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  1. Try this. I cut something the other day that had a .03 thickness and I used a 1/4" square endmill and lowered the SFM down a lot. Low as in 100-150 SFM.
  2. zachlancy

    Importing Solidworks assembly into Mastercam

    In solidworks use the mastercam direct addon
  3. zachlancy

    create a radially cut part thru part

    Did you try creating the plane at the angle, creating the slot geometry, then projecting it onto the surface, then extruded cut?
  4. I'm just going to have to break it up. I don't think MC is capable of doing it unfortunately. In another CAM package I've used, you can do something like this and define stepdown (effectively), wall stock to leave, floor stock to leave, and ceiling stock to leave, and add a finish pass within the same dialog box.
  5. It only appears to work well if the depth of the undercut feature is evenly divisible by your stepdown. That's usually not the case for anything I deal with. After some more fiddling still nothing that seems to get it to respect the lower shelf. Undercut.mcam
  6. Just attatched the MC file.
  7. Quick question Does anyone know of a way to get around this. It doesn't seem to work properly. Every time i've tried to undercut something, MC will not respect the lower level of the cut. It always wants to over cut it. You can play around with the stepdown and get it close sometimes, but I can't imagine why it doesn't work as intended. I've used other CAM packages where undercutting was a breeze. Not sure if i'm missing something here or what. I undercut jaws semi frequently so it would be nice to figure this out. Thanks for any input. Undercut.mcam
  8. zachlancy

    Rotary Machining

    Sorry, I meant to update the topic. I got it work nicely; within MC and on the machine. Note: the walls of the feature are actually straight cut, not needing a SWARF strategy. Here is what I came up with. Example.mcam
  9. zachlancy

    Tool break test

    Email Renishaw and ask them for a programming manual for your TLO. That should give you a good start.
  10. zachlancy

    2 inch NPT Thread milling

    NPT Threadmills are nice because it will cut the taper for you. I always measure the gage for the thread to give me a rough idea of the diameter size I need to interpolate. I also measure the threadmill diameter on an optical comparator @ the depth ill be dropping the threadmill into the hole. Usually this will get me within .005 of where I need to be for the flat on the gage to land right. Then I just walk it in using cutter comp.
  11. zachlancy


    Please post your social, date of birth, favorite color, hasp number, and shoe size.
  12. I've encountered something similar before. Try this... Locate the *.xml file called MastercamSimulatorDefaults in the folder C:\Users\(your name)\Documents\my mcam2019 Open with a text editor Search for <PrecisionFactor>6</PrecisionFactor> Change the number to something higher than what it is currently. (i.e. 6 or more) Save file Open MC again Simulate again and see if it helps.
  13. Try using a certified driver for the graphic card. Check here -[0]=application%3AMastercam&f[1]=video_card%3A4396 Aside from that its hard to tell whats going on. Not much information to go on.
  14. zachlancy

    Rotary Machining

    Thanks! I've got something that looks like im on the right path. I will post again tomorrow for future educational reference. Thanks again

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