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  1. I don't see a graphics icon selected in the lower right. When you pick on one of them what happens? When you analyze the solids what level are they on? Is that solid active? Are you using View Sheets? I have odd things happen when I go to post code with different machine groups and view sheets.
  2. 5th Axis CGI

    DMG/MORI 3rd party service

    There are a few people out here in So Cal that do this. Do a Google search been years since I needed this for any shop I worked in, but been in shops that were having this done. Another option is to contact different service centers in the US and see if they have any secondary companies they recommend.
  3. 5th Axis CGI

    Change Log

    I added this process to the post at one place years ago. # mr9 - Control Program Revision A to Z control in the post. # 0 = N/C # 1 = A # 2 = B # 26 = Z # # mr10 - Customer Selection output when posted. # 0 = ADD CUSTOMER # 1 = BOEING # 2 = FUJI # 3 = LEFIELL # 4 = GE AEROSPACE # 5 = MITSUBISHI # 6 = SPIRIT # 7 = GOODRICH LANDING # 8 = ROCKWELL COLLINS # 9 = SPIRIT # 10 = D.O.D. # 11 = LOCKHEED # 12 = VOUGHT fstrsel smon00 month$ smonth 13 -1 # -------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Customer selector scust0 : "ADD CUSTOMER" scust1 : "BOEING" scust2 : "FUJI" scust3 : "LEFIELL" scust4 : "GE AEROSPACE" scust5 : "MITSUBISHI" scust6 : "SPIRIT" scust7 : "GOODRICH LANDING" scust8 : "ROCKWELL COLLINS" scust9 : "SPIRIT" scust10 : "D.O.D." scust11 : "LOCKHEED" scust12 : "VOUGHT" scust : "" fstrsel scust0 mr10$ scust 13 -1 # -------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Program Rev Complience with Boeing/Spirit MBD Requirements sr00 : "N/C" sr01 : "A" sr02 : "B" sr03 : "C" sr04 : "D" sr05 : "E" sr06 : "F" sr07 : "G" sr08 : "H" sr09 : "I" sr10 : "J" sr11 : "K" sr12 : "L" sr13 : "M" sr14 : "N" sr15 : "O" sr16 : "P" sr17 : "Q" sr18 : "R" sr19 : "S" sr20 : "T" sr21 : "U" sr22 : "V" sr23 : "W" sr24 : "X" sr25 : "Y" sr26 : "Z" srev : "" fstrsel sr00 mr9$ srev 27 -1 prdbcustp *scust psrev *srev "(PROGRAM NAME - ", sprogname$, ")", e$ "(CUSTOMER - ", prdbcustp, ")", e$ # Added RDB "(PART NUMBER - ", smachgrp_name, ")", e$ # ADDED Roger Martin "(MODEL # - ", smachgrp_name, ".CATPART)", e$ # Added RDB "(PROGRAMMER - RON B)", e$ # Added RDB "(DATE - ", *smonth,"-",day$,"-",*year2,")", e$ #Date output as month,day,year - Ex. Feb. 12 2005 "(TIME - ",ptime,")", e$ #12 hour time output 3:52 PM "(PROGRAM REV - ", psrev, ")", e$ "(TOOL LIST)", e$ #Giving it a title "(--------------------------------------------------------------------------)", e$ spaces$ = 1
  4. 5th Axis CGI

    Setting default holders for a machine

    I copy the tools into a my holder library and make the holder library the default tool library. I have done this for years and taught many people over the years this process.
  5. Doug touched on the real issue with lights out. Chips and I have added my own coolant external pumps just for this purposes on some machines. OEM do a decent job, but once you start running the machines you see your problem areas and by adding your own with copper lines you can really get the flushing your needed. Another thing is rough with milling tools and use serrated edges. Small finish passes is right in line with what I have done also. The direct jet coolant nozzles some tools have really help break up chips and are a good investment.
  6. 5th Axis CGI

    Lathe sub spindle work offset

    Set it in the planes manager is one way or you can set it in the operation. What Version of Mastercam?
  7. 5th Axis CGI

    5 axis positive rotation

    Get a hold of your Mastercam dealer they are more than glad to help assist with things like this.
  8. 5th Axis CGI

