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  1. I cleaned up my computer and re-installed Windows 7 64bit. This is after formatting the drive. I had this problem before but do not remember how I fixed it. I had this problem before when I first installed Mastercam X on my Windows 7 64 bit I've been running it now for 3+ years. I decided to clean up the machine and re-install the OS. Now I keep getting "HASP not found (15) I installed the old drivers , didn't work I went to the Mastercam site and installed the latest drivers for Mastercam , didn't work I went to the Sentinel site and installed the latest drivers for the HASP , didn't work I had it run in Windows XP service pack 3 compatibility mode , didn't work I did all of the above after hitting pressing F8 during system start-up to display Advanced Boot Options, and select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement I've been running this exact software on this exact system for years .. this should not be this hard . . HASP-x shows HASP found. But no matter what I do .. Mastercam will not run. Any ideas ?
  2. My provider sent me a MR update for Mastercam X and it's now up and running on my Windows 7 64bit machine. I'm guessing V9.1 runs on my Netbook running Windows 7 starter because it's 32 bit I don't know. I never had a problem running V9.1 or Mastercam X on my XP 64bit machine . I have a regular hasp not a net hasp. In reference to the bigfoot reference .. I don't have time to waste lying to people while trying to get help.
  3. I found the file under Misc. in the downloads area .. It shows Mastercam X and the dates show Unlimited
  4. I was running both Mastercam 9.1 Design and Mastercam X Design on my computer running Windows XP pro 64 bit. I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and now can't get either to run .. Both give me a hasp not found error. I have Windows 7 starter running on my netbook and it is running Mastercam 9.1 just fine. I installed Mastercam X and it would not run I installed service pack 1 I installed service pack 1 update 1 I installed service pack 1 update 3 I installed the latest drivers from Alladin for the Hasp I'm concentrating on getting Mastercam X up and running.
  5. Kdiver

    Hasp not foud

    I have V9 running on my Toshiba Notebook running Windows 7 starter. I am trying to get it to run on the computer that I have upgraded from XP pro 64bit. I'm having no luck. For the life of me I don't remember how I got it up and running on my Netbook. Grrrrrr
  6. Kdiver


    What do you people do to keep from losing the new hasp's ? I have to take mine out of my laptop to put it in it's case. I'm afraid I'm going to lose it. I wish it had a lanyard attachment. The big old ones were hard to lose.
  7. Kdiver

    Mastercam for cad

    For 2D design only I still like Autocad I find that the layer system is easier to use changing colors different line types. I'm forcing myself to use MC for design because so much of what I'm designing now is going to be modified and sent off to a CNC. But for drawing only I still feel Autocad will give you a nicer looking end product.
  8. Kdiver

    Hurco SM-1 mill

    How well does it work and did you build your own post ?
  9. Kdiver

    Hurco SM-1 mill

    Does anyone us MC V9 with a Hurco SM-1 with a BX control ? Yes I know it's old .....Thanks
  10. I currently just have Design 9.1. But was thinking of picking up Mill Level 1. If I'm using my laptop, that doesn't have a com port, will I be able to use a keyspan usb to 9pin com converter to sent the file to the CNC?
  11. Kdiver

    Zoom pic Window

    ATI I downloaded the newest driver that didn't help. I fixed it by turning dwon hardware acelleration .. Thanks
  12. Kdiver

    Zoom pic Window

    When dragging items or using a zoom window or placing dimensions the items, zoom window or dimension are no visable , How do I change this?

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