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  1. Spotterhphc


    gee wiz, Where do I start when learning about custom drill cycles? I can see a huge benefit here. Nice work!
  2. Spotterhphc

    MultiAxis Deburr problems

    just like the AutoRegen.dll add-in. Nice!
  3. Spotterhphc

    MultiAxis Deburr problems

    Sure enough you are correct. Though I won't be of any help here I did find something new? What is this Generate Toolpath toggle?
  4. Spotterhphc

    Line Endpoints Bug?

    Yes, Power Keys is turned on. But hey I didn't know that was a selectable thing. Nice to know. Thanks!
  5. Spotterhphc

    Line Endpoints Bug?

    Yo, For a long time now I have seen this bug that didn't used to be there. It's not a huge deal but I use hot keys and the built in shortcuts a lot. In this example I am using the "Line Endpoints" like I do 400 times a day. As many know once you are in the line endpoints window you can switch between freeform, vertical, horizontal by hitting the corresponding letters F,V,H. Well with 2021 when I ( not sure if it's just me ) launch the line endpoints and hit " V " I get vertical as expected but when I then hit "F" still in the same session of line endpoints, it won't switch over to freeform. I have to hit V again and then F but then I can't draw because it won't let me click anywhere. It gets confused somewhere. I have to close the window and launch again and hit F first if I want freeform. With that said I can use my mouse and click on the Freeform Vertical and horizontal buttons and it works fine. Just the shortcuts are glitchy. Can you try this on your setup and see if you get the same thing? Also if this has been covered then sorry for the redundancy. Thanks for tuning in
  6. Spotterhphc

    Mill turn programming help

    I s this a multiaxis path? On my Integrex ( not that it's machine specific but it's also mill turn ) when this is selected it will do the same thing on approach moves. But note that it will use this for all linking within the path. If not this then I'm not sure.
  7. Spotterhphc

    Backplot Stopped Working

    OK I got it! Stinkin thing! I have narrowed it down to one thing. What are the chances? If "display end points" is on when you launch backplot then it immediately crashes mastercam once you hit run or single block. I had a coworker verify on another computer and it was the same thing. So by default that button will be turned off. Now if you launch backplot with it turned off and then toggle display endpoints once its loaded, it will work for that backplot session only. WOW!!!!! Don't worry it's only a days worth of work. Now where was I yesterday at noon when all this started? hahaha I am curious if this is repeatable for others with lathe / multiaxis seats ? Those are the two seats that I have seen the issue on.
  8. Spotterhphc

    Backplot Stopped Working

    Yes. I deleted everything that had to do with Mastercam
  9. Spotterhphc

    Backplot Stopped Working

    Ok so I uninstalled mastercam and at the same time I uninstalled all previous versions and deleted everything mastercam related as if it was never on this tower. Might not have been necessary but now I have a clean slate....... didn't fix it though. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! But hey, now I only have the one version which i've wanted to do for a long time. I also just checked the video driver update just to see and wouldn't you know that just today they released one. Installed that and still no go. Also tried turning off hardware Acceleration just to see and that didn't do anything. All this said I have now contacted mastercam support. Lets see what they can think of. FYI I have an Nvidia Quadro M2000 card which has worked for 3 years now with very few issues. Thanks for continuing to think on this "Thee Byte".
  10. Spotterhphc

    Backplot Stopped Working

    I shall try that and see what happens. Thanks! Just recently I had a second guy setup his own user account on the computer and it seem to be right around that time that issues started happening including this. Not sure if that is related.
  11. Spotterhphc

    Backplot Stopped Working

    Hey, Recently, in the last week, I have been having an issue with backplot. You know, the thing we use 1000 times a day? When I go to backplot a turning operation, it will either crash mastercam or when I hit run ( play ) it won't display any movement and I can't manipulate the graphics view. If I go to roll the graphics view it won't update till I close backplot. If I create a mill path like contour and backplot that then all is good. It seems to only be turning operations. Randomly it will work for one use on the same problem toolpath. I attached the stripped mcam file for reference. This is on an Integrex i300 FYI. I did have the same issue with a Swarf path last week but it never crashed mastercam it just wouldn't show any positions. Verify still works like it should though. Things I have tried : Restarting Mcam Restarting Computer checked for updates used the mastercam default config rolled back to previous video card driver ( tried backplot but no dice ) ( put the current updated driver back ) repair file function deleting toolpath then creating a new one. Tried using multiple turning tools thinking it was a corrupted tool....if that's even a thing. using different stock defs using different stock planes using no stock whatsoever toggle stock update on/off I am at a loss here. Is this an issue anyone else is having or that mastercam already knows about? Or is this just an isolated incident. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all! test.mcam
  12. Spotterhphc

