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  1. jlw™

    M00 using same tool between ops

    You can use Manual Unit to output whatever you key in it. I do this all the time: M00 (check blah blah blah) or M00 (Matt, I know you never check parts so check this dia) Any way, very useful for sending info to the fingers fingering the control panel.
  2. jlw™

    4th axis engraving question

    You can ask your reseller for a trial of the 5 axis paths. Maybe this will help you prove the value of these paths to the powers that be? I use Curve 5 Axis for this quite often. If you only have to do this one, shoot me a zip to go and I'll send back posted code assuming you have everything but the tool path (part located, tool defined, etc).
  3. jlw™

    4th axis helix bore issue

    Sounds like he has a surface model. Use "solid from surfaces" then jump straight into Ron's file.
  4. Just for the record one can still use DWO while programming COR. Post edits as such are easy as well. Even with all of the machine/control goodies I still prefer to program COR. Having said that, I'm still of the belief that a bought post is worth every penny. Postability is my first choice. Be aware you will still need to make customizations and tweaks for preference as well as the occasional hard edit.
  5. jlw™

    Coding with G68.2

    I stand corrected. I stated Euler which is ZXZ but had YPR in my head and said XYZ. LOL Thanks for calling me out, James.
  6. jlw™

    Coding with G68.2

    I prefer Euler, as James pointed out. It's about X, about Y and about Z. Are you inditcated on center or are you wanting to use G68.2 to offset for CoR deviation? You can also use G54.2 or G54.4 to handle deviation from CoR but use it as tilted planes. You would set CoR to an offset, the probe your "offset" on your part and set all of your planes there. Then let the machine handle the rest. Again, so many ways to skin this cat...
  7. jlw™

    5 axis heidenhain post limits

    You can configure mach sim to report overtravels and set limits but as pointed out you must still be aware that posted code and to/from Home will vary. I generally use mach sim to watch my paths and make sure it's good in cut. Then I trust my post for rapid out motion.
  8. Nice. Care to make a little video? I could use that one too.
  9. Nice tip for creating control lines. I've never thought of that. I love learning new things.
  10. jlw™

    plane jumping in 2020

    I have had this frustratingly more than I care to admit. I've began locking planes. I've never had to do that.
  11. jlw™

    Haas EC400 - What post are you using?

    The generic Haas 4x is pretty much bullet proof for EC machines. I really would be hard pressed to use anything else.
  12. I've never seen this. Having said that, if you completely remove the containment you get basically the same path. I don't see what this containment is doing. I'm going to have to play with this one more.
  13. jlw™

    Coding with G68.2

    When I was programming BC head/table Integrexes I always just set a new offset. If you are indicated to center then there is nothing more than setting C angles. If you are not on center I have a macro I use to set as many angles as I need in new offsets. More than one way to skin this cat.
  14. jlw™

    Best programming method

    Recently ran similar. Did exactly as JP suggested with project. I use project quite often actually.
  15. The old wireframe Swept would make a tiddies path for that too.

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