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  1. Funny how I never needed Vericut or a machine simulator until I used one for ten years. I had to submit clean Vericut reports before running 5 axis code. I Think I just got used to running sims and reading reports and not hand checking the code. You do that for 10 years and then take away the simulator it leaves you in a bad position. Especially someone that does not do Mastercam all the time and is starting to show his age.
  2. I have the Sim for my new UMC750 and I have purchased posts for the machines I have. I just don't have simulators for the older machines. I wanted to lean how to make the machine itself, There are so many tutorials out there for 5 axis machine building I assumed it was possible and my issues where just a matter of me not knowing how to do it. Company I work for is not cheap but I am just trying to get through till next year, then I should have Vericut, That is the main reason I did not just go out and buy Simulators for my machines. You know what Vericut costs and to ask for an additional $1100 per machine is tuff for 7 month of use. At least now I can stop chasing my tail. Thanks Millman
  3. I have been watching machine sim building tutorial and I am getting pretty close with my simulator. This issue I have is how the machine handles rotary changes between operations. If I am at C0 Z -1.125 the next move is C180 Z-1.125 which is all the way through the parts. All simulator tutorials Just seem to show how to make the STLs and how build the machine. I get that but know if the tool is backing up enough to clear a crash is my primary goal of a simulator. Now I crash between every operation unless there is a tool change.
  4. FYI While I am not the best at the machine, more statistical processing and fixture design, we have others that are very good. We have 2 other % axis machines. Even with the Haas techs setting MRZP we where seeing .006" error. Haas also sent in the equipment to remap the ball screws.
  5. FYI: HFO Phillips is our dealer. Do you have anything to do with that diversion?
  6. So with the pallet system the owner want to run lights out on Aero Space parts. You think if we ran continually it would normalize? Since the touch setter seem to see the same error as the part what would you think about touching off critical tools before running them each time? I was aware of the rotation accuracy but I was told that it was repeatable. But Haas advertises .0002" Accuracy and .0001" repeatability on linear axis's. We where told the UMC 750 went through a redesign just a few years ago to improve accuracy. Since we are looking a production repeatability is by far the more critical of the two. I did not mean for this to be a Haas bashing thread. I was assuming there was something wrong with this machine. My only experience with Haas has been the 5 axis VF2 cutting Aluminum. I do miss my DMU 70 heck even my Variaxis i700.
  7. We bought a new Haas UMC 750SS. Its been a nightmare. Nothing was accurate or even repeatable. Its been leveled 4 times. They have completely remapped the rotary and linear axis's. The supposed final fix was Haas leveling the machine in a non-standard way. They used the probe and inspection balls to level the machine. In my opinion they twisted the machine until it gave good number. So yesterday we tried to use the machine and by the end of the day the Z value of the tool was off a quick check shows my Haas factory gage tool showed it was off .0012" when using the touch setter. The touch setter was set that morning using that tool to zero it. Now the air temp in the room did get warmer as the day when on, less then 20 degrees change. Some here think that is why its off. To me 20 degs should not equal .0012 variation. Also the machine has a thermal growth sensor for the Z. What do you guys think? any experience with a UMC 750 out there? I will be talking to Haas but the owner is at his end with this machine. Its been sitting on our floor since early November. So far all its done is rough about 20 parts. The worst part is its a pallet pool system he had planed on running 24 hours a day.
  8. Thanks, I am following him. From the reading I have been doing its seems that Esprit Swiss would be option 2. I need to find a find a real none fan boy comparison. I remembered my original name.
  9. I am working in a new place so I am trying to adapt to their ways. We have a wide range of CNC 5 axis machines dating from the early 90's to last month. They like the programs to be as close to each other as possible. The code is simple and clean and I do see the efficiency to their programming. They have been programming mostly by hand for a very long time using subs from Mastercam. I need to figure out how to get Mastercam to give me code that looks like what they are used to. (see below for samples). If I had to name it I would call it Axis substitution. C for X? Note: Some of the large 5 axis machine do not have the X-Y travel to support the diameters being machined. Their machine envelope will only cover 2 quadrants of the full C table. I have been playing with axis control and transform tool path but not getting anything clean I am looking for any tips or tricks or even a new direction. I have Inhouse posts with current support on all our 5 axis machines. (First thing I did when I was hired was update support on all posts) Note A=0 in these two Sample drill code, I stopped the code short just to show the format. (T1 - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) (ROUGH DRILL 16 HOLES XXX) N100T1M06 N110G91G28Z0. N120G00G90G55X0.C2.25S822M03 N130M07 N140G04P10000 N150Y-9.241 N160A0. N170G49 N180G43H1Z2. N190G98G81Z-.470R.1F1.76 N200C24.75 N210C47.25 N220C69.75 N230C92.25 N240C114.75 N250C137.25 N260C159.75 N270C182.25 N280C204.75 N290C227.25 XXXXXXX Sample mill sub program (T9 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX) (XXXXXXXXXXXX) N2120T9M06 N2130G91G28Z0. N2140G00G90G55X0.C23.S764M03 N2150M08 N2160G04P10000 N2170Y-8.985 N2180A0. N2190G49 N2200G43H9Z2. N2210M98P0101 N2220C83. N2230M98P0101 N2240C143. N2250M98P0101 N2260C203. N2270M98P0101 A off zero the same thing(shown A-90 but we do just about any A tilt also.) (T38 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) (ROUGH O.D. C'BORES) N8690T38M06 N8700G91G28Z0. N8710G00G90G55X0.C4.201S3980M03 N8720M07 N8730G04P10000 N8740Y-.371 N8750A-90. N8760M68 N8770G49 N8780G43H38Z8.550 N8790G98G82Z7.358R7.607P1000F15. N8800C9.066 N8810C13.931 N8820C18.796 N8830C23.661 N8840C28.525 N8850C36.928 Running MC 2018 Thanks for any input
  10. What is that? The best way to descried the is if you took one of those old steel folding chair and took just the seat and cut off the rolled lip all the way around. Adding material is not an option as the material is very expensive composite. I need to trim all the way around the chair seat and I will need to do a small amount of surface work to the top. So I need 360 degree access. Other limitation is I can only use one pallet, If I where to go to 2 ops they will need to fit on one pallet. No problem doing the upfront engineering. I started my career doing production fixture design and even some automated fixtures use in the fully automated Caterpillar machining cells 20+ years ago. I also have other flat parts that are large and need trimmed all the way around so if I can figure out the vacuum fixture then it can transferr to other part numbers.
