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  1. 5th Axis CGI

    G55- G56 Posing out on 4 axis... why?

    I personally don't like it. There is no intelligence built into it for what I can see. If you programmed 50 operations and 10 each of them in different places of the program all shared the same Workoffset based off of some logical process then maybe, but I have yet to see any rhyme or reason to how it works. Front plane for 4 different operations in different parts of the program go from G54 to G59. Why?
  2. 5th Axis CGI

    Tranfsorm - Project

    Oh yeah that will do it. Thanks for coming back and letting us know what solved your issue. Have a great day.
  3. 5th Axis CGI

    G55- G56 Posing out on 4 axis... why?

    I just talked about this in a different thread. The old way didn't do this. However since the introduction of Automatic Work Offsets this has become the new norm. Post builders have added switches that will only output G54. I don't like that method I make sure to go into the planes manager and assign my work offsets for each plane in there.
  4. 5th Axis CGI

    Tranfsorm - Project

    Make a sample file of something you can share so someone can play along at home. There is different projection settings that come into play. Without seeing it hard to know what is creating your issue.
  5. 5th Axis CGI

    Tranfsorm - Project

    Got a sample file? Have you tried Xform roll to roll the text to match the diameter of the solid? Then try use Curve 5 Axis to do the toolpath?
  6. 5th Axis CGI

    Best way to using views in 4-axis milling?

    Okay that is an easy answer. Go to the Main WCS you have defined for Top. Right click on it and click on the Create relative planes to If you have defined the work offset then you can have it carry over.
  7. Is there a switch in the post that controls this output? Most modern posts have a switch that control this. If not put up the tapping area of the post and we can help point you in the correct direction.
  8. 5th Axis CGI

    Best way to using views in 4-axis milling?

    The old automatic workoffset has bitten you sir. You must go into the planes manager as a habit and define all the work offsets. If you don't then you will see exactly what your seeing. If you going ot be doing a lot of this then you should make a template file that is set like you want and then go from there.
  9. 5th Axis CGI


    Might look at some of the 12 and 14 flutes tools for cutting this material. Need to get the ship load per tooth and step over correct. Material does have a major impact on tool life no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Here is a 14 flute to look at: 14 Flute tool
  10. 5th Axis CGI

    Where did defaults go - To set OPS

    That is has always been one to get there. You can also do it through the Control Definition if you want to.
  11. 5th Axis CGI

    multiaxis toolpaths locked to 3 axis on HMC?

    Been A while if I check to see if they have become Plane aware. I got always from using the Clearance planes for the retract and clearance and just use the rapid planes. Set those values to amounts I need and done. Don't forgot point toolpaths they help a lot. You have ref points, but they have to be manually done and how they work in other parts of the software is night and day different.
  12. 5th Axis CGI

    Multiaxis vs Curve/Drill 5 axis

    Okay well that is going to come down to the type of work you do and how much possible 5 Axis work you are going to be doing with your machine. What is the machine and type of work? Simple turn and burn with some C axis, 4 Y Axis Turrets Twin Spindle Machine, or B Axis Twin Spindle with Lower Turret? Every additional axis adds to the complexity of the programming. That is one aspect to consider the other is what are the parts and what needs to be done to support them? Most people may not realize, but Curve 5 Axis will support just any thing you throw out if you know how to go about it.
  13. 5th Axis CGI

    rapid retract in drill cycle

    Yes use the long code process and use a switch in the post to only feed and not rapid for the drilling cycles.
  14. 5th Axis CGI

    Multiaxis vs Curve/Drill 5 axis

    Are you talking about the Moduleworks toolpaths that come through the Curve 5 Axis toolpath at the time they are launched? There is Pattern and Application 5 Axis Toolpaths this would be the best way to approach this.
  15. 5th Axis CGI

    mind blown

    A cough, rub your nose or any other possible unpredictable things is what I have seen. Groups has always seem to me as the possible culprit, but have never been able to put my finger on it.

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