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  1. 5th Axis CGI

    Learning How To Program an Impeller?

    John thanks and in all reality the walls of this impeller would be better machined using a ball endmill and surface machining down the wall. A different way to approach it is do the fin all the way around with one motion verse one wall then the opposite wall. I setup the machine sim using one of the generic machines for those who want to watch the motion, should take the settings and hit the run button in machine sim and go with no issues.
  2. 5th Axis CGI

    Learning How To Program an Impeller?

    Okay took a little bit of work and I didn't use the new Swarf I reverted back to the old school swarf. I also used the Verisurf Tool to convert the Swarf splines into new splines that are constant nodes of 200 nodes. I used Nodes as the Sync process in the chains for the Swarf toolpaths. I also added Transform Operations to help those that struggle with them and how to machine a part effectively using them. File is about 60mb. 5th Axis Impeller in Mastercam 2020 Hopefully this will be a help to others and it is Mastercam 2020. No I will not convert it backwards to a previous version. If I can stay current then your company should be able to also.
  3. 5th Axis CGI

    help with a VERY deep pocket

    Then look to a dynamic process using the full flute of the endmill using a very small stpe over and slow speed and feed. Maybe 1000 rpm and .0005 to .001 per tooth feed rate stepping in .005 per pass. You said there is a .4 hole thru on the next part try drilling out the corners 1st then coming back and putting in the .400 hole is possible. Might be work hardening the material with the .400 hole. I suspect your going to have to have this Plunge EDM if the tolerance tight. Let me guess it was quoted to be done in 30 seconds and one endmill was going to last 1 million parts and the management is wondering why you can't make that happen?
  4. 5th Axis CGI

    Verisurf CMM Reviews Needed ( unbiased preferred )

    What kind of other devices are you looking to support? Does you have Portable CMM along with Fixed CMM? I was the Product Manager for the Master3Dgage years ago when I worked for Verisruf so I am a little biased in saying it is a great product and for any shop using Mastercam to me it is a no brainier. MBD and DPD are fully support with the Moldplus add-on if your looking to do D6-51991 Boeing work. Per the Spec 3. Product Acceptance Software (PAS) Validation is already built into the Verisurf product. They have a great staff that will come in and train your people. Don't let you company only train one person have them train no less that three people if they get onsite training. Target points to the model is probably one of the easiest things you can do with Verisurf to align your models to the CMM. IF you're company is getting Datum Targets points in the MBD then Verisurf can take that data an import it using the CATIA translator and then create an routine for a lot of features directly from that. The AS9100 form is built in the reporting and making Automate measurements plans is very slick. Sorry I know you said unbiased preferred, but I have no issue telling any customer we work with to purchase Verisurf.
  5. 5th Axis CGI

    Move in ARC

    Then yes that is incorrect and would have to use one of the suggestions noted above. Why it has to travel in arc I assume to to avoid the center piece. I have done what others have suggested and drilling one hole then use 2D with no comp to follow the arc from one hole to the next.
  6. 5th Axis CGI

    help with a VERY deep pocket

    Try plunge milling it stepping over a little bit at a time?
  7. 5th Axis CGI

    Move in ARC

    Drilling with Safety Zone of a cylinder should do it with no problem. Here is the link to an example I put together to show anyone. Have to use Solid holes to achieve this toolpath. Arcs, lines planes or points and it will not work. 5th Axis File Saftery Zone Cylinder Example 2020
  8. 5th Axis CGI

    Learning How To Program an Impeller?

    Just took what was there and tweaked it was all. Yes Zeke, I will convert it to a regular Mastercam file. It will take me little bit of time to do so.
  9. 5th Axis CGI

    Learning How To Program an Impeller?

    Yes Exactly. Yes just tels it how much you want to leave on the walls. You will notice I have 2 Deg tilt on the collision using the walls for avoidance so the floor Morph is not touching the wall just close to the root not the root fillet when you do the swarf that is what will clean up the wall and the fillet.
  10. 5th Axis CGI

    Learning How To Program an Impeller?

    One other thought to finish the wall is look to a taper ball endmill verses the ball endmill. We get some added benefits in doing so. We will have a stronger tool since we have a bigger Diameter tool to work from and you will find the angle sweep is normally smaller for impellers using a tapered ball endmill verses a straight ball endmill. Trick most times is finding one with the correct Radius. I would have these custom made if I were doing production on impellers. 7-15 degree included angle it where I like to start.
  11. 5th Axis CGI


    There was he 1584 operations program I did for one rocket part last year. We had Broaching, Thread milling and other things along with every safety check that made it that many. Any other place 100 operations max for the same part.
  12. 5th Axis CGI

    Learning How To Program an Impeller?

    No problem glad to help as best I can.
  13. 5th Axis CGI

    Learning How To Program an Impeller?

    Don't ever change the 1st settings in the advanced 5 axis toolpaths on the linking page. Leave that as it is and make the #2 and #3 control other things. Changing that really gives these toolpaths a fit in Mastercam. The Mesh Engine needs them and by changing it the toolpath becomes very unstable. Make Tilt lines at the stat and end of the morph. Process is to make a lines using endpoints on the upper and lower edges that are towards the floor of the impeller. Now on tool axis control use those lines to drive the toolpath Yes 4 lines is all that is needed. Make sure the settings are like so on the tool axis control. I also changed all the geometry to drive it from the solid. If you want to go on and off the part use the extend function. I try to leave my morph chains as close to original as possible. By making them extended like you did makes things messy for the toolpath. Not sure if you have 2020 Educational, but here is a link to the file saved in 2020 like I have it show above. 2020 Link
  14. 5th Axis CGI

    Learning How To Program an Impeller?

    Not a bad start. Need to change your linking moves to get better control on the linking motion. I like Cylinder for a part like this. On your Swarf use the sync by upper and lower chains to get better control on the tilt as it swarfs the walls.
  15. 5th Axis CGI


    Yes 128GB of Ram.

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