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  1. crazy^millman

    mill boring bar material to remove

    Yes leave about .0003 to .0006 with a carbide reamer. You can dial it in pretty good. Need to watch not to good a finish. I have had 8um and hit a 2um and the parts were rejected for being to smooth and not allowing the seal at -356F degrees to seal correctly. They had to change the print requirements on all parts after that to say 4um to 8um finish required.
  2. crazy^millman

    Dynamic Milling

    Sorry I see no toolpaths put to the part. Have you even been training on how to use Mastercam? Here is the part back with 50 minutes of my time put into it. I machining into your riser. Major issues I see. That part is not going to stay put on that fixture. The bolt is to short to hold that part to the fixture. Make the round on the fixture a slot and now you have a locate feature to keep the part from moving while spinning. Make a Square boss on the bottom of the part to remove after doing the work here. Not enough holding force for the part in the 5 Axis vice. You have the whole jaws to stick it in make it longer to get more support. Use it to your advantage. Fixture not designed to allow you to cut all around the part. The 5th Axis Vices are Self Centering not One sided like a Kurt Vice I have fixed that as well. Part doesn't lend itself to OPTI-ROUGH toolpaths. I am showing Waterline and Surface finish Contour in my example file. Dropbox link
  3. crazy^millman

    SpaceClaim model repair + Mastercam HS rest rough

    Wise decision for that very reason why only scanners are not my go to for manufacturing applications. Want to know what you know then measure it and make geometric shapes to work from. Want something loosey goosey hope it is close enough then only scan it.
  4. crazy^millman

    mill boring bar material to remove

    I would roller burnish or have it jig ground.
  5. crazy^millman

    SpaceClaim model repair + Mastercam HS rest rough

    It is a CAD software and they do a good job with STL data. Like Dylan suggested and I also mentioned that you seemed to miss was the Master3DGage it would so everything you need on thoee size parts and works inside of the Mastercam Software. Other than that sorry nothing I am aware of on the cheap side to do what you are after.
  6. crazy^millman

    SpaceClaim model repair + Mastercam HS rest rough

    You answered you own question. How much is weeks of your time worth? It is only worth $1k then your shop is only doing $30k a year worth of work not sure how you able to afford machines, tools and pay yourself only making that much, but since that is all your time is worth then the math say that is what you do. Did I get your attention? If so read on if not then ignore. I am going to take a very conservative shop rate of $50/hr to show you value in time. A shop rate of $50/hr for one person means the shop just working 40 hours a week will make $104k a year for one person and one machine. Lets say your shop has 10 employees that is now $1,040,000 a year the shop makes. Lets again be very conservative and just use 3 machines and forget employees. That gives us a $312k a year. Take 3 weeks 10 times a year do go about the process you currently have and that is 30 weeks of time doing your current process. Again I am being very conservative here that is a loss of $180k of shop time not being spent on making parts. That is not the reality of your losses since so many people only see the 3 weeks per part as lost time when in reality you have lost 6 weeks of time or $320k with your current methods. What is the crazy person talking about is what anyone reading this thinking. The real loss is from the 3 weeks you are not putting towards other work that could have been done had you the right process in place to do as you are thinking getting it done in hours. Currently the cheaper way is really the more expensive way, but keep thinking like you are and maybe someone will bring it down to the level were you see your time is worth a whole lot more than the expense of getting what you need to do it the correct way. Spend the money to do it the faster way and reap the rewards of getting the correct value for your time and effort.
  7. crazy^millman

    Swaf Milling multi slice retract

    Which toolpath are you using? Each ones has different ways to control this in 2020 and above before that not so much only the advanced offered ways to do it in the 5 Axis toolpaths.
  8. crazy^millman

    slow moving

    I have to agree that old horse needs to be out to pasture.
  9. crazy^millman

    Crashes immediately when clicking here:

    I think that is still in Beta.
  10. crazy^millman

    SpaceClaim model repair + Mastercam HS rest rough

    How big of parts? What is your budget? I hear they have apps on the cell phone stitching stuff together. A serious number for up to 1' Cubed Part is $10k with .02" accuracy. Same with a PCMM with .0004" Accuracy would be $35k with the Mastercam3DGage with promotion they have now with the reverse add on. Getting bigger than 1' you start adding Zeros to those numbers really quick. Handyscan and others come to mind and impressed with the stitching technology developed in the last 5 years. I think some of them start at $5k with about the same accuracy I list first at .02" to .05". Search engines provide all kinds of options and I suggest you do some research.
  11. crazy^millman

    machsim 45deg knuckle hoz 5x

    Glad you figured it out and all the best getting your process working. Crazy they spend that kind of money on machine and then roll the dice everyday having your people run it. That pretty much sums up a lot of American Manufacturing right there in a nut shell.
  12. The Tech Exchange has them for free. Link to a Free HAAS Post You up to tweaking a post then there are the MPMASTER posts that are Generic, but have a lot of HAAS functionality built into them. MPMASTER Link Asking for Post is not allowed since we get some many illegal users of the Software, but since I am the crazy person I will point you in the direction to help.
  13. crazy^millman

    machsim 45deg knuckle hoz 5x

    That is a Nutating Table and I would reach out to one of the 3rd party people and have them build that tied to the Post and call ti a day. Without a Post controlling it not sure how well standard machine sim will support it.
  14. crazy^millman

    Multiaxis Drill

    I have done it both ways. The issue with Solids is where and how it decides the top and bottom. The feature has a chamfer or is on a complex surface I have seen some wonky results. Once you work of the differences it i usable, but not the same.
  15. crazy^millman

    Crashes immediately when clicking here:

    Oh so it is a Windows Problem. Yes Windows pretty much has ruined modern computing for people trying to earn a living. Crazy companies make software for a version of Windows and then Microsoft decides to changes things, but the software is supposed to know it was changed and still working? Sorry, but Microsoft is the issue and they need to quit all the junk with the updates and just let us work without all the stupidity they keep throwing at people.

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