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  1. Spotterhphc

    Default Planes

    Wow look at the all these suggestions. Thanks everyone. I'll give these a try and see what works best for my flow. The post automatically determines the G10.9 values depending on the operation type. The reason i was thinking of using the same machine Def and post was to utilize the B90° rotation that is necessary after every tool change. Ill look over these comments closer see I can make sense of all this. This is great reading material for at night.
  2. Spotterhphc

    Default Planes

    Hello, Recently I made a table that goes on my Integrex i300, so now I am able to mount two 6" vises in the machine to allow for easy 3X mill work ( it's the bees knees ). I am wondering if there is a way to set some custom planes so when I select my machine definition it defaults to these planes. I want to copy my machine def and make it specific to 3X milling using the lathe machine def. Currently I am aligning the parts to Mastercam World XYZ (d+z+). I don't want my post to post out G68.2. I turn it off in the post only the post doesn't post out xyz correctly per the machines layout. Is there a way to be able to have the post manipulate the XYZ to match the machine def layout? i.e. x+=mcam z+ and z+= mcam x+ What I want to be able to ultimately do is program as if i were programming a 3 axis vertical mill where I can set my part to World XYZ (TOP) and take off. I don't want to have to set WCS to D+Z+ (TOP) and a Tplane that is 90° to that. It just makes for one more thing to miss before posting. If by default everything was top/top and the post figured it all out then I'd be a happy camper. Wow, rereading that just sounds confusing. Thanks for any input
  3. Spotterhphc

    Forcing arcs into line segments for better accuracy?

    In those cases i have had really great luck kicking the part at an angle and using a ball em to surface the corner. Yes it does take longer but given you have a machine that has 5x capabilities and it is really tight (center of rotation is dialed in ) then it works great. Blending two tools isn't ideal but again, if the machine is tight then it's no issue. Also have used a ball em of equal radius as the part fillet and used multiaxis morph to drive the tool using 1 pass (determined by number of cuts, area type) That is my preferred method because the surface finish is beautiful especially in aluminum. Only using 3 axis is preferred but if the machine is tight then use the features you paid for.
  4. For anyone who may want it I drew up a detailed model of an Integrex MIll head. The casting sections of the head are probably within .02" but everything else, for my machine anyway, is within .005. Way more detail than we need so i saved it as a .stp so you can modify to suite your needs. Mazak wanted $2000 for this model so I took an hour or so and drew it myself. Enjoy INTEGREX-MILL-HEAD.stp
  5. Wow, ok sorry I just saw that you replied. Thanks for files and all the help. I dont have a post linked to it yet. Is that something you recommend?
  6. Sorry, I thought i put the gnomon in the screen shot. Here it is now. Right after I sent that last response I looked at Ucuellar2011 images again and noticed that the B-axis slider had +120° and -120° for values instead of the -30° and +210°. So that gave me the thought that maybe the B-axis needs to be perpendicular to C. I tried saving the B-axis STL in that 90° position and it worked ( for milling ). The image shows the new orientation when all axis are at zero position. The only issue is that the turning tools won't rotate the B. They only display at the 90° position. The B-axis stays fixed. Can I just say that forums are great and I can't imagine life without em now. This is an extremely valuable tool emastercam. Just wish I had something to contribute. Maybe an edible arrangement will suffice. Thanks for all the help again.
  7. Yes. I made it so Mastercam World Z is is the machines X. Should I move the stl 90° so it is perpendicular to the lathe chuck? When all axis are set to zero this is how it sits.
  8. I am looking for a similar set up only for an i300w. I am really close to getting it ( i think I am) but am hung up on the holder coming in 90° off. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix that? I was trying to follow Ucuellar2011 build since it's a similar machine but now I'm stuck. I tried the " holder_transform" but i keep getting this gimbal lock. I wish I new more. I can run the sim with the holder 90° off and it looks like it's moving all axis the way it's supposed to so it's close. Thanks for any help.
  9. Spotterhphc

    Verisurf CMM Reviews Needed ( unbiased preferred )

    This is great info thanks! It's great to hear from real world people. We only have fixed cmm's at this shop but would like to implement new technology when the time is right. Our sister shop has fixed machines and a smart scope for optical measurements. I don't know much about the CMM world but i know enough to see the advantages of great software. We are currently doing D6-51991 work but use other validation software. Thanks for the help!
  10. Hi there, We are an aerospace shop and we are considering Verisurf for our inspection department metrology equipment. Curious if anyone on here has used it in the past or is currently using it and what do you think of it. Did it truly help the way you were hoping? We currently have one lead inspector who uses PC-Dmis and if he ever leaves we are screwed. From what I have seen in videos and what i have played with in the free version it is super super intuitive. Plus, it sits in the Mastercam Platform making transitions easier. It is a little spendy but if a machine sits for an hour or more at a time waiting on a first article then it won't take long to see returns. Thanks for the info!
  11. Spotterhphc


    Using 2019 mcx and 2019 library. the specific tool is manufacture# 3540L.12200A. 42.5° taper form. Tool Holder is Sandvik 12mm Hydraulic pencil Capto C6 Step over has been .04-.05. material to remove is .01 i do have 2020 installed i just haven't moved over yet with this part file. Thanks
  12. Spotterhphc


    Hello, I am currently toying with Taper Form tools, as many people are these days, but am having a hard time getting the surface finish I desire. I contacted Emuge and spoke with an engineer and was given parameters to start with. They were pretty dang close. I have narrowed down the possible reasons for poor finish and landed on tolerance within the toolpath. I am using multiaxis parallel and have tried a number of things to remedy this. Does anyone have any experience with these tools and this toolpath and know a good "cut tolerance, max distance" that will make great surface finishes? Or anything at all. I have tried anywhere from .00005 cut tolerance and .002 max distance, up to .0002 cut tolerance and .02 max distance and a few in between. The surface is ever changing in all directions. Very gradual, but changing. For scale, the surface is 37" from tip to tip. A Pringle potato chip is the best explanation as to how the surface changes in all directions. XYZ Thanks for any input
  13. Spotterhphc


    No it's not currently attached. I was just looking into that this morning but can't find much on what steps to take to do that. Is this a reseller question? Thanks!
  14. Spotterhphc


    Hello All I am seeking help on Mastercam Simulator with regards to part position. As you can see in the picture attached, the part is positioned through my Z axis cover. My XYZ+ directions are all in the proper direction per the machine. I played with "workpiece_transform rotaion about Y " to get the part to visually look correct but i can't get it to stay that way and simulate correctly. I know this isn't much info, so ask me what you need and ill try to answer. Thanks in advance!
  15. Spotterhphc


    No I am not. Just simple contours, drilling, dynamic mill.

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