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  1. ONSRUD_5X.zip I get this error, when I try to run a toolpath.
  2. Yeah, I found this. I'm trying to follow it step by step, but no joy yet.
  3. Is there any guides available for how to create or edit the xml files associated with MachSim files? I am trying to modify a MachSim folder/fileset from a vaguely similar machine to our machine. I've got all of the stls, the gif & the xml files properly named. And I've tried to edit the xml file to be correct, using my stl files info. But there are a lot of tags in the xml file that I don't know what values are required. So, I'm getting errors.
  4. Breaking the path into smaller groups of edges is how we've handled it here as well.
  5. I saw that on your LinkedIn page. Pretty cool accomplishment. We don't do parts anywhere near as large as y'all, but we do have a different process to guard against distortion. I don't think it would work well in production parts, but as we generally use it for one offs it works well enough for us. I really liked your post on the causes & solutions.
  6. Just one example of what can cause the program to reprocess after a tool projection change.
  7. I have never regretted learning a new skill, or improving my knowledge of an existing one. In one way or another, the knowledge has, and continues to, make me a better programmer/mechanic/human. Anyone who suggest to you that learning is a waste of time, does not have your best interests in mind. I would suggest not listening to those folks. On the other hand @Colin Gilchrist has proven to be one of the most knowledgeable people on this forum. He is also one of the most generous in his willingness to openly share his knowledge with all of us. I would suggest learning from his treasure trove of content.
  8. Apple being the biggest example of that. I get it, if you're not a technophile and you just want something to work, without caring how it works, companies like Gibbs & Apple are perfect for you. Just not my cuppa.
  9. Yeah, I finally found it on Ingersoll Rand's site. It's not a user friendly site.
  10. We're trying to find some 6-32 x 1/4" 60° screws (T15), for insert retention. Does anyone have a source for this head style?
  11. We use Quaker Houghton WS8595 coolant in our machines. It works great for the variety of materials we cut, but it causes the skin at the tips of my fingers to split and bleed. It doesn't bother any of the operators but me. I've always been prone to rashes, so I figure it's mostly just me. Nevertheless, I would prefer not to have split & bleeding fingers, because I'm just a whiny dude. The Plant manager is not against changing coolant. So I'm hoping someone here might have some suggestions for a good replacement. We primarily cut aluminum & various stainless alloys, with a smattering of titanium & inconel.
  12. I don't think there are any changes to machine group in 2022. Do you mean 2024?
  13. We call it a PEBKAC error, problem exists between the keyboard and chair.

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