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  1. meconer

    Add G0 first line after G41

    Yes I will. Sadly I forgot to get some code today, which was very hectic btw
  2. meconer

    Add G0 first line after G41

    I will try to get some working code tomorrow so you can see.
  3. meconer

    Add G0 first line after G41

    I know it sounds dangerous but that is the way Traub have done it. There is no movement in the G0 line. It just somehow tell the machine how to position for the next cut. And you also need to use "control" compensation instead of "wear" that I normally use. Traub has it's own special way of treating G41 and G42. They also have G46 for turning which handles offset without needing to tell which side you turn on. That information is fetched from the tool quadrant setting.
  4. meconer

    Add G0 first line after G41

    I don't remember what my base post was. I started the Index post when we had Mastercam version 8 or 9 something so it is ages ago. Probably one of the MPLFan posts that were available at that time. The offset is inserted in a psscomp postblock.
  5. meconer

    Strange c-axis face drilling

    I'll check it out next time I have time to work on the post. The file is made in v9 from te beginning. I'll try the same on a new file also.
  6. Hello I have a strange issue with my homemade post for Index G200. I tried to drill three holes in the face of a part with c-axis face drill. We don't use canned cycles for this. If I set rotary axis to Y I get correct code for the drilling. But If I set it to C-axis the drilling on the second hole and forward gets split up into several steps, each about 1,1 mm long. It looks like this: N340 G0 Z2. N350 C180. N360 G1 Z.824 N370 Z-.349 N380 Z-1.522 N390 Z-2.697 N400 Z-3.876 N410 Z-5.063 N420 Z-6.261 N430 Z-7.47 N440 Z-8.694 N450 Z-9.347 N460 Z-10. N470 G0 Z2. The first hole is correct. Has anybody seen this before? Is this a bug or? I checked the nci file for both cases and they are identical except for the rotary axis setting code. Mats
  7. meconer

    Deckel Maho M-Code Question

    If you get an answer it would be very interesting to hear about it here Mats

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