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  1. So it was Jamie from CNC Software I stand correct sorry about that. Thank you Dylan for pointing my mistake out I appreciate it.
  2. Excellent customer service sir. That is going above and beyond why Cimco is the company they are. FYI for those unaware he works for CIMCO so he is the person to help get this issue sorted out.
  3. C Axis lathe with some cheating Y Axis lathe would be a better choice. Question becomes how many do you need to make? Would a Sub Spindle make sense to allow 100% complete part off the machine? Would a 2 or 3 turret machine make sense? With a 3 turret depending on the material 45 second to 1-1/2 minute part. Part of that rope thread is not machinable up to the shoulder on this sample.
  4. I have always used aluminum grinds and tools for cutting copper along with those speeds and feeds. I adjust as the chips and other things show me that is good or needs to be adjusted. If I had a 12k Spindle then I would run 12k rpm and .008-.012 per tooth feed rate with as much as 40% step over full depth of cut. If I had 24K rpm spindle I would try 24k and see how it handles it with the same feed per tooth. I am thinking 3 flute high polished endmill.
  5. Yes it seems like there is a ladder logic problem that the machine builder would have to correct.
  6. That pretty much sums it up. I explain to people who nothing about manufacturing the Post is a like a translator. Take the Language of the CAM and converting into a language the machine can understand. The CAM programmer has to understand how to take different items and use to to take CAD and convert that in the CAM into something to make it in a machine.
  7. Shared folders and config folders. The best bet is to use the migration wizard. Tell the IT person to point to the folders on from your old system on the new system and it should do everything you need.
  8. Then get rid of Mastercam and get something that is more to your liking. Sorry, but if that is what is slowing down your programming efforts and creating issues with your ability to make CNC programs for the machine I don't know what anyone can do to help.
  9. Is the license local to your computer or on a server?
  10. I believe that is encrypted to only open on the control. You will need to open it on the control then see if you can convert to plain text to save it out. They have a PC Control emulator that might do what you want, but I have not loaded that on my system in over 20 years. It is like Siemens SINUTRAIN, but I believe you need the Heidenhain control parameter. On Siemens they are ARC files.
  11. Unified if in 2023 if in 2022 Morph Between 2 curves or Parallel to curve then Unified.
  12. What a nightmare to even think about.
  13. To many ongoing projects to move to 2023, but yes I only use stock in Lathe anymore. Never in Mill and with all that is going on with the new machine group process better reason not to even start.
  14. Nope been able to do that in Mastercam Lathe for over 20 years. Need a sample file to better assist.
  15. You need to break them up into single drilling operations like what was mentioned in this thread this is a machine issue not a CAM issue.
  16. Don't use Solid face. Start from a base place and then do the rotations as you need to make the new WCS like you want. A solid face is good if you know it is where it is suppose to be on rotations to a point, but since it is flat it could be rotated completely wrong to work for a certain kinematics or angles you need. That is where you need to know what your going to be cutting it on or how you want your angles to work out when creating a WCS off of certain types of Solid Faces. What the engineer gave you for machine setup is not ideal and if he given thought to making the 3 Axis process for the pocket more thought he would have realized he made the job more difficult doing what he did than if he had just allow you to work out the process on your own.
  17. You grabbed both chains to create island machining. That is the lack of intelligence in the Automatic Regions process. Change to picking one chain using the Machining Regions the face boundary only and go from outside and then the toolpath will process. I always do the preview chains before every getting out of the dialog if nothing shows stop and fix that before moving on. That said I would dumb the part down and make the 2 faces one and create one toolpath to cut both faces verse the broken up method done here.
  18. The system needs what are called place holders for these processes to work correctly. Even though you are grabbing solid entities Mastercam will still create wireframe on the blanked level for them to work. We don't need to see under the hood, but removing the extra entities will destroy the toolpaths. Make some wrap shapes for 5 Axis toolpaths or some other shapes and see what kind of extra stuff starts being added to the file. Not smoke and mirrors, but there are things some of the toolpaths and functions need and the software is just not always showing them. In this case the CIMCO needs them to process it operations. You have become aware they are visible and if they hamper your programming efforts then you can move them to a different level and hide the level, Blank them on the current level or make an new active level when using the CIMCO probing that can be turned off.
  19. You have run out of room need to delete some of your attachments. Dummy operation that are ghosted is the best way to remove excess stock from stock models or machine simulation.
  20. Like what? Sorry, but your question is too vague and with so much going on with this picture hard to know exactly what you're trying to figure out. I put arrows and draw lines to anything on a print I have a question with for a customer. Please do the same and then maybe someone will be able to help you.
  21. That good to know maybe they need to speak to you about your experience to make the software catch up to others. Watching paint dry sometimes waiting on stock model and HST regenerations is not fun.

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