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  1. So not a Guru

    Debug error

    They do use Norton here. I'll try blocking the background tasks. Thanks Ron.
  2. So not a Guru

    Cleaning tool holders

    I've always found plain water to work best. The coolant is, essentially, sugar water and the water dilutes and cleans it off great.
  3. So not a Guru

    Debug error

    I frequently get this error, when saving a file. It usually comes up after I've just regenerated a path, it seems like the longer it takes to generate (10 + minutes) the more likely I am to get the error. I usually have to kill the MC file and re-open then regenerate the path and finally be able to save. Does anyone have any ideas on how to combat this? Just spent 20 minutes waiting for a morph path to regenerate
  4. So not a Guru


    Anyone know what this chook does?
  5. So not a Guru


    I feel your pain on this one. We've got one of those old posts, from the Machine mfg, It does some very scary stuff when using the MW paths. Inconsistent behavior, due to the post not having many of the operation path.
  6. So not a Guru

    Cleaning tool holders

    Yes, I use those and also, different diameter spiral wire brushes to clean the bores.
  7. So not a Guru

    MCAM 2020 Raster question

    I've found it is often better to select the geometry I want to avoid as a new group in "Model Geometry", and set new offset values there.
  8. So not a Guru

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

    I would hope you aren't really.
  9. They don't have the step files, but Techniks has most of their tool holder drawings on their site here:
  10. So not a Guru

    Cleaning tool holders

    I was wondering about this too. What is usually used in a ultrasonic cleaner?
  11. So not a Guru

    Cleaning tool holders

    I like the way she thinks.
  12. So not a Guru

    Cleaning tool holders

    This is kind of what I was thinking. Not sure a CAT 40 holder would fit though, much less a CAT 50. If I can find one a bit larger, I might give it a go.
  13. So not a Guru

    Cleaning tool holders

    Zactly how I've done it for years. Apparently, the elbow grease part is what they find, I'm being kind here, "challenging".
  14. So not a Guru

    Cleaning tool holders

    What do y'all do for keeping tool holders & collets clean? We use a lot of ER collets and keeping the holder nuts (especially the grooves around the retaining ring) is challenging for our operators.

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