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  1. ICT_Outkast

    G10 Output help please......

    That helped me figure it all out. Thank you Bear.....
  2. ICT_Outkast

    G10 Output help please......

    Thank You OB....I'll look at that.....
  3. I am working on a MPMaster post to output G10s on a horizontal. I have it so it will output the first work offset, but will not post the remaining rotations. I have tried, most everything I can find in the forums, but am having no luck. The buffering is over my head. I am wondering if anyone has a copy of the G10 posts that were on the old ftp site. I cannot access that anymore. Might be my firewall at work, or it's just gone. Thanks in advance.
  4. ICT_Outkast

    MP Master G10's?

    Would you care to share what you changed from MPMaster? I am trying to add this exact functionality. I am unable to access the ftp site anymore. Thanks in advance.
  5. ICT_Outkast

    Hurco DCX22

    We've had nothing but trouble with our Hurco....But we have the VMX42SR. I think it has been down as much, if not more, than it has been up.
  6. ICT_Outkast

    Contour Window Problem

    I have this problem also. Have tried everything. I have to exit and restart MC. It will chain correctly once I do this. Real pain in the @ss. We engrave all of our fixtures, so it's a daily routine. Although it only happens on my PC. The other programmers are not having that problem.
  7. ICT_Outkast

    Multi Axis Lathe

    Gcode....I'll get right on that....
  8. ICT_Outkast

    Multi Axis Lathe

    Randy, do you do all that with a .set file?
  9. ICT_Outkast

    Multi Axis Lathe

    Thanks guys. Tried the In House demo, and first time I ran it, it said it was expired. Guess I'll make my own....Thanks again. Jerry
  10. ICT_Outkast

    Multi Axis Lathe

    I'm finding that the setup sheets for multi axis lathes, that come with MC, pretty much suck. What are you guys using for setup sheets? I would like something that will output the lathe AND milling tools together. Using X3 MU1 btw. Thanks in advance. Jerry
  11. ICT_Outkast

    Mastercam X3 MU1 is Released

    G, NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI, but I think I need to recant my last statement. I rebooted and have since tried to duplicate the problem, and I can't. So far so good.
  12. ICT_Outkast

    Mastercam X3 MU1 is Released

    Already having trouble with using solids as material in verify. If I click the X to exit verify, I get an error about art. Also leaves a wierd blank image on the screen that I can't get rid of. Would like to see if anyone else can duplicate this, as I had some strange things going on before with tool wireframe staying on the screen after backplotting in X3.
  13. ICT_Outkast

    Graphic Issue With X3

    Did not have these issues in X2, but here goes. Dell Precision PWS470 Xenon 3.6ghz CPU 3gig RAM NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 SDI 256meg RAM XP Pro SP2
  14. ICT_Outkast

    Graphic Issue With X3

    Got rid of the ghost geometry by shutting down X3 and restarting. I also ran ramsaver and rebuilt display just before restarting. It was still there after those two, but gone after the restart. Go figure.
  15. ICT_Outkast

    Graphic Issue With X3

    This is the second time this has happened. I ran the createboundry chook. Selected the entire model. When done creating boundry,I have a set of ghost geometry as if the solid were unshaded and highlighted, or at least the wireframe in white. I can't get rid of it. I've turned off ALL layers and it still shows on the screen. Can't select it, can't blank it, can't hide it. It's just there. The first time was when saving geometry from a tool path. The cutter decided to hang out with me for the remainder of the job. Odd thing that time tho, I eventually was able to select it as geometry and delete it. Doesn't make sense, I know. Not impressed with all the bugs in X3 so far, but there is no turning back. I really like MasterCam, but this release is a mess.

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