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  1. lowcountrycamo

    Just started verdict. How to move stock?

    Thank you millman
  2. lowcountrycamo

    Just started verdict. How to move stock?

    sorry, I typed this from my I phone and it must have changed Vericut to Verdict. The interface is McamV or mastercam to Vericut interface.
  3. I got the interface recently and need to move stock flip on a horizontal about y. Any one have an easy way using the interface? If not, how do you handle it? thanks steve Austin
  4. Those turning on an OKUMA MU mill how do you probe your tools. I thought about just treating it like a large face mill. Length and diameter.
  5. lowcountrycamo

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    Sure we get new bugs but with every release my work gets easier and faster. I just recently discovered that machine sim does not crash after every rotation plane. That is big for mr
  6. lowcountrycamo

    Help with okuma macro

    I would like to probe a diameter. Save that diameter to a variable. Then probe a z and subtract that z from half that diameter. Basically I want to probe the top of a round and shift z to the center. I use the easy set CALL O9023 macros and there is a shift var. If is where Fanuc Macro B I understand that language somewhat. thanks, steve austin
  7. I use active reports many times a day to print tool list. I just installed mc on my new PC and active reports is now very slow. Never seen this before. I takes several minutes to open print and save a tool list. Any ideas?
  8. lowcountrycamo

    Every time I open a file all paths are red.

    Thank you Colin!
  9. Just installed 2020 on new PC. Every time I open a file all paths are red. Is this a setting in config or something? Thanks, steve austin
  10. lowcountrycamo

    Deep Pocket Milling Aluminum to 8" Deep

    Start with 2.0 mits adx with extended holder. Then work out the corners from an angle for reach. Work in steps. Rough finish.
  11. lowcountrycamo

    Do you have a final check list before posting?

    Yes I have had that happen. Good one to add.
  12. I have a quick check list I use before posting: I post a .set file to check my wcs and t planes, rpm and feed. i take a second look at clearance height. on trunnion mills I focus on rotations. Then I mass edit for coolant and misc no. I also use the compare function in verify and set tolerance to + - .003. I do not have vericut yet but will soon. any one have something similar. Thanks, Steve Austin
  13. lowcountrycamo

    Expedited experience

    Learning to edit posts have given me a huge advantage and value over my co-programmers. They use catia. My code comes out perfect for each machine while their’s must be edited every time.
  14. lowcountrycamo

    Expedited experience

    Learn mastercam
  15. I have done some minor programming years ago and would like to learn this arena. If you were new and had limited time which area would you study first? C++, C#, vbscript, .net. Are there more? thanks, steve austin

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