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  1. MT will not allow Option one just so you are aware. Option two is you best option which you already figured out.
  2. Where they get stored as a solid once made I have no idea, but I have some MT tool Libraries that are over 40mb due to all the 3D tools made in them. We are about 8 versions into using 3D tools and I have some going that far back and the 3D tools have been stable.
  3. It is amazing what accountability does in situations like this. Yes the AD model has and still is the long game. They only care about profit and crushing whoever they can in the process. No different that the top 9 richest people in the world. They output more than 5 billion people in carbon emission combined by themselves. Well this has gone off the rails and sure the ban hammer is coming soon.
  4. Why do we all work? We are also trying to turn a profit to feed our families and keep a roof over our head. We have different ideas about how to go about that and don't want to sale others out to get there is really the difference. Our education system is coming to a rude awaking because of this the turn a profit at the sacrifice of the teaching has caught up and interesting those of this that choose a vocation don't seem so crazy after all.
  5. Why was CNC Software for Sale? Company comes along and offers me the right price I will sale 5th Axis CG Inc in a heart beat. Hard running a business in this day and age. Better question is why where they wanting to buy it? Why is their business model seem to be to destroy American Manufacturing verses help it like they claim? How many good products and companies have they destroyed in the name of turning a profit?
  6. Is there a question in there? Posting code without any explanation is asking a lot of even the most experienced person.
  7. This whole thread reminds me exactly what Autodesk shouldn't have bought CAMPLETE to begin with.
  8. Sorry, but why are you using an external process to add point when Mastercam has everything needed in every toolpath to accomplish this task and have it come correctly from the software? What process are you using to look ahead and back in the code to make sure these added points don't conflict with the correct running of the machine?
  9. Reach out to Okuma USA and they can help get you exactly what you need.
  10. What is your video card? Are you running onboard graphics? Are your video drivers up to date?
  11. It is a Postability post. You need to use the mr8 to eliminate the SUPA moves between each cut in an operation. IF you don't want then between each operation when using the same tool then mr7 will have to be used also. Postability has video's and documentation explaining all of this.
  12. Watch it someone will come along and call you the meanest person on this forum asking such a question.

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