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  1. So not a Guru

    5 axis Tool paths and Planes?

    Okay, that's what I meant to infer in my earlier response.. This is how understand it (and how I've always done my MC programming) If I create a WCS, named PART_DATUM, that is not a derivative of Top. Any 5X paths must be programed in the "PART_DATUM / PART_DATUM / PART_DATUM" zero position. That's correct isn't it? Or am I allowed to program them in "PART_DATUM / a different construction plane / a different toolplane"? (which I've never attempted)
  2. So not a Guru

    5 axis Tool paths and Planes?

    I truly am not trying to be rude or obtuse, but I don't understand what y'all are saying here. It seems like you are speaking in a shorthand language, that you guys certainly know, buy I, sadly do not. .
  3. So not a Guru

    5 axis Tool paths and Planes?

    Top/Top/Top (or, the home plane) is all I've ever used. I was told, by the guy that tutored me, 5X paths can only be programed from here.
  4. So not a Guru

    Do you have a final check list before posting?

    I use different coolant strategies, for different tools, too. I generally: Edit All Ops Coolant Flood on Then I use Toolpath manager Select, to chose the tools that also have CTS, then Edit Selected Operations Coolant Thru coolant on. I love the Select function, it can be a real time saver.
  5. So not a Guru

    Haas - Machine Stroke Macro - Fully warm up your machine!

    Shouldn't this be: G01 G90 Z#10323 F#10309 (FAST Z START)?
  6. So not a Guru

    Wierd stock model behavior

    It would appear that everyone in this conversation did.
  7. So not a Guru

    Wierd stock model behavior

    That was it in this case. Thanks for the clearer explanation.
  8. So not a Guru

    Wierd stock model behavior

    That worked, but the plane I was using was not, exactly, derived from Top. It was created from geometry, albeit using the same matrix as Top. So, is what you and Ron are saying is that all stock models need to be created using top as the plane?
  9. So not a Guru

    Wierd stock model behavior

    Yes both the planes match
  10. So not a Guru

    Wierd stock model behavior

    Huh? How do you not use planes?
  11. So not a Guru

    Wierd stock model behavior

    Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong here? I've increasingly finding some pretty weird results when creating stock models. How the heck does my stock model get created out in space, rotated 90° from the stock plane and shifted as well?!? table.mcam
  12. So not a Guru

    Debug error

    They do use Norton here. I'll try blocking the background tasks. Thanks Ron.
  13. So not a Guru

    Cleaning tool holders

    I've always found plain water to work best. The coolant is, essentially, sugar water and the water dilutes and cleans it off great.
  14. So not a Guru

    Debug error

    I frequently get this error, when saving a file. It usually comes up after I've just regenerated a path, it seems like the longer it takes to generate (10 + minutes) the more likely I am to get the error. I usually have to kill the MC file and re-open then regenerate the path and finally be able to save. Does anyone have any ideas on how to combat this? Just spent 20 minutes waiting for a morph path to regenerate

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