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  1. jlw™

    Mazak questions

    Idk how big we're talking here but you never get setup pieces on $50k pieces of stock or $600k weldments. I left my last job over this stress.
  2. jlw™

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    I need a full list of services... traveling a lot more lately.
  3. jlw™

    Mazak questions

    2 years ago I would have given Mazak a glowing recommendation. However, in the last 2 years I've seen about 14 new installs and every single one of them had issues. I will add this, even the Japanese machines. Ranging from minor electrical issues, to install issues to spindle replacements before they could even be ran. I do believe Mazak can still make a good machine but it is just not worth the risk considering the cost and other options out there. If you do go with Mazak, I'll help you any way I can and I bet a dollar I have more info than the average tech that comes out.
  4. I flip back and forth with G64 and G61.1 via misc int. The dynamic paths really love G64 but leave enough stock!
  5. jlw™

    Windows 98 Upgraded To windows 10

    I would be wanting a new computer... anything that ran Win98 is going to struggle with Win10 alone. Then try to push modern Mastercam with it... Just curious, what does it spec out at?
  6. jlw™

    Right angle head programming

    The generic Haas TR post has RAH built in and is extremely easy to tweak.
  7. jlw™

    MC2020 Tool Tabs

    I am a reseller and fanboi - I hate them. They mess me up because if I'm in wireframe I pick that tab then create or select my geometry. Close arcs is on the right and on the tools tab it is on the left so I turn them off. That's part of what I love about Mastercam - I can set it the way I want it. I don't even use any personalized tabs because I see so many different installs and the tools tabs get me every time. I have 10 left thumbs when I try to use some one else's computer. Except for you guys still hating on tabs... I like the tabs but I want Microsoft to kill the stupid little boxes when I use Alt+ keys.
  8. jlw™

    Stock Transfer/POCO

    I would like to see what you do. Just short of knowing the exact travel of the machine I don't know how to do it in Mastercam but once you know the travel you can set it up really easily. So macro is the only way imo. Just messed with my first Haas bar feeder yesterday. I must say, Haas has done this one right. I don't like not having manual control but you can G105 Q# whatever and it just works.
  9. jlw™

    No tool wear? So let me get this straight

    Did Joanie get back in here???
  10. jlw™


    I've never seen a control do this and had no idea about this. Is this even possible on other controls? I know you can do this in 840D but I don't know of anything Fanuc based that will do it. Some one school me here.
  11. jlw™

    CIMCO vs Code Expert

    I use Code Expert for all post work, Cimco because of the simple backplot and Beyond Compare to compare files. If Code Expert had backplot that's all I'd use for NC code.
  12. jlw™

    Approach after unwind problem

    I always turn off motion on G43, G43.4 and G49 in Mazaks. I don't know if this is your issue or not but I hate motion on tool length comp activation.
  13. jlw™

    MISC Values Help

    What post is it?
  14. jlw™

    point cloud approximation

    Chook points-2-arc? I would try that then loft surface from the generated arcs.

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