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  1. thank you to all for your help. . .
  2. I know MasterCAM wants the active maintenance, but I have a legal SIM. And I want to buy the book. I dont understand. Thank you
  3. I did it , but I dont have any mantenance program now, we use a older version. I think the dealer must give me all documentation I need even if I dont have the mantenance because I bought the soft. I was finding other way to have the information. Thank you
  4. Hello to everyone. I am spanish, I can change some little things in my postprocesor, but I want to know how it really works and the changes I can do. I am using a X9 version and I want to find for buy book about postprocesor. does it exist?. Is there any course or manual?. If is in spanish better. I found books for machining training but not for postprocesor develop. Thank You
  5. Thank you very much. I will tray to improve this.
  6. I am using X9 Version, Can I use that in this version?. Sorry but where is de MPMaster you said. . . .
  7. Hi to everyone. I want to know if is posible do that but in the post file. I want it in my NC file, in each operation the Z max and Min values. Thanks and sorry for my english.
  8. I am using X9 version, I want use de vbscript editor and if I have more examples I can see the way to programming. Sorry for my English
  9. Hello everyone, I am a user for years of Mastercam, I have been interested in the VBScript option to make macros, since that option disappeared from the menu. I have asked my seller and he does not want to provide me any information because I do not have active maintenance license now and says that it is necessary to be able to provide information, which I do not think should be necessary if I have a legal license of Mastercam and I think you should be entitled to all the information available about the program. Does anyone have any information or any example more than those provided?. Thank you very much to all your teammates for your help.
  10. eltklas

    Update Mill Post X4 - X8

    It Works well. Thank you very much for the help. . . .
  11. eltklas

    Update Mill Post X4 - X8

    I used that for translate MCX files. I will try for the control and machine definition. Thanks. . .
  12. eltklas

    Update Mill Post X4 - X8

    In older versions I could uptade the control, machine and post at same time in the update chook. I dont know why not this one.
  13. I want to update a post from X4 to X8, but I can't select update contol and machine definition. I don't know what's the problem. Am I doing anything wrong? Thank you for your help...
  14. eltklas

    Post processor HELP

    I have a similar problem and I made a question in the post and I can select the control when i use the post and change or not the letter inside the post. The same post its ok for the two controls. . .
  15. I`m trying to encrypt a pst file but only encrypt the first secction betwen [sTARTBIN]….[ENDBIN]. Is that correct?. Can I only encrypt one secction?. Thanks. . .

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