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  1. AMCNitro

    2020 Turn Profile

    I tried to do a turn profile on 2020 and it didn't give me any geometry, does it work different to 2019?
  2. AMCNitro

    2020 beta

    I downloaded 2020 last night and right away I noticed that simulation is a LOT smoother.
  3. AMCNitro

    Lathe Compensation for tools

    You're welcome. IM just glad to be able to help.
  4. The ghost in the machine, random strands of code...
  5. AMCNitro

    Lathe Compensation for tools

    No compensation. When I said that "I make sure that the radius on MC matches the radius of the tool on the machine" I meant the radius of the physical tool, not the radius call out on the control. I don't use compensation on the program. On the lathe all you need to do is change the "WEAR" on X to change the diameter it cuts at, or the "WEAR" on Z to change the depth/length.
  6. AMCNitro

    Lathe Compensation for tools

    Lathe is very easy, don't make it complicated by messing with those. Only thing I try to make sure is that the radius of the tool in MC matches the radius of the tool on the machine.
  7. AMCNitro

    Helical entry.

    If I understand it correctly, you should be able to use a ramp contour.
  8. AMCNitro

    MC2019 Crashing when choosing machine

    I just created my account for Mastercam .com and WOW!! Lots of info! Thanks!
  9. AMCNitro

    MC2019 Crashing when choosing machine

    All of the above. I work from SW files, and I have SW installed on the PC.
  10. AMCNitro

    MC2019 Crashing when choosing machine

    Ill try that
  11. It happens every time. I open a file, I set planes and/or set the part up the way I want it on the screen, I save the file, and when I go choose a machine type it crashes. Any ideas?
  12. AMCNitro

    MC2019 operation numbers

    Thanks guys!
  13. AMCNitro

    MC2019 operation numbers

    I noticed that when I move operations around they don't renumber anymore. I don't do it a lot which is probably the reason why I jusy barely noticed. Its not a big deal but it triggers my OCD. Is there a setting to make the numbers change?
  14. Try OptiRough and set it to "From Outside"
  15. AMCNitro

    Rookie Mistake

    I feel like an idiot asking this but...Whats the RMB menu?

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