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  1. crazy^millman


    I haven't had luck with that using any normal scaling process. What I do it make a legend 1" x 1" square on the part or area I want to print. I then print using that known size of the legend and check it with a pair of calipers. I then start adjusting the scale to match what it gave me. If the printer doesn't scale evenly in X and Y then I will figure out the skew and copy what I want to print to a different level. I then scale the skew into the area I want to print and go from there. Yes can be time consuming, but it is what it is.
  2. crazy^millman

    3rd wave

    No, but would be interested in hearing what you get from it and your take on the seminar.
  3. Not sure how many review the Tech Exchange, but just watched this video and nice to see something I have had to do simplified with these 2 options added. These two things alone make me want to only program in 2022.
  4. crazy^millman

    2022 Dynamic contour

    Automatic only allows Full chains and solid faces. I think they are trying to do too much and here is a situation where the ability to pick partial edges like I did should be an option. I guess if that is the set in stone direction for automatic there there will always have to be the back up way of doing what I did in this file. I will be submitting this to QC to get an official answer. Thank you for putting up the file helped me learn some of the limits of Automatic chaining in 2D HST toolpaths.
  5. crazy^millman

    2022 Dynamic contour

    Glad I could help and a little disappointed I couldn't get Automatic regions to grab this and run with it. That should nudge someone to explain to us both why. Click on the Preview Chains before accepting the chains you have selected or you can click on it anytime in the Toolpath Type Page.
  6. crazy^millman

    2022 Dynamic contour

    I couldn't get auto regions to work. I used the edge around 3 edges for the Machining Regions. I changed the Machining region strategy to From outside and changed the Open Chain extension to stock to shortest distance and 2nd screen for the Preview. Last is the toolpath. One other thing your feed per tooth of .0009 on the 1/4 end mil is too conservative. Might try kicking that up to .004 for the roughing then back down for the finishing. Here is a Dropbox link: Dropbox Link to file:
  7. crazy^millman

    2022, Solid/Face Selection Colors

    What are the system specs? Video card and other things? Are the drivers and everything up to date?
  8. crazy^millman

    Toolpath Manager Frustrations

    The issue is the hover distance for your mouse. There was a topic about a windows default setting for this that is set in pixels. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 A couple of topics I found on the subject. I changed mine very high and that was not good so have adjusted it down, but not back to the default settings in Windows and this issue got much better, but yes has been one of those beat your head on the desk things for many versions. That and the red arrow of death. Here is what I have settled into, but thinking about messing with it again.
  9. crazy^millman

    2022, Solid/Face Selection Colors

    Do you have the default use glow high lightning checked in Selection? Try turning that off and see if your life becomes easier. People and their fancy toys make life on color blind people extremely difficult.
  10. crazy^millman

    Stock model to pmesh

    No clue. I would make the STL from Verify and then save it to a level and make a Pmesh that way.
  11. crazy^millman

    Stock model to pmesh

    Did he link them to external files and since you not on his system you cannot pull from that exact place on your computer? Lost a major customer due to this issue years ago. One of your guys linked to the STL's files on his system and since the paths was not identical when they went to make changes everything blew up. Since you cannot know the exact names of the linked files to replace them all was lost when 3 years later they were trying to make changes to the files.
  12. crazy^millman

    3D arc linking in Optirest

    Not as long as the machine has acceleration and deacceleration capabilities no. Now if you're running at 2000 ipm and it doesn't then yes. It is all relative to the part, speeds and feeds along with moments of inertia along with acceleration/deacceleration and other things related to the physics of what we do.
  13. crazy^millman

    3D arc linking in Optirest

    Those look like rapids not feed moves. How much stock are you leaving for finish? Trying kicking up the tolerance to 1/10 to 1/5 of that amount and see how your machine handles it and how the quality of the part comes out. Have you tried not filtering the toolpath and running it that way?
  14. crazy^millman


    Here is one I did years ago for someone on the forum. I updated it to 2022 so you can what a consistent surface on the auger will yield when using Morph. 5th Axis Auger Example from Forum
  15. crazy^millman


    Yes a lot of work, but what we did 20 years ago. Glad to help and wish there was an easy button, but sometimes to get exactly what you want it takes some work.

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