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  1. AMCNitro

    Strange error

    So its just the simulator ? Nothing wrong with my programming?
  2. AMCNitro

    Strange error

    Am I doing something wrong?
  3. How do I add the lathe posts to the "manage list" list on 2020? I only see the default posts.
  4. AMCNitro

    Exit/entry on an elipse

    It did give problems with the comp, but only because I had it way small, when I set the comp at +.005 it worked That was the first thing I checked, at first it was unbroken, then I broke in 2 and it still gave the problem
  5. AMCNitro

    Exit/entry on an elipse

    I've been using MC for the last 18 years and I've never had to do that. Can you explain how? That did it! Thanks!
  6. AMCNitro

    Exit/entry on an elipse

    I have to machine an ellipse on mold and it exits fine, but the entry only goes in straight down, no radius or line. I tried all the settings and several combinations, I even tried breaking the ellipse in 2.
  7. AMCNitro

    point cloud approximation

    Create the lines using spline(on the wireframe menu).
  8. AMCNitro

    Partial flow edge error detected

    When that happens I just program each separate surface. IF there's a better way I'm all ears
  9. AMCNitro

    Changing smoothing setting in or out of cut?

    I don't know about all the other stuff, I leave it to the smart people like you 2. But.... I tried backfeeds of 500IPM on older, non SS Haas, and it cuts into the parts when in backfeed, missing corners that it shouldn't cut, MC may know that theres material there, but the machine has no idea. Whenever I use that machine I don't go higher than 250 on the backfeed. You might want to be careful. My 2c...
  10. AMCNitro

    2020 Turn Profile

    I tried to do a turn profile on 2020 and it didn't give me any geometry, does it work different to 2019?
  11. AMCNitro

    2020 beta

    I downloaded 2020 last night and right away I noticed that simulation is a LOT smoother.
  12. AMCNitro

    Lathe Compensation for tools

    You're welcome. IM just glad to be able to help.
  13. The ghost in the machine, random strands of code...
  14. AMCNitro

    Lathe Compensation for tools

    No compensation. When I said that "I make sure that the radius on MC matches the radius of the tool on the machine" I meant the radius of the physical tool, not the radius call out on the control. I don't use compensation on the program. On the lathe all you need to do is change the "WEAR" on X to change the diameter it cuts at, or the "WEAR" on Z to change the depth/length.

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