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  1. That's a tough nut to crack. Drill a hole in the pin, then turn a shaft to fit in it and jb weld them together? Then slide hammer that out with the pin?
  2. zachlancy

    Dynamic Milling on 316 Stainless Steel

    Agreed. I pay for a seat of HSMAdvisor out of my own pocket. Great tool.
  3. Try using the Mastercam Direct tool.
  4. zachlancy

    Threadmilling problem

    I would try reducing spindle speed & feed until you get the harmonics out of the cut. I used to thread mill a lot of 6-32's in 316ss and the mfg speeds were unusable. I'd always bring the SFM way down until it was a nice sounding cut. Probably will require 3-4 stepovers.
  5. zachlancy

    Why not use IPR for everything.

    Yeah just the confusion I guess. Anyone that's only dealt with mazatrol might be confused. Although a good machinist should be able to adapt without much of a hiccup. I mostly program with IPT in mind on mills. I started at a shop where they used all mazatrol conversational programming and it took a while to get a grasp on them. Coming from a background of exclusively ISO(EIA lol) programming made the switch weird.
  6. zachlancy

    Ramp Contour with Wear Comp

    .... G00 G17 G90 G55 X.9308 Y.9104 S12000 M03 G43 H4 Z1. Z.0138 G94 G01 Z-.0862 F25. G41 D4 X.9401 F72. X.9382 Y.9472 Z-.0867 X.9322 Y.9835 Z-.0871 X.9224 Y1.0189 Z-.0875 X.9087 Y1.0531 Z-.0879 .... This is how I set up my ramps with comp
  7. zachlancy

    Thread Milling Burr

    I used to re run the chamfer at the same depth to clean the lead in up, and interpolate the minor at the same diameter as before to clean burrs up there as well. Adds cycle time, but not much.
  8. zachlancy

    Threadmilling Metric Threads

    Fair point didn't know thats what he meant. You still need to use parenthesis around the .8mm though. At least in MC2020 So 1/(.8mm)
  9. zachlancy

    Threadmilling Metric Threads

    But .8 is not TPI... And if you tick the metric box you have to define all the other parts of the tool in metric.
  10. zachlancy

    Threadmilling Metric Threads

    In the TPI dialogue box i'll type for example with an M5 x 0.8 tap... 1/(.8/25.4) and hit enter. It'll calculate it for you and it should now have the converted threads per inch. Just make sure you use the parenthesis. Double check to make sure you did it right until you build confidence in the method.
  11. zachlancy

    Hi speed tool path 2018 mcam

    Try giving it a bit of filtering and see if it resolves the broken arc. This is from just a regular dynamic mill but the same settings should be fine.
  12. Try this. I cut something the other day that had a .03 thickness and I used a 1/4" square endmill and lowered the SFM down a lot. Low as in 100-150 SFM.

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