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  1. crazy^millman

    Miscellaneous Values?

    Hopefully someone will be along to help I am stepping away from the forum for a while.
  2. crazy^millman


    Awesome answer and wish you had made those known from the very beginning. I used OPti-rough on 30 year old machines with no issues. Turn up the arm tolerance to max and the tolerance up to .01 or something great that your stock to leave by 50%. Now compare the code between them., With a High feed cutter I will normally run 60% of the diameter of the cutter. Seem I run people off from this board so I will be stepping back and taking a break from the board. You're in good hands.
  3. crazy^millman

    Order of Operations gets reversed in MC2020

    Point taken and hopefully the issues your company is facing do finally get addressed. I pay maintenance so yes I get it. When you bash people trying to help others what does that accomplish? Making sure they use you, your and you're correctly? Yes a software not working correctly excuses that sorry you bought your way into the rudeness when your company paid maintenance. That is what I am referring to not your complaints so read my hundreds of them over the years, but ripping other people trying to help others is a lot of what our doing. Purple heart Hero that was meant in a positive of negative way? If I am the problem with this board and your the answer then I will gladly bow out and let your style of helping others rule so more people will want to be part of this forum since I am the problem and your the answer.
  4. crazy^millman

    Miscellaneous Values?

    Are you working off a network?
  5. What I will normally do is a Parasolid wash. I will save the file out as a Parasolid then merge back in and then save out as a step. You can also pick the solids for building 3D tools right out of the solids manger. What I do for files I have a lot of 3D tools in and I need to share the Mastercam file with the Customer.
  6. crazy^millman


    You as well. I like to see someone adapting to their environment and pushing the limits of what can be done.
  7. crazy^millman


    Yeah that will do it. Sounds like the old take a screen shot of a Mastercam session and make that someone background. Funny to watch someone clicking on the screen and nothing is happening.
  8. crazy^millman


    No my comments were not directed at you Mr Paris. It is a good solution also, but as one who doesn't like the way trim works I like the methods listed above.
  9. crazy^millman


    It is a 3D shape and you have been give the best process to handle a 3D part if you choose to ignore that advise then you have told everyone who has experience doing this to go pound sand as a friend of mine use to say. Sorry your experience and professional help sucks and I know better even though I am new to this trade. Is that how you really think your going to learn from others telling them to go pound sand?
  10. crazy^millman

    Slotting tool

    I think a Slitting saw will be your best best on a arbor. Might look to an inserted tool. Is this a limited area closed shape or unlimited open area to get to the feature you need to machine?
  11. crazy^millman


    Is the system flopping back and forth between a Internal Video and the Quardo? What is the Hard Drive configuration? Are you running Raid? If so are the drives matched?
  12. crazy^millman

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    Well I have invested my own money into using Mastercam and it has allowed me to feed my family. Why would someone want to hire me to program their parts if I hate the software I have invested it to earn a living at? Wouldn't that make me foolish and kind of stupid? You bashing Mastercam is telling every potential customer to look elsewhere and possible take food out of my mouth. You don't care to see it that way because you really don't care as long as you get what you need. Purple heart hero is such a disrespect to those men and women who gave their lives or got wounded for the Untied States of America defending the freedom we have. I know you think your world is falling apart and your the only programmer on the face of the earth to have your problems, but your not. We all have our issues, but only your issues are important and the rest of us need to bow to your complaints and your grips because your the most important programmer on the face of the earth. Sorry, but if this dummy with no degree and not real formal education can figure it out and earn a living doing it then anyone can.
  13. crazy^millman

    Order of Operations gets reversed in MC2020

    Sad to hear but I guess if I would hate it and bash it as much as you do then they would all stay? I know lets all try to put the people who run this board out of business and see how long the board stays around I think your own to something.
  14. crazy^millman

    Solids color wont change

    I guess I am happy I have never seen this or experience it and import parasolids all the time.
  15. crazy^millman


    Well there is that small issue.

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