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  1. Im sorry for not being more specific. The mold designer is exporting cavities from SW, he saves as Parasolids. We use part numbers on all the cavities and right now using the regular way takes too long to machine. They want us to start using stick fonts, but they don't want us to set the p/n on MC, their solution is to use sketches on SW, but when they export the designs the sketches from SW don't export on the file. Thank you!
  2. We're exporting as Parasolids from SW.
  3. When we export a file to Parasolids the sketches don't show up. How can we export the file so the SW sketches show up on MC?
  4. AMCNitro

    MC 2018 getting stuck on splash screem

    That did the trick, Thanks!
  5. Ive been using this computer at work for a few weeks without any problems. MC was working way better than on the old PC. Then one morning I try to start MC and it gets stuck on "running Command line commands", with a little help from google I realize that I need to turn off "hardware acceleration"(even though it had worked fined with it on). Everything works now, except that regenerating a 2d ramp takes forever, instead of a fraction of a second. My questions are, how do I make it work fast again? And, why did it work with hardware acceleration for a while and suddenly I had to turn it off?
  6. AMCNitro

    Compensation Poll - Take the poll

    Haven't used "control" in ages! I worked at a shop that used exclusively and I remember making myself enter all the tool diameters, including drills and reamers, because that was the only way I could make sure I didn't miss one. Since that shop I have worked only with Haas machines and I program with wear only. Only problem I have is that the Haas doesn't like lead in/lead out with only radius, it needs to go in straight then radius. I wonder of "control" would help with that...
  7. AMCNitro

    G41 with G03

    Ive ran Haas my whole life, to keep from getting the error when you run comp you need to make the lead it/lead out go in straight, THEN radius.
  8. AMCNitro

    Haas code issue

    Im not great at reading code...But, Ive wored on Haas machines for 17 years. The control doesnt like it when you enter in a radius with cutter comp. What you have to do is enter with radius AND straight. So on my entry/exit I always have 25% line entry and 25% arc.
  9. AMCNitro

    Finally installed 2018 on work

    Next question.. where are the planes? Not the WCS, I found those easy enough, but the planes. Example, I want to rotate the part on the screen from the front plane while having the view set on Isometric. Did it do away with those?
  10. First question....How do I set it so that it fires up CimcoEdit instead of CodeExpert?
  11. AMCNitro

    Multiple work offsets

    On the planes menu you can set the offset it posts to (G54 G55 G56 and so on), except it uses numbers. #0=G54, #1=G56 etc. Of course you need to have copies of your operations, and then set each set of operations to you desired offset. I hope that answers your question
  12. AMCNitro

    contour ramp arcs

    Do you have Helix support for all planes turned on in you control definition?
  13. AMCNitro

    Need help with flat pattern

    Cant you use FlattenSurf chook?
  14. AMCNitro

    toolpath tree/manager search

    sort by tool If you want to keep them in order you can copy the to another machine tree and then do the sort
  15. AMCNitro

    Product Levels

    Thank you!

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