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  1. crazy^millman


    I would quote 60 hours of work if I were being asked to program it.
  2. crazy^millman


    Some of the parts we make programs for cannot get that hot due to stress issues. They are strictly forbidden due to part failures of past parts where that happened. 50-60 year legacy on things makes some companies weary of even rethinking using tools like this. Can only image getting HST toolpaths used on this material. That has only taken 3 years to finally get a test going. On the machine broaching was a fun conversation with flight directors, heads of engineering and other groups. Made the test part and when they put it all together I get the strange looks and begin ask how did you do that? I was not sure what they meant and they asked about the finished height. I told them I could only hit it with a 1/4 turn of the thread. They went yeah you said that, but hit them with .001" of the nominal. Is that a problem? No, but how? I will take dumb luck any day of the week if that is a good enough answer for you.
  3. crazy^millman


    Where you have to understand shop rate and ROI processes to understand what are the gains with using tools like this. Shop rate of $60/hr probably not going to see an advantage using these tools. Shop rate of $475/hr going to see it real quick.
  4. crazy^millman

    Review about video editing software Kinemaster pro?

    Have that also. Great for Screen shots and quick Videos.
  5. crazy^millman

    Review about video editing software Kinemaster pro?

    What I have used for the last 13 years.
  6. You are asking if a Lathe toolpath can cut that shape? That would be considered a Rope shape and yes there is a toolpath in Mastercam to cut a rope shape using special tooling set at the correct relief angle to correctly machine a feature like that. Problem for a lathe is going to be keeping the Tool in the correct place on a consistent bases with that much helix. Anyone that has every tried to cut 1 Thread per 3" lengths before understands you get an encoder problem with to much travel in Z per the spindle turning. This now becomes a very tricky process and asking a lot of most CNC lathes. Been a few topics about rope Threads so do a search and see what they came up with. Why most slow spiral shapes like this are cut on a mill.
  7. crazy^millman

    Nickel 201

    NRE on tooling should be 30-40% of the project.
  8. crazy^millman


    Problems I see. I will preface this with my ways are self taught and through many trails and errors. My way is not the right way it is the way I have come up with to accomplish the task at hand. #1 I only use check Surfaces for Tilt not drive surfaces. I see you thinking there and again I am only going off my experiences using Mastercam. I want drive to be treated one way and clearance and checks surfaces treated another. By always following this discipline of a process it keeps my thinking that way. I start muddying the water by using drive to check or clearance in some toolpaths and not other then I add another thing in my brain to remember and hard enough remembering my name most days. #2 I also check the Shank, Shoulder when using Tilt like you are using it. #3 I turn off extend to infinity. It looked like it was going to cut correctly when I opened the file. I am confused as to what the real issue is here. Can you explain in better detail with some screen shots what is not to your liking? I changed the 87.5 to 80 to get the same tilt angle from start to finish and then in the tight corners we get avoidance where needed and have 10 degree tilt the other places to keep the bottom of the tool at at least a 10 degree angle to the bottom surface to get always from the tip and zero surface speed issue. Your finishing on the part is going to be 10 times better doing it that was verses on the 2.5 degree you were giving it. The other issue is Multipass will only do so much so keep that in mind as it gets further out the radius will disappear and can give you some violent angle changes. I would make a trimmed surface of the floor and drive my toolpath that way, but not a bad way you have accomplished the task at hand. Want to test my theory put a 10 degree angular clearance and turn on the vectors in back plot and make them 10" long everywhere they are self intersection that is where your HEAD on a HEAD HEAD machine has to go or that is where your TABLE has to go on a TABLE-TABLE machine.
  9. A 4 Axis Toolpath. Have a nice day.
  10. crazy^millman

    Mill Turn You Tube video

    2021 Has the ability doing that for a customer with Royal and Ktiagawa chuck with no issues.
  11. crazy^millman

    Quick post help needed - G94

    plinout and that should be sgfeed controlling that.
  12. crazy^millman

    Rest machining using stock model

    You have to pick that stock model for the OPTI-Rough toolpath with the smaller tool. Now it becomes and OPTI-REST.
  13. That is where you do like I said you have a holder as a file and the inserts as separate files. Then when you build you tools you do like I said you build the different tools with the holder and then grabbing the inserts. Those instructions walk through the exact process just follow it and you're good to go. See here once defined you have inserts for a holder to pick from.
  14. That is for Multi-station tools not for different insert for the same tool. You that worried about different inserts then you can build tools for each of them, but the idea is multi station tools not more inserts for one tool.
  15. crazy^millman

    5 Axis slit saw/slot Mill Issues.

    You are correct impossible shape to cut with a slitting saw. Will need a Right Angle head to cut that Id shape is trying to mill it. Good effort has been made, but the back of the slitting saw is going to wipe out anything the tool cuts by the very nature of its shape. Where a Right angle head would be best in a case like this.

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