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  1. crazy^millman

    4 Axis Curve Toolpath

    Well these is a chook called roll die that might be what you're really after here. I looked at the parent solid and see your trying to accomplish what is referred to as a roll die shape. What that means is a roller needs to roll around that shape that is fixed to a point. It can spin around a fixed point, but the idea is keeping the of the roller bearing in contact with the surface of contact. John Summers developed this 25-30 years ago I believe to support this type of output where you really needed Y to change to machine the shape on a 4 Axis with the 4 Axis runnign along the X axis. I think swarf will get you there, but if not then might try out the Chook and see. Sorry I don't have any documentation on the toolpath and been a good 15 years since I needed to use it.
  2. crazy^millman

    4 Axis Curve Toolpath

    The 5 Axis curve lines are not normal to the axis. I would use swarf like you are and give it a try. You can try curve, but the lines must be normal to the Axis of rotation not kicked over like they are. That would be something a 5 axis would want not a 4 axis.
  3. crazy^millman

    edge errors

    Agree hard begin 4000 miles way from the problem to know exactly what is thew right answer.
  4. crazy^millman

    4 Axis Curve Toolpath

    5 axis Curve must be driven correctly to respect the walls. I tried downloading the file, but not working. Swarf is using the walls to define the cut and it works differently. With surface you may need to define enough vectors that align with the walls to get it to respect the walls. Have you tired posting and running the swarf toolpath? Just because it looks clean doesn't make it clean.
  5. crazy^millman

    Master Cam slow down

    Repair file is the same thin just renamed.
  6. crazy^millman

    Right angle head spindle direction

    You program for the tip of the tool 99% of the time in Mastercam and let the post do the work. On the DMU 80 since it was in all reality a 6 axis toolpath I had to cheat to get good code so if each tool had changed in length then I would had to make planes for that changes, but since I thought far enough ahead and made 3 tools needed all the same length then one plane worked for all 3 tools. I did one years ago where we had 14 different tools all ranging rom 6" to 16" in length in a RAH. They were all programmed for the 2 planes they were cutting. No different than 3+2 programming and the Tool Length was accounted for in the post and done. Each RAH presents it own challenges and like I said in this topic get a good post and don't fight more than you need to get good code.
  7. crazy^millman

    edge errors

    Get better models as that is the real problem not Mastercam, but you probably don't want to hear that.
  8. Vomit on that is your right to do so.
  9. crazy^millman

    measuring spindle runout

    I never program for run out. Most endmills are never exactly .500 more like .4998 to .498 in size I will add wear comp to the tight features I need to maintain a tight tolerance. Problem is when you start trying to adopt a bad practice like run out of tools into your programming then you will have a hard time repeating a good process. Program for knowns not unknowns and then you have a controllable process. When you start down the slipper slope of what if, maybe and sort of then you have nothing but chaos.
  10. crazy^millman

    measuring spindle runout

    .005 microns would be .005 / 25.4 = .000196" so yes that would be acceptable run-out.
  11. crazy^millman

    measuring spindle runout

    You stop right there and figure out why you have anything more than .0002 and resolve it. For every .0001 more than .0002 expect to see your tool life drop by 2-10% depending on speeds and feed. At .005 I wouldn't run that tool over a 1000 rpm even if it were a .01 endmill, but then being that small it look like fly cutter running out that much.
  12. crazy^millman

    Corrupt Workspace File

    Being it is 2018 not sure what to tell you.
  13. crazy^millman

    Right angle head spindle direction

    Funny I programmed that DMU 80 in a 3+2 process and just shifted the T-C planes the difference of the gauge length. NX guys were tripping out wondering how i was able to get that done in Mastercam.
  14. crazy^millman

    Right angle head spindle direction

    Get a good post and call it a day. Did a DUM80 FD machine RAH job and got to the point I needed to spin the RAH 116.486 degrees along the Spindle Axis. None one could handle it. I tricked it in and still got good code because the post was done correctly. I am about to put a RAH on a 90 degree head facing upside down for a customer. Here is a screen shot of what I going to be attempting to give you an idea. The main spindle is HSK-100A. Here was the DMU80 RAH Setup to give you an idea what is possible with the right post.
  15. crazy^millman

    What did I do?!?

    F4 and pick the solid in question and it will you if it is closed sheet solid or an open sheet solid

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