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  1. Thanks Gents, those are all good tips and they did fix my problem. Appreciation!
  2. I've been trying to do my lathe and mill operations in the same mastercam file lately but I'm running into problems. Specifically, when I program a lathe operation and then a mill operation the analyze box will display D Y Z instead of changing to an X Y Z display. If there is a way to force it the display into X Y Z mode please share. This is kinda frustrating. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to export an STL file for one of our engineers to use in ProE from Mastercam verify. The default setting for STL is giving him a very choppy file when imported. Is there a way to tighten up the mesh of the STL or create a different file format to export that would be cleaner than an STL? Thanks for any help offered.
  4. Very good, thanks for the quick response. We'll give it a try on Monday. Have a great weekend.
  5. I've an odd request guys. Does anybody know how to program a Haas 4th axis rotary to rotate at 4 rpms? One of our engineers needs to check an electronic part out while spinning 4 rpms. I'm at a loss on how to do that. Thanks for any help offered.
  6. Smit

    Creating Points in Mcam 2018

    Or just click point position and start typing your coordinates. The box will come up.
  7. Create a contour tool path that moves the way you want the plunge to move. Turn posting off on that operation and use that tool path to create your plunge tool path by selecting the NCI option of tool control.
  8. It seems the Mazak requires an M02 at the end of a drip feed program. Added that and it ran super. Just in case it helps somebody in the future...
  9. Smit

    Dynamic Milling, Retract

    Using the retract looks like it also decreases the file size significantly, which can be a big deal if you're running it on an older machine with a small memory.
  10. Our Mazak MT-V515 with Mazatrol M32 control freezes after running a drip feed program. The memory on this machine is only like 46 kb so drip feeding is kind of a big deal. The operator has to completely power the machine off then reboot from the power off position. I've tried both an M30 and M99 to end the program but they both yield the same result. Thanks for any replies!
  11. Smit


    I don't have an answer but I would suggest you post this in the manufacturing forum. You might reach more people with experience there.
  12. Anybody know how to do this or if it's possible? This machine has a small memory but if there's a way to program a quadrant then mirror and rotate the g code I can perhaps use more dynamic toolpaths on the machine. I don't know the control personally and the guy who's running it doesn't know it well either.
  13. Smit

    I need a bad@ss plunge rough tool

    Gotta do something to fund those trips...
  14. Smit

    Mastercam from X7 to 2019

    Also customize your right mouse button to contain a lot of the common commands you use. It"s really a time saver. I don't remember if you could do that in X7 but I expect you probably could.

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