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  1. lowcountrycamo

    constantly have to reset hotkeys

    I have several custom hotkeys I have to reset constantly. My default keys seem to always work. This has been happening at least since 2018. I am on 2020 now. Any one seen this? Thanks, steve a
  2. lowcountrycamo

    Lots of good enhancements

    I love the new drill combined with 5x. Saves me time selecting line instead of making planes.
  3. lowcountrycamo

    Dynamic OptiRough

    I have seen this on several Fanuc controls when the code is posting g02 g03 with large radius. This path has always been solid if the part fit.
  4. lowcountrycamo

    You know what would be awesome......

    Damn that would be nice.
  5. If you watch the screws during this motion it really looks easy on them because they are all arcs. Slow to start and slow to stop. The sharp cornering is shocking to the screws and there is none of that in dynamic motion.
  6. lowcountrycamo

    Hsmadvisor what is 100% tool life?

    I have been using hsmadvisor and I am unsure of the sliders. How is 100% tool life determined. Is there a standard? I am cutting 6al-4v and 15-5. Dynamic paths. I usually find that 5% - 3% give most reliable cut with about 5 or more hrs in cut life. We use tsc. The calculator tells me as I near 3% sum goes up to 500-600. What do you know about this subject.
  7. I always use a spring pass. I wonder if it is a waste of time. I am programming some ti 6al-v4 parts and I am thinking spring passes might be detrimental to tool life. I program mostly 5x trunnion work. Thanks, sreve austin
  8. lowcountrycamo

    Endless C-Axis Swiveling

    What do you mean by vector programming? I am intrigued!
  9. lowcountrycamo

    Slot on C axis

    You could use the 5 axis haas post. Will need to delete g187. G43.4 is for head head machines. Not needed here.
  10. lowcountrycamo

    cannot get morph between 2 curves to undercut help!

    I read that morph between 2 curves will undercut but I cannot make that happen, Is there a setting I am not aware of? Thanks.
  11. I am doing a cross hole deburr. Flowline wont do it as shank hits. I need 5x deburr. Thanks
  12. lowcountrycamo

    Translate Stock Model

    What I have done is create stl, save, then import to level with model curves. Then move Stl and curves together so there is geometry to dynamically translate and snap to fixtures, etc. Although I read 2019 can select edges of pmesh now.
  13. lowcountrycamo

    2019 when mirrored a part my planes fliped in z 180

    I was using c and t planes. I did notice that the planes where created from geometry that was mirrored if that had any effect on it.
  14. I just moved to 2019. Today when I mirrored my part about y using local WCS, not system Top,. My planes where immediately flipped in z 180 degrees. The worst part was after I rotated them back they flipped again making all my ops go red. Is this a new functionality in 2019? I work in aerospace so I have to mirror every part I do. Has anyone seen this? Thanks steve A
  15. lowcountrycamo

    quantity of programmers required rule of thumb?

    We have 18 mills, 9 are 5 x. We make mostly air frame parts and do about 80% repeat. Its myself and to others. They are nearing retirement and don’t get in a hurry to do anything. I am younger, much more driven and was recently made lead. Hence I do most of the new work. They handle mostly re-work of vintage programs to move to newer machines. They run catia. I of coarse us mcam. Guess which software management likes better?

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