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  1. Yes, but you can triple-click to select the link, right click & open it in a new tab. At least in Firefox, I rarely use any other browser, so I can't speak to how they work.
  2. This happens to me in 2022 often. Usually when I create the 1st Optirough path in a file, then save the file. It goes dirty, I regen it & save it, then all is well. It is irritating, but since CNC has moved to 2023 you can be sure it won't be fixed.
  3. I'm pretty sure they come from your Machine definition.
  4. You can still drag & drop pictures, you just have to drag them into the correct spot.
  5. Does he have his config set to bring solids in as surfaces? Like this.
  6. Doesn't Harvey offer Helical's coatings? The AlTiN coating works well. We've used it on a few jobs here with good success.
  7. Never mind, I figured it out. The path has to be in quotes if there are spaces in it. I just realized that too. I hadn't noticed the space in my username
  8. I'm not very good with this, it seems like it should be fairly straight forward, but I'm doing something wrong. I created a couple of folders, with copied files in them, on my desktop to try it out and made this batch file: @ECHO copy C:\Users\Zeke Radford\Desktop\from_here\Zeke.config C:\Users\Zeke Radford\Desktop\to_here\Zeke.config copy C:\Users\Zeke Radford\Desktop\from_here\Mastercam.Workspace C:\Users\Zeke Radford\Desktop\to_here\Mastercam.Workspace copy C:\Users\Zeke Radford\Desktop\from_here\mcamx.config C:\Users\Zeke Radford\Desktop\to_here\mcamx.config copy C:\Users\Zeke Radford\Desktop\from_here\mcamxm.config C:\Users\Zeke Radford\Desktop\to_here\mcamxm.config PAUSE But when i run it I get "The system cannot find the file specified." on each line. Any idea what I'm missing?
  9. Is it possible to create multiple MC configurations? I'm going to start training one of our operators to program. I use a modified configuration; custom RMB, background colors & gradients, keyboard shortcuts etc. Since he's going to be practicing with HLE at home, I would like to train him with the default setup. Is it possible to save a couple of files or folders in a safe location that I can reload to change the configs back & forth?
  10. Glad I was able to help. Sorry it took so many tries, it was a long time ago that I modded that post and I'm getting senile. :)
  11. In the ptlchg_com postblock After this line: if tseqno = 2, n$ = t$ Add this line: if tseqno = 3, n$ = opmgr_opno
  12. Yes, I'm sorry. In the Misc strings section add: opmgr_opno : 0 #15240 - Operation number You are actually adding a string, not a variable. The added line initializes the string
  13. That's what I call a bold pirate!
  14. I added this function to a MPMaster post several years ago. In the General output settings section: tseqno : 3 #Output sequence number at toolchanges when omitseq = yes #0=off, 1=seq numbers match toolchange number, 2=seq numbers match tool number, 3 = Mastercam Operations Manager Operation Number in the pprameter$ postblock add: if prmcode$ = 15240, opmgr_opno = rpar(sparameter$,1) #Operation number Turn off "Output sequence numbers in the CD:
  15. Anyone have a recommendation for a Laser with a 4 x 8 table? We would be using it mostly for cutting wood veneer.
  16. Yes, it was slow as hell. But it did work.
  17. Yes, and having to run a math co-processor emulator from a floppy.
  18. The only way I know is to have the veiwsheet active while you renumber the level.
  19. Yeah, the past few months they have made changes that make finding the tools I need more difficult, as well as a regular stream of popup ads. Many tools, that I had previously found on the app, have simply disappeared. For this they think we're going to start paying? It was my understanding, in the beginning, that this app was an aid for the tool mfgs to make it easier for us to access their product info. Was I mistaken? If not, what the heck makes the mfgs believe I would pay to subsidize their advertising? Let me know if you find something that works as a replacement, and I'll do the same.

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