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  1. lowcountrycamo

    Working from home questions

    Rob. Nice set up. What kind of parts do you make?
  2. lowcountrycamo

    Globally changing speeds and feeds

    Right click in tool path manager and use select- by tool number. It will grab all ops using that tool
  3. lowcountrycamo

    Working from home questions

    I have bought several hpz440’s and thinkpad w530’s for less than 500$ From eBay. They out power a Walmart machine easily.
  4. I can only make this cut zigzag which will not work as this material is titanium. This is just roughing but I planned on finishing with a circle segment. I uploaded a simple test. thanks, Steve Austin PARALLEL.mcam I found it.
  5. lowcountrycamo

    Titanium cutting

    Tool life will be tough, as you are only cutting with the end. I use a 3/8 .5loc 5flt from imco for things like that. They are cheap. Also ti that thin always warps so you might have to face both sides first. That is what kills you on run times with jobs like these.
  6. lowcountrycamo

    Just started verdict. How to move stock?

    Thank you millman
  7. lowcountrycamo

    Just started verdict. How to move stock?

    sorry, I typed this from my I phone and it must have changed Vericut to Verdict. The interface is McamV or mastercam to Vericut interface.
  8. I got the interface recently and need to move stock flip on a horizontal about y. Any one have an easy way using the interface? If not, how do you handle it? thanks steve Austin
  9. Those turning on an OKUMA MU mill how do you probe your tools. I thought about just treating it like a large face mill. Length and diameter.
  10. lowcountrycamo

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    Sure we get new bugs but with every release my work gets easier and faster. I just recently discovered that machine sim does not crash after every rotation plane. That is big for mr
  11. lowcountrycamo

    Help with okuma macro

    I would like to probe a diameter. Save that diameter to a variable. Then probe a z and subtract that z from half that diameter. Basically I want to probe the top of a round and shift z to the center. I use the easy set CALL O9023 macros and there is a shift var. If is where Fanuc Macro B I understand that language somewhat. thanks, steve austin
  12. I use active reports many times a day to print tool list. I just installed mc on my new PC and active reports is now very slow. Never seen this before. I takes several minutes to open print and save a tool list. Any ideas?
  13. lowcountrycamo

    Every time I open a file all paths are red.

    Thank you Colin!
  14. Just installed 2020 on new PC. Every time I open a file all paths are red. Is this a setting in config or something? Thanks, steve austin
  15. lowcountrycamo

    Deep Pocket Milling Aluminum to 8" Deep

    Start with 2.0 mits adx with extended holder. Then work out the corners from an angle for reach. Work in steps. Rough finish.

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