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  1. Shortening it? The holder is at at angle it would need to be extended a good deal.
  2. You have to change the holder not the insert.
  3. Yes sir MPMASTER should do everything you need.
  4. Yes that i the issue with most IT now a days is hands off and trying to do everything remotely. Sorry, but sometimes the best ways are to just sit down in front of the computer and figure it out. Hopefully they get it fixed and get you back up and running.
  5. Fine I will keep that in mind. Personally seeing 5 different machines crashed doing exactly what you are trying to do I was trying to be helpful, but I can see that is not welcomed.
  6. I forgot to set the boundary correctly slicing it and was not getting the correct toolpath for the face grooving. Then I get the Solid is destroyed using this function which means I cannot define the tool correctly. Now I have to make a copy of the solid and remove items that this boundary tool doesn't like or boolean add everything to the holder so when this function does what it needs then everything will do what is supposed to. The problem was made better in 2023 it will still destroy the solid, but allow you to define the boundary.
  7. Not a problem and experience is one of the best ways to understand things.
  8. That ability was removed with the last forum update. The laws have changed in Canada and In-House can be fined or have people jailed if certain things are allowed on their website. To play it safe they had to disable that ability.
  9. Here is where it is on my system: C:\Users\Ron\Documents\My Mastercam 2022\Mastercam\CONFIG Replace the Ron with your user name you login in with on the system.
  10. Accuracy is really the key here. Can be spline or an arc just has to be consistent and accurate to each other is all. Don't forget the pins that have to be made and if I wasn't clear I would make sure everything is accurate like +/-.0002. Not sure what your shop rate is and what machines you have, but thinking that is a cheap price for the quality you're getting.
  11. Then get a hold of applications like I said in the very beginning and sign your life away releasing them from any liability should this crash the machine and tear something up. Then I am sure they will do what you are asking.
  12. It think Matt was being sarcastic. Sorry to laugh, but thought it was funny.
  13. Delete the Mastercam.workspace and mcamx.config and that should fix it. Sorry you will probably loose any customization you have done. That doesn't work then need to run the install program and repair.
  14. I have asked for that to be disabled in the configurations I hate triple click about as much as I hate liens coming into the software when I am probing a part using the CIMCO add on.

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