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  1. So not a Guru

    I can't locate messages

    Yep, I was missing something in plain sight. Thanks gcode
  2. So not a Guru

    I can't locate messages

    Am I just missing something in plain sight? I can't locate old messages, or any messages really. There doesn't seem to be any way to access them.
  3. You can replace the selection in the left fields by typing in your own text, such as "Programmer" or "Safely ran by xxx". Then, you can fill in those fields at the time you generate the sheet. An added benefit is that, if there is no text in the right field, both the left and right fields don't print. Another nice feature is that the text you enter in the fields is persistent, so if you enter a space in the right field, the right field and the blank left field print, which allows for physical sign offs.
  4. So not a Guru

    Using a tooling ball in MasterCam

    I'm with everyone else here, I can't imagine a scenario where i would use anything but the center of the ball.
  5. So not a Guru

    Mastercam 2020 Public Beta 1 is now available for download and testing

    I have been led to believe that is a short enough trip for you to walk.
  6. So not a Guru


    I figured so. That's a shame, he was a super helpful member. I couldn't begin to count how many times he helped me, we've lost a high value asset.
  7. So not a Guru


    I was thinking that it was JParis, but I couldn't find him when I searched for him here. I did find the post where Guest (?) linked the original video and an accompanying Mastercam file.
  8. So not a Guru


    Someone else made a video, that I used to learn how to use CoonsSurf. I recorded that video, here is a link to it on my Dropbox.
  9. So not a Guru


    Here it is. Coons surf c-hook can create a multitude of complex surfaces. one surf done.mcam
  10. So not a Guru

    MC2019 "Reporting Computation Error"

    That has been my experience as well
  11. To export: Select the toolpath you want to export, right-click & select Export, check the box for "Export operation's geometry", select where you want to save it, name it what you want. To import: Right-click in the Toolpath manager & select Import, check the box for "Import operation's geometry", navigate to where the operation you want is located (If you use a standard location for your saved operations, you should check the box for "Remember this file").
  12. So not a Guru

    Changing colors in Code Expert

    Awesome, thank you.
  13. So not a Guru

    Slash in the tool change line

    I'm not in a place where I can access Mastercam, but this should be fairly simple. 1st, make a backup of your post, so you can reset it if something goes wrong. 2nd, make a backup of your post, so you can reset it if something goes wrong. In the ptlchg$ section there should be a line similar to this pbld, n$, t$, sm06, e$ You need to replace that with logic that checks if the current tool is the same as the first tool. Something like this: if t$ <> first_tool$, pbld, n$, t$, sm06, e$ else, pfbld, n$, t$, sm06, e$
  14. I have a VERY hard time seeing the default background color of the text results of the search function in Code Expert, it is almost useless for me. I know that I can change the color in Options/MP/"Fonts and Colors", but I don't know the name of the field I want to change. Anyone know what the name is?

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