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  1. AMCNitro

    Controlling G187 in Mastercam

    Use contour with taper, way better tool motion than most surface toolpaths
  2. Turn off Linearize Helixes
  3. Hit C(for Center Point) and pick your circle/arc, it will snap to the center. E for endpoint M for midpoint O for origin... Those are the ones I use the most.
  4. AMCNitro

    Assistance with surfacing this feature

    On MC2021 and still use it a lot making molds. No better way of getting smooth tool motion , and plenty of control. One of those TPs that I hope they never do away with.
  5. AMCNitro

    Assistance with surfacing this feature

    Optirough or surface pocket and then finish with a flowline. OR just cut a groove down the middle with a ball mill and then flowline
  6. AMCNitro

    Surface Highspeed Waterline

    Hybrid works really nice
  7. AMCNitro

    Ramping down a pocket?

    You ramp from Z0.0 to Z-.5, on the next you go from Z-.5 to Z-1.0, next Z-1.0 to Z-1.5 , you keep going like that until you get to your final depth.
  8. AMCNitro

    Ramping down a pocket?

    You can ramp down to a depth then do another Ramp from the original depth to the finish depth
  9. AMCNitro

    Mouse Gestures

    What would MC do when it crashes and I give it the finger? How would it react that gesture?
  10. Some of us do it while watching for our boss to come through the door...
  11. AMCNitro

    Inconel 625 & 718

    If you've never cut it be careful with your quote, don't get caught with you pants down. Its not difficult to cut once you learn what it likes, but tooling cost will be high and you're not gonna go super high feed. I never cut it with anything more than 5 flutes, but I can see where more flutes would be very helpful, like Ron said. This was about 6 years ago for me, but IIRC, we had great success with Kennametal Harvi tools on the mill, and for the roughing on the lathe we were using Walter inserts. Things may have changed since then, but the ticket was low and slow. I think we were running about 1800rpms on the mill. First day on a new job boss calls a meeting and he says "we just got a large order for all inconnel… I had never heard of the material...ooff!
  12. AMCNitro

    Disconnected my Toolpath Manager

    double click on it
  13. AMCNitro

    Verify not working

    Ive never had this happen...
  14. AMCNitro

    Open Contour ramping

    Do you need to ramp down? If you use Plunge instead of Ramp it will go down a step at each end, but it wont "ramp down"

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