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  1. Racer X

    Coolant issues

    A follow up: So after all of our time and effort of asking questions, looking over specs, researching, etc. We settled on Extreme Cut 290 from Quali-Chem. Never would I have thought that I should shout out praise about coolant. But... This stuff rocks. In the past two months I have gained cycle time, reduced cutter usage, and get MUCH better finishes. If any of you are looking to switch coolants, give these guys a shot. 25 years cutting chips and I have not been this amazed by too many things. But, this stuff does what they claim it does. By the way, I am NOT a paid spokesperson. Just an amazed customer. Cheers,
  2. Racer X

    Coolant issues

    I have done a bit of calling around local shops I know and quizzing them on their coolant. 2 places I spoke with were running the Ho-Cut until recently. They claimed they had guys developing skin rashes from it. Any of you that run it have these issues. The water softener was recommended by our Blaser guy, John. However, what you say makes more sense to me than his claims. We run pretty much around the clock so our coolant doesn't sit idle very long. Even when we are shut down our filtration/aeration systems stay on. Running around to a few shops today to test the coolants they are using and gonna chat with the guys that are up to their elbows in it daily. Hopefully, can get some good feedback. Also, chatting with Leupold Stevens. They just switched out their entire plant a few months ago to this Quali-chem. So far they all have good reports. Might have to run over there also. Thank you all for your input. I will let you know what I found out.
  3. Racer X

    Coolant issues

    Coolant has been an issue that I have fought with many times over the years. It is becoming a major problem for us again. About 6 years ago we were using Hangsterfers and had pretty good luck other than the staining that eventually started happening. When we bought our Multus, the Okuma folks strongly recommended Blaser Vasco 1000. I used Blaser years ago so I decided to give it a go. We had great luck with it. It is expensive to buy and even more so to dispose of. But, it worked well. Now we can't get the 1000 any longer and they changed us to 5000. The 5000 has been a real problem. Staining parts, eating the paint off of machines, etc. It also seems to separate quite bad. No matter what I have tried, it keeps separating. We are running water softeners since Idaho water is notoriously hard. That didn't help the separation issues. Several other shops in the area are having the same problems. Now we have the supply house, which so strongly recommended Hangsterfers all those years ago, telling us that the vasco is garbage... everyone has issues with it... blah blah blah. They also now are recommending Quali-Chem. They stopped carrying Hangsterfers a few years back because they said it was junk. However, at the time they were carrying it, they claimed it was the best. Hard to trust a coolant salesman. Anyway, we were given a free sample of Quali-chem and charged one of our mills with it. It seemed to work well. But, the smell was terrible. It gave most of us headaches. They claim that smell will dissipate after a few days. We ran it for about 2 weeks until we couldn't take the smell any longer. Supposedly, the smell issue is fixed. At least thats what they say. Not sure about trusting them on that. We won't know for sure until we put it in service. So, Im looking for advice from folks here. We have 2 turning centers, 3 vmc's, and 2 Multus'. We machine steel and aluminum. Any thoughts or recommendations on a good coolant? Thanks in advance.
  4. Racer X

    noob question

    Yep, that's it. Thanks. Cheers
  5. Racer X

    noob question

    I feel like a noob asking this. However, I can't remember where the setting is in X3 to have the default length and diameter offsets be the same as the tool number. Thanks in advance.
  6. Racer X

    Threading question

    I am new to lathe programming and am limping along trying to get a part up and running. I need to do a left handed 14mm x 1 thread. How do I get X3 to give me the option of spindle rotation. Also, what does "Negative X" mean on the thread shape parameters page? Thanks in advance
  7. Racer X

    3:00pm Friday FREE SWAG alert

    Great, the one day I decide to actually work and I miss out on a size large. That settles it, I'm not working anymore.
  8. Racer X

    Question about Mill Tutorial, Lesson 8

    You are mirroring the curves so you can create a 2 dimensional "containment boundary" within which the surface toolpaths will be generated as you get a couple more pages into the lesson. Hope that helps. And welcome to the forum! Cheers,
  9. Racer X

    Any of you guys use an ultrasonic cleaner?

    quote: When I got mine I called Branson ( http://www.bransonultrasonics.com/) +1000 Did the same thing here after trying several other avenues first. They should be able to help you out. Cheers
  10. Racer X

    Center and Edge Finder

    Personally, I indicate most everything in. But, when I do use an edge finder, I use this one. I was never able to trust an edge finder until I bought the Schmidt. This one seems to be more sensitive than the Starretts I have owned. Heck, it has lasted me 15 years so far. The double ended ones don't like to come out of a collet without stretching the spring way out and often breaking it. Cheers,
  11. Racer X

    probably a dumb question

    Ok, now it makes sense. Thanks gang! Cheers,
  12. Racer X

    probably a dumb question

    What do you mean set the "as code" button? I think you mean type it in the comment box on the tool parameters page. That seems to work to help me find the spots to put it. Just wondering if it could be done more easily Thanks
  13. Racer X

    probably a dumb question

    Being a mold maker. I have never really spent anytime programming production parts. So, with that disclaimer please don't make fun of me too bad. I need to do some short run production with a manual index fixture. I need to be able to program in several "planned stops" or dwells with the spindle stopping so an operator can reach in and index the parts. My machine has an option to read an M1 just for this. And it works just fine if I put it in the program by hand. But, my problem is this. How do I get Mastercam to post it out in the program? I don't need it between every operation. And the program is getting rather lengthy to read through to put them where they need to be. Oh, I am still using V9 as well. Thanks in advance.
  14. Racer X

    Drill heat treated 4340

    I have found when drilling hardened material that it is best to not center drill so deep that the major diameter of the hole created is as large or larger than the drill. Just drill deep enough to clear for the web of the drill. If the corner of the drill is what contacts first, you will wear the corner off the drill and cause it to bind and break. I drill hardened H13 (52-56RC) quite often with HSS drills down to .020 diameter. +1 on the stub drill. Cheers,
  15. Racer X

    Mastercam Training

    Hijack alert Desmotom? Would that be short for Desmodromic Tom? Hijack off.

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