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  1. Click on your Avatar, at the top right of the page; select Account Settings; click on Signature, on the left side of the page.
  2. So not a Guru

    Funny mastercam glitches

    That Galaxy brain tho!
  3. So not a Guru

    Margins in MW paths

    Yeah, I just got thru perusing the ModuleWorks help file. I didn't have a copy at work when I asked my original question. I've got a pretty firm understanding now. Thanks
  4. So not a Guru

    Margins in MW paths

    What do the margins, in ModuleWorks paths, do?
  5. So not a Guru

    Undercutting surface paths

    Nm I got it.
  6. So not a Guru

    Undercutting surface paths

    What ate all of the undercutting surface paths available? For some reason, my Surface Finish Contour path is completely violating it's containment boundary, so I need to find something else that will work. I programmed the job for 5x, but now that machine is out of commission for at least a week or two, so I've got to jury-rig a way to get the parts done on a 3x machine.
  7. So not a Guru

    Coding with Dynamic Fixture Offset

    I could be mistaken, but I thought that the P word in G54.2 is tied to the work offset, G54 = P1, G55 = P2 etc.
  8. That is odd. Looking back at your original post, apparently someone has created a new Canned Rigid tapping postblock ( pmisc2_2$ ). It seems that postblock is not using the fs12 formatting. Can you post a snippet of the code that gets generated?
  9. I agree, a couple of the most irritating defaults. I change them as soon as I do an install.
  10. So not a Guru

    Surface HS Hybrid flats

    Yeah, I get that. I just used 2 different paths to get the results I needed. This was the 1st time I had tried the hybrid path, the guy who originally taught me the basics of Mastercam always said the path was, essentially, useless, so I have always kind of glided past it. I'll probably resume that.
  11. So not a Guru

    Surface HS Hybrid flats

    Of course I don't only need the flats, isn't the entire intent of Hybrid to incorporate both z level & scallop?
  12. So not a Guru

    Surface HS Hybrid flats

    This may be the 1st time I've used this toolpath. I can't get it to cut the flat at the bottom of the pocket. I've got "Flat detection" checked and "include flats" in the drop down selected. Is there something I'm missing about this?
  13. This should be outputting 4 place decimal feed, as it is. Are you saying that it is not?
  14. So not a Guru


    You would have to create an error variable & message text in the error messages section. Then you would need to create a postblock that checked the MD parameters and output an mprint. That would generate a warning if your code created toolpath outside of your machines physical limits. You could also have the post stop & exit with something like this: if outside_limits = 1, result = mprint(saxislimitserror), exitpost$

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