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  1. crazy^millman

    Haas lathe simulation environment CAD files

    We are on the same page and exactly what I was thinking when you posted that up. Might need to reach out to MCAMNW and see if you can help move this along.
  2. crazy^millman

    Creating small boring tools

    Here are some tools I created for a customer. They decided to cheat me out of some pay so you get what they cheated me out of for free. They are divided into two components to use them as 3D lathe tools with no problem in Mastercam. I also added the PDFs they were created from so you have an idea what they were made to represent. Solid Carbide Lathe tools
  3. crazy^millman

    Haas lathe simulation environment CAD files

    Read this: Jay it seems he doesn't have that, but has purchased it. His reseller asked him to get the CAD models for it and what he was requesting here and I had it. What you are showing looks exactly like what I had so then CNC Software does have the model, but the reseller is confused in asking him to get the model CNC software already has?
  4. crazy^millman

    Windows 11

    My sense of humor.
  5. crazy^millman

    Windows 11

    Exactly when you got the NSA funding your Software you can do whatever you want. Off Topic Alert Hammer might be coming down any second for going OT.
  6. crazy^millman

    Haas lathe simulation environment CAD files

    Every Manufacture has the solid lathe holders on line today. Just have to do a search and your good to go. I have one library of solid tool, holders and fixture component that takes up 10.3gb is 55,424 files in 1434 folders that I have collected over the last 20 years.
  7. crazy^millman

    Windows 11

    Must have taken their lead from CNC Software.
  8. crazy^millman

    Eltool right angle head

    Yes what Model and what are you looking to machine with it? I have helped a customer with a CV40-SA-D and 3MSTER12-D doing some light duty milling on some aluminum parts. The group over there are real easy to work with.
  9. crazy^millman

    Windows 11

    Yes and the defaults do all of these things. Trust me I have the none computer savoy in my extended family and I am the one they all like to call with the computer problems. I remember years ago using Gotomeeting to fix one of my Aunt's computers in Florida that the GEEK Squad said couldn't be fixed. Everyone gathered around the computer as I was taking control of it to fix the issue it was having. They couldn't believe I could take control of it and do what I was doing from 2500 miles away. Point is okay have the dummy process, but don't make power users suffer because the masses are content being sheep.
  10. crazy^millman

    Windows 11

    If that is the case that is stupid up one side of the stupid tree and back down the other side of it.
  11. crazy^millman

    Haas lathe simulation environment CAD files

    There is no work holding files. Everything I have for holding the parts in the Jaws or Fixture I have mounted to the Spindle Nose or Face of Jaws I have made. If you are talking about the Live Tooling Blocks then Eppinger and others have some models you can get. Need to email them your model of machine and go from there. Eppinger Link Eppigner Models Here is a Fixture I designed for a Printed part some years ago. We did all the flange work on the Sub Spindle and then bolted it to this fixture to finish the rest of the part. It bolted over the serrations of the jaws and repeated within .001" when removed and put back. The center piece acted like a locating spud to the ID of the Chuck.
  12. crazy^millman

    Haas lathe simulation environment CAD files

    The model I have for that machine from 2015 has the tail stock. see if this helps get them what they need. I would reach out to Selway and see what they say since they are HFO for your area. ST-10Y 2015 Model
  13. crazy^millman

    Haas lathe simulation environment CAD files

    Mastercam builds the environment for the machine the end user cannot do it. You cannot run standard machine simulation with Lathe. The end user must purchase an .machine environment for the Mill/Turn machine they want to simulate in Mastercam. The other choice is Vericut, NCSIMUL or ICAM. CAMPLETE as far as I know has no plans to get any HAAS lathes running through their Turnmill product. Their agreement with NAKAMURA TOME will not allow it for another few years from what I have heard. Camplete Turnmill Nakamura Tome only
  14. crazy^millman

    C-Y axis milling cutter compensation help

    On the machines I remember running there was no comp control on them for Thread milling. We had to cut the feature see what the size was and adjust the program to make it correct. We wrote 10 different size sub programs and the operator would call them based off of the size they measure when they where running the machine. That old of a machine you have to adjust your programming for what is allows.
  15. crazy^millman

    Windows 11

    Not me anytime soon. When this laptop is on it's last leg and i have done all I can do to keep it limping along then I might switch. What I did is kept Windows 7 until the last laptop was unusable for Mastercam and Vericut. It is still working and my daughter uses it everyday for school. Funny when you have a kid using a laptop that is 6 years old that is still more powerful and than the best computers the school has.

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