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  1. AMCNitro

    wrong rotation on 4th axis

    Nevermind, Im a moron...
  2. AMCNitro

    wrong rotation on 4th axis

    I have my WCS set to top and my plane set to 12.5 degress, but it posts out to 22.5 degrees of rotation. What am I doing wrong?
  3. AMCNitro

    error message

    Yep. It doesn't mean anything, its just the simulation.
  4. AMCNitro

    Operation Libraries

    How does everyone keep operation libraries? I've never needed to use them before, but they could save me a nice chunk of time at this job. Do you keep a file with operations that are used often? How do you deal with tool numbers? Any advice is going to be helpful as I don't have experience with them. Thanks!
  5. Anybody know if somebody makes them? Thanks!
  6. How do I program an NPT thread mill? Like a straight thread mill? I need some help.
  7. AMCNitro

    Billet roughing programs

    The HS toolpaths are faster when you use a solid endmill with a long DOC. If you use HS toolpath but use shallow DOC it is going to take longer, also, as somebody else said, you need to have the back feedrate really high.
  8. This might have been said already. The way I do it is by combining perpendicular entry AND radius entry.
  9. AMCNitro

    Do you use Slice over Spin in Turn profile and why?

    I've always used slice, simply because with spin I used to get splines instead of radiuses. Recently I've been told to use spin because when you use slice it might miss a featured(it has happened to me that I program a diameter too small because it had a flat and I miised it), but then I already know about that. As far as top or bottom, I like to have both, call me stupid but I like to see the whole picture.
  10. AMCNitro

    Strange error

    So its just the simulator ? Nothing wrong with my programming?
  11. AMCNitro

    Strange error

    Am I doing something wrong?
  12. How do I add the lathe posts to the "manage list" list on 2020? I only see the default posts.
  13. AMCNitro

    Exit/entry on an elipse

    It did give problems with the comp, but only because I had it way small, when I set the comp at +.005 it worked That was the first thing I checked, at first it was unbroken, then I broke in 2 and it still gave the problem
  14. AMCNitro

    Exit/entry on an elipse

    I've been using MC for the last 18 years and I've never had to do that. Can you explain how? That did it! Thanks!

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