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  1. So not a Guru

    mind blown

    All the time! I usually create curves on all edges of a face and if it creates splines instead of arcs, I'll use Simplify Spline then Close Arc. The downside is that you usually get 2 arcs on every hole, but Delete Duplicates will fix that. A lot of clicking because of crappy models.
  2. So not a Guru

    Quick access toolbar

    Using 2018 Is it possible to make it larger? I have my frequently used icons on it, my only squawk is that the dern things is too small for my old man eyes!
  3. So not a Guru

    Gnomon label

    Is that 2019? I don't have section as an option in 2018.
  4. So not a Guru

    Gnomon label

    I spoke to soon, I just checked and I don't have that icon!
  5. So not a Guru

    Gnomon label

    Argh! I looked thru every setting in configuration. I never gave that icon a thought, the gear icon yes, but I didn't realize that one had anything but the column selections. Live & learn. Thanks Jeremy
  6. So not a Guru

    Gnomon label

    Using the Verisurf gnonom doesn't fix it. Neither of the other 2 programmers MC display the label, it's got to be a setting somewhere, but I've been unable to find it.
  7. So not a Guru

    Gnomon label

    Nevermind, I just switched to using the Verisurf gnomon
  8. So not a Guru

    Gnomon label

    Is there any way to turn this off? We need the gnomon displayed, but the label obsures the info we need on our setup sheets, that we create using viewsheets.
  9. So not a Guru

    Hatch defaults

    Yeah, I've tried that, but it doesn't set as a default, I still have to select the pattern and set the spacing.
  10. So not a Guru

    Hatch defaults

    Is there somewhere I can set the defaults for hatch (material, spacing, angle)?
  11. So not a Guru

    Selecting more colors

    Sometimes, I haven't determined the trigger, when I try to select more colors, the selection dialog won't open. The only way I can get it to return to normal behavior is to shut down & restart MC. Is this a known bug? Using 2018
  12. So not a Guru

    Spline to arc

    Awesome! I learn something new about MC again! Thanks
  13. So not a Guru

    Spline to arc

    Is there a chook that will convert splines to arcs?
  14. So not a Guru

    HAAS GR712 3-axis Router

    I have set Z home position on posts for the UMC750s to G53 2.5 to get extra room for tall pieces. All 3 of our machines had more than 2.5" of travel above the normal G53 position before tripping the soft limit, so we used it.
  15. So not a Guru

    Display info relative to to WCS

    What does this rule do?

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