    Camplete help

    You can make your planes that way, but if you want the mall to share the same point then make a level you WCS point and then associate all your planes to that point. Cool thing is if you do it this way and ever need to move that point all planes associated to that point will be updated if it is ever moved.
  9. 5th Axis CGI

    High level training

    Good luck and keep looking. I have taught many over the years on these types of machines and one thing I hate to admit is people like Doug and others like him are hard to find. The good Advanced Manufacturing Specialist out there are busy or already have a job. Others have left the profession all together that did know.
  10. 5th Axis CGI

    Rigth angle head and holes on circle

    You don't have to share that file. Make up a sample file so we can see what your trying to accomplish. If they are equally spaced then transform rotate one operation and can you have 2 or 5000 holes again if they are equally spaced without any extra planes needed. If they are odd ball spaced you can still use transform rotate just need one for each odd ball rotation. You can do all kind of things with transform rotate to reduce the number of planes and you can even use it to create planes. If you have the right post and have if working correctly you might could use 5 Axis drilling with a Right Angle Head and not need all the planes also, but there are a lot of unknowns to help you sort through. Make up a dummy file or get a hold of your Mastercam dealer. They can sign an NDA and maybe come in and review what your trying to accomplish and help you get up and running. We have all struggled trying to figure this stuff out and whatever you can do to share something to help someone wrap their brains around your scenario only helps you in the long run. Lastly thank you for coming back and asking in a different way and understand not being able to share file. I truly want to help, but need more to help you.
  11. 5th Axis CGI

    High level training

    Well I don't consider myself high level training, but these machines are not really that hard to figure out with the right experience. You need to get someone in with the right experience to really help develop the process. Once you have the process developed then it is just plug and play from that point for like parts. When the process needs to change thinking outside of the box and developing the process is the work. Mill or Turning what is better for removing Material? 95% of the time on these machines I am milling off stock verse turning off stock. Take an experience Lathe person and show them this and they normally have a melt down. We took one project years ago that was over 100 hours on 11 machines with an outside process of gig grinding and reduced it down to 10 hours with burnishing on a Multus U 4000. One Roughing Turning operation took over 2 hours and with a 5 flute endmill we roughed the same area in 1 minute. Different part instead of using a 2" inserted Drill and a boring bar to rough an ID I took a 2" High Shear cutter and Spun the C axis while ramping down the bore in 4 minutes roughed what would have take 30 minutes to do with turning. I do the same thing on VTL's with C Axis abilities. Anytime you can spread the wear over many milling inserts or a Solid Carbide Endmill verses one turning insert you always going to win. Check out the MT environment Chris Kozell and the CNC Software Team have been working hard to get these working. Having a separate CAV is never a bad idea IMHO. Look to Hainbuch, Hamier, Schunk, and Royal for what are your work holding options. Look to the different tooling options out there to tool the machine up correctly. Again high level training is really in the eye of the beholder and I just do what I can to help people use their equipment as efficiently and capable as humanly possible.
  12. 5th Axis CGI

    Undercut surfacing lollipop

    Look at surface finish contour and see if it gives you what you need. Morph between 2 curves in 3 Axis if you have a 5 Axis license. Sorry turned the computer off till Monday. I will check back then and if no one has helped I will be glad to take a look at it.
  13. 5th Axis CGI

    Billet roughing programs

    Do a dummy drill path to set your holders for the old school toolpaths. Once the holder is set as an assembly you then can go through the tool manager in the Mill Toolpaths tab and adjust stick-out if needed. I will create a dummy drill toolpath for each tool when I am using the old-school toolpaths naming it set tool and holder dummy and ghost it. I have it if ever need to make adjustments.
  14. 5th Axis CGI

    Rigth angle head and holes on circle

    Please do shows me how serious you are to get it done. Recently just did a Swiveling Right Angle head on a DMU80 Duo Lock FB with Siemens 840D. We didn't use the standard X+ X- or Y+ Y- position. We set the head at a custom angle to keep it perpendicular to the angled face we need to drill and slot. It is consider 6 Axis programming. All done and completed with the tight tolerance the customer needed. What I explained about how to do above I was very serious sure is a shame you took it as a joke.
  15. 5th Axis CGI

    Mazak questions

    I guess the $7 million part that go to the next parts making a $100 million assembly is not fun either.

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