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  1. Rekd, The tip is blunted by .03. With the compensation off it drives the center of the tool on the geometry, not the edge of the tool. Steve
  2. The engraving toolpath works. I had to draw extra geometry to create an outer boundary for the male part since it is outside of the square. This causes the tool to make an extra cut(outer boundary) where the is no material. It's not a very efficient toolpath, but it works. Is there a way to do this with a regular contour toolpath? Steve
  3. Hello, I'm sure this had been coved but I can't find it searching the forums. I creating a chess board that will have an .125" inlay depth for the 2 inch colored squares(.125 radius corners). I'm using an Onsrud 30 degree included angle cutter with a .03 flat tip. How do I get the cutter to follow the simple wireframe geometry for any given depth? I've defined the tool, but it always compensates from the cutter body diameter, not the tapered part of the tool. Thanks for the help, Steve
  4. Jayson, So you are saying this particular machine is already in the MC system and ready to go? If you could convey that to Chris at MCAMNW that would be appreciated. Steve
  5. I think I have all the files now. Royal and Benz sent me the files I needed this morning. I will forward all of it to my MC reseller and hopefully that is all they need. Thanks again for all the expert help. Steve
  6. Nice fixture! That link worked great. I found the radial and axial toolholder models. I emailed Benz for my other radial holder. I also emailed Royal for my collet holder. Are there any CAD libraries online for the basic BOT toolholders for round and square shanks? I was able to find my Kennametal tooling files online, Steve
  7. Millman- Thanks! I appreciate the help. This has been a frustrating adventure. When I asked Selway for the files they said: Your MC reseller has the files or get them off the Haas website. Where can I find the working holding files? Steve
  8. I'm confused as far as how to proceed. I paid for the simulation environment upgrade. My MC reseller ask me to gather the CAD models for my machine and the locators. They did not want to be responsible for them because of all the various configurations of my machine. What should be my next move? Steve
  9. I have the license. MasterCAM does not provide the machine specific CAD files. Steve
  10. Hello, I'm working on getting the MasterCAM lathe simulation environment for a 2015 Haas ST-10Y lathe. The Haas website only has the most current CAD model with a sub-spindle available. I have a tailstock. They also do not have any locators. I have the 12 station hybrid (6 VDI / 6 BOT) with Eppinger(Preci-Flex) and Benz axial and radial holders. Does anyone have the files for this machine they could share or can point me in the right direction? Thank you, Steve
  11. So after trying many tweaks only one worked. I changed the pocket roughing choices from parallel spiral to constant overlap spiral and it worked perfectly. Does this mean there is something wrong with the parallel spiral routine? Thanks for all of your suggestions. On a different note, what do you recommend for settings on the arc filter/ tolerance tab? The router does not get up to the programmed feed because of all the splines, short arcs, and lines. Or is there another setting to speed things up? Steve
  12. BenK- Changing the control file did not make a difference. Gcode- I checked my oldest files and they all use I &J for arcs. Matthew- Is your backplot different than Gcodes? I think I will completely redraw the outline in MC to make sure something was not corrupted from the Rhino geometry import. Steve
  13. Can I save it as something else? I thought instructors SIM was regular seat? This must be a change because it use to save as a .MCX without the E.

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