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  1. Output arc moves for helixes, try that. I dont use Helix Bore, I use Ramp, so Im not sure. BUt try it
  2. Why is Optirough not an option with 6000rpms? Adjust feed according to the RPMs. One of our machines only does 6000rpms and I use Optirough all the time on it.
  3. There's Dynamic, and there's Peel Mill. Similar, but different. Peel Mill is more for slots, you only need 2 chains. For what you're doing you want to use Dynamic. Draw a complete circle of the O.D. of your part, use that as your Machining Area. Then chain the contour you want to cut, including the round part, that will be your avoidance area. I have 2021, so I can't open your file, otherwise I'd do it for you
  4. OOFF!!! Ill light a candle for you and say a prayer to the machining gods. Like JP said low and slow. For that type of job, I go the extra mile(and extra $$) and get Harvey endmills, worth it. And try their machining advisor pro, it works nice. Right now, I'm making a mold with .020 ball endmill. Not a ton of material to remove, but one tool has done 6 cavities.
  5. THIS!! Sometimes I even use 2 different tools, one for roughing and the one with TC for finishing. You can even set the finishing operation on the end of the program. Also, get a post that adds N# to each tool change, allows the operator to memorize specific features that may need to be adjusted often.
  6. What problems are you having with tool offsets? When I started on CNC machining, I didn't get any formal training, it was my dad and I just learning on an old 2.5D machine, I don't even know if it had diameter offsets. Then I went out on my own, now working on proper machines, I still didn't know about diameter offsets, so I did things the same way you're doing them. Finally, I worked a job shop, and I learned about diameter offsets, and wondered how I ever got on without it. I grasped the concept pretty quick. But there's a couple of different ways of doing it. Ask here, I'm sure most of us can help you .
  7. I did not know that, thank you. But if you have both of them, the file will be bigger
  8. IF you have 7 programmers doing that type of work, the shop is hemorrhaging money. You dont need more than 1 programmer for that type of work. It does, however, depend on the experience of the programmers
  9. What is the quantity per lot? If you're running hundreds (or thousands) it helps to have setups that run many parts. That allows you to have an operator run more than one machine. Also, if you have parts with more than one operation, set it up progressively, that way every time you open the door you have complete parts.
  10. In that case it will be ready on Thursday... Just don't say which Thursday
  11. Just get in there and try different things until it does what you need it to do, every time it doesn't do what you need it to do you learn what it DOES do. Thats kind of how I learned, I needed to learn to make money. Making mistakes on the screen doesn't break machines or tools, that's what I tell people when I'm training them
  12. Ill keep this in mind for next time, thank you! We got through it by changing the drills every 4 parts, we only needed 35 parts. Always have trouble getting proper tools because Engineering springs stuff on me last minute...
  13. We're drilling 1/32 holes on non-heat treated D2, and we're struggling. We're using cobalt drills and the just break too easy. I have some carbide drills coming, but I don't have too much fate in them. Any help appreciated.
  14. What I do when I get splines instead of arcs is I make points on each end and the middle of the spline, then I create an arc with 3 point arc. Much better than break many

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