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  1. Verisurf Tools for Mastercam X7

  2. Invalid tool

    Everyone is the thread is be labeled as Fanboi's LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Hello John.
  3. X3 trying to configure at computer restart

    mdean not sure who you are at CNC, but FYI to not get spam to the inbox from bots and such it is a best practice to make it support(at)mastercam(dot)com. BTW Welcome to the group and glad to have you a part of the forum.

    John, yes it shows Windows 8 top right hand corner of that spread sheet. What is does not show and I know I have seen is the Version of Mastercam to the Version of Windows. Now it does not say Windows 8.1, but yes I am very certain that Mastercam X7 was the 1st version written for Windows 8 and I believe anything earlier than that is a crap shoot to work or not and to be honest it should be since the compatibility of older software to newer OS falls back to Microsoft not the people developing the software. You create it for this version of an OS and then if a new OS comes out it is up to the maker of the OS to make sure it will still works not the people making the software. That is what updates and releases are for from the Software maker. Supported OS from that link:
  5. CT (New England: MA, CT, RI) - Mastercam User Group

    If I am in the area during I would be glad to stop by and attend.
  6. Renishaw Calibration Probe Macro

    Wow so all my answers provided no insight or help? Really man guess I need to get off this place. Please point to a different forum that does take those questions and that process you just did and gives you the answer you need. I want to see where I have fallen short to trying to help you here. Wow is all I can say that you cannot see us trying to help you here.
  7. verify keep on crashing

    Mickey, good to hear you got it working.
  8. program issue(sim not found)

    Sorry that is pretty much like any software that you have to purchase. Some use different processes to prove you own it. Some use a licence file or some use a code Mastercam uses a USB device called a HASP. Sorry that has seemed to escaped your thought process. The is a Home Learning Edition HLE so you can do what you are asking to do. Have your company contact your Mastercam dealer and they will be glad to help you et a copy of it. Good luck in your process and good to see someone wanting to learn it at home.
  9. Renishaw Calibration Probe Macro

    Yes I am aware, but since it would be given away trade secrets Renishaw makes people pay for I will not give their method and process away. The math is just take the cosine error of the hit and using a mathematical process to figure it out and then use it as part of their probing process. That is the trick with probing it understanding there is error figuring out what it is and then adjusting for it when collecting the data. People have been fighting that problem since the 1st parts were ever made. Probes are a way to collect data and like I said before once you understand what the error is and how to use it and analyze it to not have it effect your real condition then you have solved your problem. That is the reason they charge people for the macros they have spent many many years perfecting the process and do a very good job at it. What I suspect is going on here is someone does not want to spend the money and you have either decided to figure it out on your own which is awesome to see or someone has stuck you with figuring it out to save money. Thing is unless you get it right you are opening yourself up to be responsible for every part ever measured by the process you have to make work. Any errors or problems in your math or process makes you carry a lot of responsibility on you. I am okay with being responsible for things, but if I have not got to carry more because there is an easier way I am all for it. Again best of luck in what you are trying to do, but seems like you are being stuck with things getting the right stuff would not make you be stuck with. Again great you want to learn, but these types of Macros are some of the most advanced types of macros I have ever messed with and seen used on machines. You can figure all of this out you need to be asking for a raise I think it was 50 engineers at Renishaw working with about 20 different companies to get it where it is today and you being able to figure it all out on your own speaks volumes about your abilities and knowledge. Everyone that owns a Fanuc has access to the O9800 program just a matter of turning on and off the right parameter.
  10. AS9100 Control of Numerical NC/CNC Machines Programs

    I would keep it simple and use something like I did years ago. We put a NC log book on the floor and had one in the office for the programmer. The programmer would use a mr value in his Mastercam file. That would then output a line of code in the header with the NC REV level. A to Z 1 = A to 26 = Z and then if there were changes then the programmer would log it in the book. I moved it over to a network log using Excel. All program headers were bought off and run any changes like tool numbers were exempt to Program Rev, but speeds and feed were consider a rev change. Operators could not make changes unless approved by the shop foreman. He would then make the changes and put the programs in a folder to be approved by programming. If it needed to be changed in the Mastercam file and reposted and checked it would or it could be accepted as it and stored on the server. Thing is to many people want to use all the these fancy programs and jump through all these crazy hoops. KISS always works and helps in an audit. Keep it simple know the process show you understand the process and follow the process life is good. The more complex the harder it is to follow then the more likely it will not be followed not used and then not followed. A recipe for disaster. I found this method worked good it was documented through 2 pages easy to follow and done. Most auditors were amazed it was such a simple and robust process. They most times commented the 50 steps other people had to go through and how most never understood it. They would ask for copies to show other companies and I was glad to share. Thing about the standard is do you understand the process? Do you use the process you have laid out? Do you have a way to audit the process you have laid out? Can you show someone it works and you follow the process you laid out? Things is people always think it has to be some 50 or 100 step process to impress someone. Really and how hard is that to follow? I click on one thing in the Mastercam file. Anytime I need to make a change I open the log file on the server. I then change the mr9 in the 1st operation. I repost it goes into the header. It gets run and proved out. It is then saved on the server once done. Life is good I did not have to go through 20 different hoops learn 5 different software and done. Use whatever you want, but I would always laugh at Goodrich and other companies trying to add to Boeing's DP/MBD process. Thing was I got out company approved well before they were so I always got a wavier for extra crap they would try to tack on. Most people just go along and spend the extra money on this buzz word wiz bang or that whizzel fizzel program. I laugh everytime I see Windchill or something else mentioned. No offens00 and not meant to be that way, but how about just make a simple easy way. Do the simple easy way and then life will be simple and easy. Want to jump to 50 hoops I will be glad to let you teach my girls piano that should be stressful enough for you.
  11. Tool Ø recommendation to cut a slot using dynamic roughing...

    Daniel, I figured as much and a 16mm should probably do it, but go with a 5 flute for core strength. I have used 8 and 10 flute endmills on high RC materials for finishing with great success but here think it will do more harm than good. You need all the chip clearance you can get and core diameter on the endmill. Thing people forget about with the more flutes is the core diameter of the endmill get much smaller. Without the core you do not have the strength needed to even try something like this on such a hard material. It is nice sometimes to show people yes I can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Catch up with me when you can.
  12. Highfeed clipped the contour!

    Yes update to the lastest and all is good.
  13. Quality software?

    Has anyone used the InspectionXpert with the Verisurf yet? Not yet, but coming in the next release Verisurf has partnered with InspectionXpert and you make the FAI in InspectionXpert use the paring wiazrd and it will fill out your FAI for you once done. Pretty nice stuff.
  14. help with moving nethasp to a different computer

    Also look to the nethasp.ini file on the clients computers and make sure you have updated the ip address if changed for the server. If you were using network location in the .ini file make sure you have updated that if that has changed.
  15. Looking for a Matsuura MX520 model for Machine Simulation

    Neewbee on that note you are 1000% correct and your story is the biggest reason I never opened a shop. I am to die hard and too much a get it done kind of person to own a company. I would probably kill myself in 5 years if I had my own place. I love my family and spending time with them, but if I had my own company I would live there. I respect your work and your efforts and will say you are doing it the right way as well if not you would not be in business. Proof is in the pudding and you are doing it so that speaks for itself.

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