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  1. Lord Wukits

    Heindenhain helix problem

    I'm running into a similar issue whereas computer comp works, but the machinist "need" comp control.
  2. Lord Wukits

    Realign 5 axis

    Makes perfect sense, and we got the head dialed in. Running some test, all looks great ATM.
  3. Lord Wukits

    Realign 5 axis

    Kinda what I was thinking.
  4. I know this may be the wrong place, but everyone here has been instrumental to me learning, and being productive at CNCing. I have an issue whereas the spindle on the Motionmaster router [5 axis head head] started getting really hot, and hte bearings started grinding up. The facility maintenance personnel removed the spindle, and replaced the bearings for half the cost of the bearings we were quoted from DMS. Well we were up and running just swell for about a day before the bearings started having issues again. Apparently the one purchased only runs up to 10k. Now that we have the correct specified bearings installed, the spindle was installed out of alignment. They are claiming that there should be a one button push to reteach the spindle where the home on each axis is. I'm doubtful, as Imagine you need some sort of reference [dial indicator from the table to locate B and C axes, and Z heights]. I'm currently looking through the Fagor installation and user manuals, but figured I could also ask here. Is there a button that would self center the spindle after being removed and added/replaced? Any references on how to realign this would be greatly appreciated as I know my B axis is out, and it shows big time. Many thanks, Wuktis
  5. I've recently been tasked to make exceptionally complicated branding stamps with deep depths. THis has me using a 1/64" endmill to clear material between letters and such. Working with such small bits is is new to me, and I was hoping to get some advice. The company plans on using a Cincinnati Mill CNC-500, and a Mazak Mill VTC-200C to accomplish this. THe limits I have on RPM is 10k (I'm used to routers with a 30k spindle speed). The material being machined will probably be 6061 t6 as we have a lot of this laying around. Many thanks, Wukits, Christian James
  6. Lord Wukits

    How do you deal with Op Defaults?

    That would be I... My expectation was that it should be able to competently do everything, and then the experience comes in and cleans it up reducing file size, time etc. Though once I found out I could setup defaults, that was one of the first things I did for everything I could ever imagine myself doing.
  7. Lord Wukits

    Router tolerance

    We run a Motionmaster and we hold ~+/-.005 on average, but thats measuring plastic on the trim fixtures.
  8. Lord Wukits

    Stock Models and Opti-Rough

    I believe this was №1 of all the BS I had to wrap my head around when learning the software. I was so frustrated by the need to define/make stock[wireframes or actual model] just to verify, and has no use whatsoever for toolpaths. My coworkers laugh whenever they glance over and I am setting up verification because of this. They enjoy the software that has me define the stock, just to watch the tool plow through a wall, to start machining on the other side. Granted I now use check surfaces.
  9. Lord Wukits

    Geometry Nesting

    WIth Mastercam for Solidworks [Mc4Sw], it requires you to create toolpaths for all the individual parts first. With all the toolpaths "Done" you open the nesting feature, set you parameters, and select your parts to nest. Mastercam support was less than helpful when it came to this, and I had stumbled through based on Sigmanest's nesting. Make sure you have a grasp on grain direction if it is important, and it works better when you have to nest several of the same part, rather than telling it you need several copies of one part. I used to hand nest all of our cabinet parts and find that I can sometimes nest more efficiently than it does [Just need more experience with it]. You may find that sometimes it will not nest correctly no matter what/give an error. Close Solidworks, reopen it, and try again. Once it works, you can use the back button to adjust whatever you need. If things are really spaced out make sure to adjust toolpath spacing(overlap). Let me know if any of that helps. Lord Wukits
  10. I noticed that the latest update to java messed mine up, needed to repair as well, and now all is good.
  11. Lord Wukits

    HS Toolpaths and Hardwoods

    You cannot imagine how much this has helped me already. Thank you!
  12. Lord Wukits

    HS Toolpaths and Hardwoods

    This is the information I am dieing to know/understand. I shape mods using cypress, and ply, but keep my feed around 200-250 ipm 14000 rpm with a 1/2 bull[or ball with a few changes] sticking out ~4.5-5". The online calculators give me figures that I'm dubious about. Example 1/2 bull 4 flute 5" out, 1/8 DOC X 40% stepover @14000 rpm / 320 IPM. I lack the experience to trust that. I've had a few times whereas the tools been yanked right out of the holder hitting wet portions of wood as well.
  13. Lord Wukits

    3D HighSpeed Hybrid

    It was not until I literally just looked at your part, that I now understand what Cut Parameters > Step > Limiting angle actually means. You have yours set to 5*, I had it set to 90* thinking it meant something totally different. That prompted me to check out the help file, with your setting made everything click. I'm a total Nuub. The issue was me and my assumptions of the setting I was fiddling with.
  14. Lord Wukits

    Model based definition

    Yeah, It was a HUGE push to get on board with it, but I feel it has helped incredibly. Lets the shop floor make tweaks, while adhering to the form fit and function. The real struggle was getting everyone onboard with GD&T. If you can do that, the MBD is a cakewalk.
  15. Lord Wukits

    3D HighSpeed Hybrid

    A good finish isn't necessarily something I am after. I look for a "good enough" finish to sand/lacquer, and the .0625 stepdown seems to be spot on for me. [we machine the molds out of ply] The main issue I have is trying to change the flow of the cut. As I start with oversize rough molds I need to have the machine start the walls from the top, and work their way down. I can only seem to get that to work when I have preserve z pass 'on'. The moment i turn it off, it cuts from the bottom of the wall, and works up. THis causes rubbing, and if we have non-attentive operator, a fire. Thank you for your input. It'll give me a reason to play with the other toolpaths.

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