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  1. AMCNitro

    Simulator defaults

    I've been at this job for 6 weeks and I still cant save the simulator defaults, even after I set it the way I like and saved it to default. I've done it several times.
  2. You need to talk to your salesman and tell him what you need. When I had 2018, in my previous job, they sent a tech and he did some tingamajig on the command line and then I could open SW files.
  3. AMCNitro

    DNC to machine

    I replaced the M30 with an M2 and it worked. Thanks everyone!
  4. AMCNitro

    DNC to machine

    Its a Haas control. The M30 is where it should be. Ill try to explain it again. I set the machine up to receive data, then I go to the computer and use Cimco Edit to drip feed the program to the machine. The problem I'm having is that once Cimco Edit gets to the end of the program, which is where the M30 is, it stops sending data to the machine. The machine then sits on the last line of code it received.
  5. AMCNitro

    DNC to machine

    I have to wait till I need to do it again. I'll also try the Wait for XOn setting. Thank you!
  6. AMCNitro

    DNC to machine

    So, delete the M30 and replace it with and M2?
  7. AMCNitro

    DNC to machine

    I am drip feeding. So you're saying to just delete the M30?
  8. AMCNitro

    DNC to machine

    I have a machine with not a lot of memory and I'm doing very detail mold work. I have to DNC to the machine, I got that part working, The problem I'm having is that when the software (CIMCO) reaches the M30 it severs the connection and the machine cant continue reading the program. What am I doing wrong?
  9. AMCNitro

    Cimco and DNC

    I haven't tried it yet, I will when the machine is done running. Thanks
  10. AMCNitro

    Cimco and DNC

    Can someone show me how to DNC with Cimco? I know how to send and receive programs, but how I do "drip feed"? Is it possible? Thanks!
  11. AMCNitro

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    About to start a new job and I'm thinking of getting a 3d mouse. Which one do you guys recommend?
  12. Im sorry for not being more specific. The mold designer is exporting cavities from SW, he saves as Parasolids. We use part numbers on all the cavities and right now using the regular way takes too long to machine. They want us to start using stick fonts, but they don't want us to set the p/n on MC, their solution is to use sketches on SW, but when they export the designs the sketches from SW don't export on the file. Thank you!
  13. We're exporting as Parasolids from SW.
  14. When we export a file to Parasolids the sketches don't show up. How can we export the file so the SW sketches show up on MC?
  15. AMCNitro

    MC 2018 getting stuck on splash screem

    That did the trick, Thanks!

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