  11. When I ordered my i700/palletech system I asked if I could have a vacuum port in the table. After some deliberation on Mazaks part they said there was just no place for the required rotorary coupler, Now I am working on adding a part that really should have vacuum fixturing. Has anyone tried or know of anyone building vacuum fixtures that do not need to be connect to vacuum at all times? I am thinking I would need a “reservoir” (tank) built into the fixture. I am thinking I would want a redundant system to make sure the part did not fall into the machine or the automation if vacuum was lost. I am also thinking of a spring loaded mechanical vacuum indicator that I could probe to verify the presents of vacuum in the fixture. Any thoughts or ideas? Any good vacuum fixture componet suppliers? Thanks in advance.
  12. I have the Inhouse post. I just talked to my reseller. He had me turn on "datum tracking" in the post I noticed it still calls G54 and G54.2 P1. I was told the G54.2 P1 page should reflect the distance from the trunion point to the coordinate. P1 is (I think) : X 1.05 Y 2.26 Z- 3.512 Any idea what I would put in G54? The distance from machine home to the Trunion point? Or the distance from machine home to the WPC system? Sample program: (T3 - 1/4 FLAT ENDMILL - H3 - D3 - DIA .25") (G10 G90 L21 P1 X0. Y0. Z0. A0. C0.) *** New With post edit*** G00 G90 G17 G20 G40 G80 G91 G28 Z0. G28 X0. Y0. N1 (T3 - 1/4 FLAT ENDMILL - H3 - D3 - DIA .25") T3 M06 G00 G90 G54 S2139 M03 M46 M43 (A-AXIS UNLOCK, C-AXIS UNLOCK) A-45. C90. G54.2 P1 ***New with post edit*** A-45. C90. M47 M44 (A-AXIS LOCK, C-AXIS LOCK) X-4.21 Y1.6147 G43 H3 Z2.6688 Z.8688 G94 G01 Z.5981 F6.42 X-3.96 X0. X.25 Z.7981 G00 Z2.6688 X.23 Y-1.268 Z.8688 G01 Z-2.2889 G41 D3 X-.02 X-3.98 G40 X-4.23 Z-2.0889 G00 Z2.6688 G49 M05 G54.2 P0 ***New with post edit*** G91 G28 Z0. G28 X0. Y0. M46 M43 (A-AXIS UNLOCK, C-AXIS UNLOCK) G28 A0. C0. M47 M44 (A-AXIS LOCK, C-AXIS LOCK) M30 % What I changed in the inhouse post (I changed both these to 1): wt_dtrack : 1 #Setting for the datum tracking function for 3+2, and either datum tracking #with length compensation or TCP for simultaneous 4/5-Axis swt_dtrack_vec : 1 #0 = Do not output datum track vector (user must set on controller), Thanks for your help so far Joe788 I can look at upgrading to G54.4 after I get the post working as intended.
  13. With what I paid for a fully supported post I am going to have a tuff time getting approve to fly someone out to show me how to use it. I have a application engineer from Mazak in house today. He can explain how they work but not how to set it up in Mastercam.
  14. I have a new i700 and a new inhouse post. I am trying to do basic 5 axis positioning. In my DMU's I could just have a single G54 and I could machine from any direction the machine knows where they coordinate system move to so I could position anywhere with a single coordinate system. On the Mazak using G54 it seems to keep the coordinate fixed so the 5 axis position is way off once you start rotating. Do I really need a new coordinate system for every 5 axis position? I notice in the book they talk about dynamic shifts with G54.2 and G54.4 does that have something to do with it? Any clues how I setup the planes in Mastercam to get this to work?

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