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  1. So not a Guru

    Quick post help needed - G94

    Been there This is why I always suggest to 1st save a backup copy of the post, before editing. A few years ago, I created a nightmare for myself that took me a couple of days to fix.
  2. So not a Guru

    5x peel mill

    Yep, I checked out the ones you posted too. Good stuff!
  3. So not a Guru

    5x peel mill

    Nick, I meant to thank for this a couple of days ago. This idea worked great for the part I was working on.
  4. So not a Guru

    5x peel mill

    Well, I don't think I can use it. While it displays correctly it backplot, it most definitely does not in verify. Very frustrating, I thought this would be a great path to add to the toolkit, but there is no way I'm risking crashing the machine with this.
  5. So not a Guru

    5x peel mill

    So it is supposed to match! Please let me know what you find out.
  6. So not a Guru

    5x peel mill

    Okay, I never tried backplot on this, because the toolpath is displayed as being nowhere near where the surface is. I see now that backplot displays correctly, while the toolpath is, apparently, completely unrelated to the actual toolpath. I'm not going to lie, this makes me very uncomfortable.
  7. So not a Guru

    5x peel mill

    Okay, I am at a complete loss here. I don't understand how this works at all. I want to cut this surface, but I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing. AXIS_SUB.mcam
  8. So not a Guru

    5x peel mill

    That is pretty cool. I'm assuming you created wireframe on the solid, then unwound it. How do you unwind it to a flat plane?
  9. So not a Guru

    5x peel mill

    Is there a way to create a path similar to peel mill on a diameter?
  10. Any probing gurus out there who can verify that this will work? We have a couple of vise fixture plates that we use for 95% of the work we do on this machine, using preset XYZB & C offsets, passed thru the our programs. Each fixture is a little bit off the 0 angle of "C". I already use Renishaw's o9817 B axis measurement program to set the "B" offset. We put a 6" x 1/2" x 1-1/4" parallel centered in the 5" vise & run the our program to measure & enter the offset. As it is now, we use an indicator to find & set the "C" offset. What I'd like to do is modify the o9817 program, changing the axis variable to C (#3=5) and save it as o9818 to measure & set the "C" offset. My program would look like this: G0 G17 G20 G40 G80 G90 G94 G54.4 P0 G53 Z0. G53 Y0. G53 X0. M46 M43 G53 B0. C0. M00 (LOCATE & SECURE THE V562 VISE & ADAPTER PLATE) (THOROUGHLY CLEAN THE BOTTOM RAILS & JAW FACES OF THE VISE) (CLAMP A 6" X 1/2" X 1-1/4" PARALLEL CENTERED IN THE VISE) #5221=-9.84252 #5222=-9.84252 #5223=-20.733 (***G54 SET C OFFSET***) G53 Z0. G53 B90. C270. T30 M06 G54 G65 P9544 H1 (CALCULATE G54.4 DYNAMIC OFFSET) G54.1 P300 (CENTER OF ROTATION WPC) G54.4 P1 G0 G90 G54 X0.0 Y-0.225 G43 H30 Z6. G65 P9818 X5.6 Z0.25 S1 G65 P9810 Z6.0 F50. (PROTECTED MOVE) G54 G53 Z0. M30
  11. So not a Guru

    YouTube Live - 5-Axis Intro - 20-MAR-2021

    That's pretty much how I do it as well, though I usually just use a layer named Indexes, with points for associativity.
  12. So not a Guru

    YouTube Live - 5-Axis Intro - 20-MAR-2021

    I think that you may have switched the behavior of copying planes during the last bit of the session though. Create relative planes links the created planes to the original, duplicate planes creates unencumbered planes that are independent of the original.
  13. So not a Guru

    YouTube Live - 5-Axis Intro - 20-MAR-2021

    Thanks Colin, I picked up a few great tips I was unaware of.
  14. So not a Guru

    YouTube Live - 5-Axis Intro - 20-MAR-2021

    No thanks. I'm suffering from "Indignant outrage overload". We live in the era of "look at me", and since I'm all ugly & sh*t, I don't wanna participate. I have never taken a selfie, as I already know what I look like. I'm not a big fan of have stranger's attention focused on me. Apparently, this makes me a misfit in today's world. I'm OK with that.
  15. So not a Guru

    YouTube Live - 5-Axis Intro - 20-MAR-2021

    1st I've heard. I guess I'm outta the loop. Just saw this about the session, that's a loop I wish I'd been in on! Catching up now

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