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  1. 5th Axis CGI

    Stock Models not generating

    Nope that its pretty common with Stock models. We just do like your doing whatever it takes to get the job done. I will on very large and complex models make sure when I am making OPTI-Rough toolpaths I keep the selection of my surfaces to only what is needed. To many people get lazy and pick a complete solid for the toolpath. Yes sometimes it is not fun picking 300 or so surfaces on a 36k of surfaces model, but when you tell Mastercam the equation has to be run on 36K surfaces verses 300 then the calculations take that much long. The same calculations carry over to the stock model. The more the operation had to figure out that was not needed the more the stock model operations have to also figure out. Level and boundaries are key. I will also use the Verisurf Reverse add-on to work with STL files for the stock models. The Pmesh can be read directly in to the Verisurf reverse and I can crop and make the needed are the only are I am doing calculations on. Another thing is kick the tolerance up. The stock model is just for toolpath calculations so no need to use tight tolerances for the stock model. The other thing is the Pmesh wash process we use. We will do like you're doing and save a STL from Verify. Problem is 99% of the time they are hollow. Not good for a stock model sicne now you do something and the skin is gone, but to make it work for a stock model you need to wash it using the stock model process. You save out the STL from Verify. You then import into your file on a level. You then pick that model and have a useable stock model that shouldn't be hollow. Another trick I like to do is break the link in the stock model once I get things to a point where I know they will not change. I will save it out as a Pmesh at that point and then unselect all the operations and now pick that Pmesh to be stock model. Now I have a stock model at that point of the operations, but not have to worry they don't break anything after it.
  2. Variable Chamfer on a part. I needed to do this today and broke out the old school Surface Fillet to Surfaces. I used the Variable Fillet and then went into the advanced and click chamfer and rails. I need to drive a 5 axis toolpath around a complex shape to deburr it, but need the exact edge of the chamfer to drive it from to get the cut and motion I wanted. Model was a sheet solid so couldn't just chamfer it and Solid Chamfer wouldn't work on the complexity of this shape. That is where Surface Creation Tools shine in Mastercam.
  3. 5th Axis CGI

    UI Tweaks

    Shot me an email and I will send you my workspace file so you can give it a try and see if you like how I have mine laid out. You just make a copy of your workspace and save to a temp directory. You like it then you can use it you don't then you just replace with yours.
  4. 5th Axis CGI

    UI Tweaks

    All added to the QAT. Everything that is in the ribbon as a drop down is easily added to the QAT like a toolbar.
  5. I have normally taken and made them when I have a drawing. All of them are given dimensions. All else fails I break out a set of calipers and make a hand sketch and then go from there.
  6. 5th Axis CGI

    UI Tweaks

    Here is what mine looks like across 3 27 ASUS Monitors: Notice No Ribbon. Here is the RMB
  7. Hum well you leave a lot of room for error by not defining them. I know what I want for a stick out and program according to that stick out even on a 3 Axis part. I know what I know and pass that on to who I want running my parts they way I want them run. Not that much longer to define a holder and have the person setting up the job do exactly they way you want once you do it a couple times becomes second nature. Now if you are constantly programming for a CAT40 as example not a big deal, but if you programming for HSK63, HSK100, CAT40 or CAT 50 as the possible ending place for your part not knowing upfront where it might end up then it becomes a totally different conversation.
  8. 5th Axis CGI

    Mastercam 2020 update 1/Vericut 9

    Did you expect anything less my friend?
  9. 5th Axis CGI

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    Sorry sir but I disagree. Surface Finish Contour and Flowline are still superior in many instances to the newer HST Toolpaths IMHO. Surface Finish Contour is what I think you looking for to cut this that tool and get
  10. 5th Axis CGI

    Mastercam 2020 update 1/Vericut 9

    Vericut V9 is finally starting to bringing Vericut into the 21st Century. Still Java Based and still have to deal with .bat files and other things to have it run on a Windows System. They have done away with the old interface and finally adopted the Windows dialogs for a lot things. Refine Display is there, but on larger models is useless in V9. Running multiple session during the testing phase which is great, but know once that is over back to the one license per instance which really aggravates me about their software. One thing CAM does that CAV doesn't is offer the user the ability to run one than more session of the software with a license. First CAV to offer that ability will gain a huge market share until the others ones concede it is costing them sales and start offering it. Sorry for the additional Hijack.
  11. 5th Axis CGI

    Kitamura cutter comp issue

    Allan, don't you think a MMD with a specific name used would be a good way to handle this? That way they have can a unique MMD for that machine where it controls this behavior through the post and only have the need for one post for the different machines using the MMD as the control flag in the post to force them to think about that machine they are programming for? We do this with some customers who have several 5 axis machine with the same control, but have different pivot points. We control that difference in the MMD, but they only have one Post to worry about for all their different machines. They want to change the program for a different machine just change the MMD and done. Can't do this with Generic Mastercam 5 Axis posts, but that is the beauty of have a 3rd Party post is you all have taken the effort to use the MMD and CMD correctly for 5 Axis machines.
  12. That looks like a Postabiliy Engine Post.
  13. With the ejector on most bar feeders you can dump the remnant into the chip bin from the main having the bar feeder ejecting it. That is where you leave the remnant in the main which to me is the preferred method if not a huge remnant. If it is huge remnant then I would never dump it into the chip area I would have a M00 at that point and I would hand or robot unload it. Really comes down to many thing and have to consider if the chip conveyor can handle the remnant also. It is is 1/2 bar stock not even a question. If it is 2" bar stock and only 1/4 long when done then I might give it a shot, but we are start talking about something with some size to it then no control your outcome and work within the limits of what you got.
  14. You have to use a counter and handle the remnant with a counter in the control. Need to have a dump program that allows you to either pull the remnant out of the main or the sub. I would have to assume the main unless you have the code to by pass the not clamped in the main when you get to the end of the bar and have no remnant left in the main to not alarm out the machine and run the last part in the sub. Planning on a bar job is part of the process. Does cutting .05 less or .2 more stock per part help help with what your remnant is?
  15. 5th Axis CGI

    Best programming method

    wHy create extra work when it is not needed?

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