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  1. ihsDavidM

    Mastercam 2022 HLE

    See this video for instructions on how to access Mastercam 2022 HLE
  2. ihsDavidM

    Refugee from Fusion 360 looking for advice

    You can purchase a sitewide subscription on eMastercam. That gets you access to all of the ecourses and pdf books that In-House Solutions provide.
  3. ihsDavidM

    teacher book info

    The 2021 instructor guide can be found here. Unfortunately, we no longer offer DVD's as everything is download only now.
  4. Jaydenn I see you are from Ontario, Canada. If you send In-House Solutions a Zip2Go of your Mastercam file along with marked up code showing exactly how you would like to see the post output we can have our post department take a look at it. Send it to [email protected]
  5. You could select a Manual Entry from the 2D toolpaths drop down. This will allow you to insert a comment or Code into your program
  6. ihsDavidM

    New to Opti rough

    Make sure you add your Stock model on the Stock page Also add some stock to leave on your avoidance regions so it doesn't hit your rotary face plate.
  7. ihsDavidM

    Never Thread Milled Before

    We have a How-To Tip on our website for Thread milling. http://www.inhousesolutions.com/2016/08/threadmill-toolpath/
  8. ihsDavidM

    White flashing screen

    Try updating your graphics card driver. I recommend going directly to the Nvidia website to get the driver. Thanks,
  9. If you open the standalone Tool Manager Go to File > Options > General Deselect the Enable auto - naming for assemblies, tools and holders option It will take effect the next time you run Mastercam
  10. ihsDavidM

    Length of cut

    You could use the SectionNCI.dll Chook and split the toolpath into separate programs.
  11. ihsDavidM

    Curve 5 axis

    Can you post the file?

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