    Arc Segments not matching

    Hey I've seen this for years and and until now have just managed . If I am interpolating some holes whose geometry is identical to one another, mastercam/post outputs the I/J code .0001 different usually when the holes are in different quadrants. Making it a pain to dial in a tight bore. If I change the tool diameter by .00005 then they all post the same. Where is this tolerance rounding happening and how do I make a perm fix? See the sample code below. It's easy enough to just add .00005 to the tool diameter but if I forget then..... Thanks! X5.8987 Z-.3825 I.0237 J0. X5.8513 Z-.395 I-.0237 J0. X5.8987 Z-.4075 I.0237 J0. X5.8513 Z-.42 I-.0237 J0. X5.8987 Z-.4325 I.0237 J0. X5.8513 Z-.445 I-.0237 J0. X5.8987 Z-.4575 I.0237 J0. X5.8513 Z-.47 I-.0237 J0. X5.8987 Z-.4825 I.0237 J0. X5.8513 Z-.495 I-.0237 J0. X5.8987 Z-.5075 I.0237 J0. X5.8513 Z-.52 I-.0237 J0. X5.8987 Z-.5325 I.0237 J0. X5.8513 Z-.545 I-.0237 J0. X5.8987 Z-.5575 I.0237 J0. X5.8513 Z-.57 I-.0237 J0. X5.8987 I.0237 J0. X5.8513 I-.0237 J0. X5.8533 Y-.2717 I.0237 J0. X5.8665 Y-.2767 I.0091 J.0041 G01 G40 X5.8757 Y-.2727 Z-.55 F50. G00 Z.25 X6.2712 Y-.222 Z.025 G01 Z.005 F25. G41 D3 X6.2612 F20. G03 X6.2512 Y-.232 I0. J-.01 X6.2988 Z-.0075 I.0238 J0. X6.2512 Z-.02 I-.0238 J0. X6.2988 Z-.0325 I.0238 J0. X6.2512 Z-.045 I-.0238 J0. X6.2988 Z-.0575 I.0238 J0. X6.2512 Z-.07 I-.0238 J0. X6.2988 Z-.0825 I.0238 J0. X6.2512 Z-.095 I-.0238 J0. X6.2988 Z-.1075 I.0238 J0. X6.2512 Z-.12 I-.0238 J0. X6.2988 Z-.1325 I.0238 J0.
  13. Spotterhphc

    Integrex Shaping option

    indeed it is. This was just a test cut so I "knew" it would clear. There was a bit of pucker factor going for a min I wont lie.
  14. Spotterhphc

    Integrex Shaping option

    Well I tinkered with it for a little bit and was able to hand program it. Pretty Simple when it cam down to it. Just make sure you don't have any spindle and feed overrides active and don't feed hold. Not sure if .MOV attachments work but here is a quick clip. N3401 T34 T0 M6 (0.236 FLAT ENDMILL) (F71.484) (OPERATION NO - 1) G10.9 X0 M901 M200 G91 G00 G28 X0. G17 G90 G54 M108 M212 B90. C90. M107 M19S180. G68.2 P1 X0. Y1.9827 Z0. I0. J90. K90. G53.1 G97 G43 H#3020 X.5689 Y0. Z.25 G17 Z.2 G94 G01 Z0. F25. M51 G02 X.5689 Y0. Z-.005 I-.5689 J0. F71.484 S20 M3 X.5689 Y0. Z-.01 I-.5689 J0. X.5689 Y0. Z-.015 I-.5689 J0. X.5689 Y0. Z-.02 I-.5689 J0. X.5689 Y0. Z-.025 I-.5689 J0. X.5689 Y0. Z-.03 I-.5689 J0. X.5689 Y0. I-.5689 J0. X.5689 Y0. Z.005 I-.5689 J0. G1 Z.17 F50. G00 Z.25 M9 M5G69 G91 G28 X0. Y0. G28 Z0. IMG_2772.MOV
  15. Spotterhphc

    Integrex Shaping option

    better yet at 4min 5sec is exactly what I need

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