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  1. Guys I just had this happen to me. My machine sim works flawlessly with all other files. Since I set my inc save to 50, I found a saved file where the error does not occur. It appears that it is not in the machine sim but the Mastercam file. All the other files use the same XML file in the sim.
  2. Thank you Mick... I finally figured out how to purge this bug...so far it is working. I always open a Mastercam file by double clicking on the file. Today this error got so bad I could not use a file because the popup window in Mastercam would NOT echo it to the screen...probably because I am using 3 monitors. The window would only appear after I exited the file...and while the popup was active the file was useless. So I opened a fresh Mastercam file by using icon on task bar. Then used the open command to pull in my file. The popup complaining about the active level not being visible came up and I clicked ok. Then I renamed the offensive level, saved the file, and closed down Mastercam. Then I opened the customers folder and double clicked the file as I normally do and voila....no popup... Note I had already done this several times to no avail. but I hadn't accessed the file above secquence.
  3. Had to reinstall Windoz...the update nuked meh. ....of course 2021 fresh install and the XML's got nuked in the sims I was using... All is good....
  4. restarted pc did all that...yes Windows did an update...already had to roll back outlook it was hosed... I am also thinking Windoz update is the culprit...
  5. I deleted workspace files and configs and nothing happened same same. Uninstalled licensed machine simulator same same. What happened is that I had 2 instances of 2021 open plus one machine simulator. I tried to open another simulator on the second instance and that's where the trouble started. I would have to task manager and drop Mastercam it would lock up. The machine simulator window would pop up when opening up a file. then t Then this window comes up Mastercam would appear to hang and I would have to task manager out. then I found this pop up hidden underneath everything. This pop up would occur no matter what version of Mastercam I would try to run.... ANY 2021, 2020, 2019 file on my computer. But it would pop up underneath everything and went undetected for a while so I would drop the Mastercam thread as it would appear to be locked up. before I found this pop up I would drop thread...open up 2020...same thing....2019 same thing... I discovered the pop up closed it and more errors.. After closing all the errors, The machine simulator popup always flashes now when I press this button. On every version of Mastercam. Perhaps it always did and I never noticed it. Tell me all is well now lol...
  6. Hey guys my 2021 is hosed...anything special I need to do to reinstall? Delete registry keys? ect
  7. Thanks man....worked like a CHAMP!!!
  8. Yes...I have had to copy / paste a group of 50 operations and have to make subtitle changes to the toolpaths and rename them into 200 unique ops. So I renamed all the toolpath groups to have a unique name that the customer wants the NC file to be named because he uses a barcode system to pull these programs to the machine with a certain NC program name. Much easier to copy/paste than create new tool groups .
  9. Would be cool if we had a C-hook that did it.
  10. Hello guys I am trying to find a way to regenerate a bunch of pre existing NC files to pull the name from the configuration settings NC filename from Tool group. I check that setting in configuration, and regen but it doesn't change the NC names to the tool group name.
  11. Hello Guys. never messed with Thermwood....Strange animal... Need help setting up Machine def. the machine will not accept C- output so I need to get the machine set up to limit head rewinds. Here is is a pic of the control limits. and also I have pics of limits now in the Mastercam machine definition. any help would be appreciated.
  12. TY I saved several files and they are all giving me this message...however not all files are...
  13. Hello Guys. I have a file error that happens sometime when using the "save as". I have a level that will not go away no matter what you do and it gives an error message about the active level not being visible even after saving file with that level visible. Report has symbols that I think are associated with stack overflow...not sure... any ideas? Below is the file that will error. 1.mcam
  14. Howdy It's going OK...been out of pocket for a while. Thanks man... Ya....been real busy...
  15. Hello guys. Been a while since I needed to do this and forgot how. There used to be a file you could edit a number in and it would change the look of how Mastercam was shown in Windows. Is this option still available and someone point me to the file please. Thanks
  16. Is there any way to change the order of the buttons in the upper left hand corner of the Toolpath Manager? If not....could we please have that option???
  17. My new rig...Built an all around home computer capable of running Mastercam. downloaded file selected all and regen...looks like the cut tol was .0001. Not too bad I am happy with it...no overclock....nice and cool... Not shown are my two 970's running RAID 0.. 2019...can't wait to try 2020...but I am still on 2019 to stay with customers. .
  18. 50 seems to be working pretty good so far....i can't tell you how many times I have had to search for a file because of accidental moves in Explorer...let alone Mastercam... My OPS tasks became extremely frustrating. But now I think it is fixed....
  19. Thank you. I set it to 50 and we will see how that works out...

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