you have a solid you need to modify I can make a video to show you how I do it with Mastercam. I haven't had access to anything but Mastercam for 5 years or so and therefor have become quite good at modelling in Mastercam. It's quite powerful once you figure out some of the little tricks to get what you need out of "MODEL PREP" such as removing fillets and where you need to start so you don't get backed in a corner. I am a Mastercam reseller so you can send a z2g if you would like.
  3. jlw™

    Tool path setup

    Mcfish, this is an update and improved function. It allows more control over your backplot appearance. You can play with these settings to get what you want:
  4. jlw™

    Right Angle Probing

    I've done exactly this. I've even made an angle head to probe with. This was some time ago and was Acramatic 2100E. We had to have Siemens come in and modify the control to allow Z positive probing. I'm not sure if the Haas will allow Z positive probing or not but that would be the first place I would look. Next you'll need to know the deviation. I would permanently mount an artifact so that you can "calibrate" occasionally or verify results. You could even use the top of the fixed jaw. You only need a known, permanent location to compare against in your probe routine. It's all very easy if you understand probing cycles.
  5. jlw™

    Arumatik block length

    Maybe I'm crazy but I'd just try it and see.
  6. I would make a zip2go, then you have everything exactly as it is on the first pc. 2nd to that I would just copy the "my mcam" and "shared" folders and copy to the new pc. I would only completely copy the folders if it is a fresh install on the next pc. If you already have posts on it, then you should only copy what you need out of the my and shared folders.
  7. jlw™

    4 Axis?!?

    What school and do you know who the dealer is?
  8. jlw™

    4 Axis?!?

    You can use one of the free ones. Just get in contact with your school's dealer and they'll hook you up. However, your school should already have posts for their machines.
  9. jlw™

    Stick tool holders - cat 50

    One of the drive keys is SUPER tight.
  10. jlw™

    "Clearance" problem in Mastercam 2018

    Yeah, I have literally seen it twice in all of 2020. Unfortunately it was about 300 ops deep in a file.
  11. jlw™

    Stick tool holders - cat 50

    Big Daishiwa makes the best but again... $900 is ballpark. You can save a little money on Capto from Technics.
  12. jlw™

    5x part offsetting

    Are you doing strictly positional or do you have rotary paths? The other way in the UMC is TCP/WSEC. If you're only hitting faces, use multiple offsets.
  13. jlw™

    "Clearance" problem in Mastercam 2018

    I reported this the first time in 2017. Then in 2018 and 2019. CNC said and it seemed to be corrected in 2020 but I just got it TODAY. I usually set my clearance plane to what I want my retract to be and then use ref points for clearance Z. That workaround gives basically the exact tool path every time I use it.
  14. I'm still over here wondering what he's talking about. He's running vector code but offsetting 150°? I googled that machine and it looks like a plain old trunnion machine to me. I'm lost and over here polishing my bowling bat hoping he can slam dunk a touchdown.

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