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  1. I tried generic Fanuc, MPRouter posts but keep getting error numbers that won't let the program run. Error20 Error24 Error33 Error9. The working sample runs, the other is mine and has errors as shown in the last program from Candle. I'm sure this has been a topic before. Thank you for the help. working sample gcode.nc EMASTERTEST.NC emastererrors.nc
  2. poolrod

    Guitar neck with High Surface Finish/Hybrid

    Yes, just a test piece.
  3. poolrod

    mastercam 9.1 w/ GRBL

    Yes please on a copy. Thank you.
  4. poolrod

    ToolPath issues

    I bet the lead in/out is the problem. And or the ramp also, as Reclinerman said. Try running it without those active, and set your Z above the material and watch the cut path.
  5. poolrod

    Creating a Guitar heel surface.

    I got it, guys, thank you for the help. I used Create Surface, Swept with 2 rails. I picked the top profile, and the beginning of the neck profile. My two rails were one side, down from the top profile, and the curved line in the middle. I then mirrored the surface, and used the split surface tool to clean up the excess.
  6. poolrod

    Creating a Guitar heel surface.

    File added, any help will be great, the neck is there and complete.
  7. What is the best way to get the surface to follow the curve to the top. I have been playing with create, Surface, swept, but it just gets close to what I need. Thank you all. 2015 GUITAR.MCX-6
  8. Hi all, is there a way to get one that will work with Mastercam?.

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