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  1. We use M99 at the end of our drip feed programs. Not sure if that's the answer for you or not.
  2. Smit

    Corrupted tools

    The tool paths seem to work just fine so I'm not sure what's corrupted about them. It's just an annoyance I guess. This is what I did and it fixed the annoying error message. Thanks for all the replies!
  3. Smit

    Corrupted tools

    Alright, I've never seen this before. I'm working on a big mold file and when I try to open it in a new Mastercam window it tells me I have a whole bunch of corrupted tools. Any idea what might have caused it? Is there any way to recover it? TIA.
  4. Smit


    Sounds like a post thing, not a Mastercam thing.
  5. Does anybody have a modular fixturing plate they like to use on a round Haas UMC750 table? I'm trying to do some research to see what is out there that miight help us reduce our fixture swapping time. I'm just not sure what's available right now. If you have anything you are happy with and would recommend I'd appreciate the advice. Thanks!
  6. This is from I installed the updated HASP driver and it looks to be alright so I don't see a down side to installing it.
  7. Smit

    Whatsapp Group

    Youtube is a very good resource also. There are lots of tutorials out there.
  8. That did do it, thanks for the tip! I tried a number of different things and wound up using a waterline rather than the hybrid but that did force a tool path that started and ended where I wanted.
  9. Mastercam 2019 Is there a way to force a surface high speed hybrid toolpath to start at the top of a group of surfaces? I have multiple pockets inside a large pocket. The bottoms of the internal pockets are check surfaces. I've tried every switch I could find and Mastercam alwasys wants to start the toolpath at the bottom of the pockets rather than the top. Thanks for any input.
  10. Smit

    Tooling for a special (to us) job

    That looks like a really sweet tool. I doubt we have the quantity to justify the cost but it's definitely something to remember if the application does come up!
  11. Smit

    Tooling for a special (to us) job

    I forgot to mention this job is going to be done on a 5 axis mill, not a lathe.
  12. Wondering if you guys could save me some time. I need to find the tooling to finish a pretty good size casting. We need a back spot face tool to go through a 11/16" drill hole and back spot face to 1.375 diameter. We also need to drill, semi finsih, and finish a 1.937 bore to +.001 -0 tolerance. The bore is 10 1/2" deep which is longer than the boring bars we have so we're going to have to buy some to get this job done. Thanks for any replies!
  13. Smit

    DMG/MORI 3rd party service

    DMG service has always been terrible for us. Mori used to be excellent thru Maruka but when Mori merged with DMG and started handling their own service it started sucking too. I wouldn't buy either brand now. If you can't get service in a timely manner it's a bad deal.
  14. Does anybody know of a service company that specializes in dmg equipment who will travel? We're having a hell of a time trying to get service on our older DMG machines. It takes weeks to get somebody from our local supplier. There is another company we use at times and they're scheduled 6 weeks out. It's crazy. Any way, we're will to pay travel costs to get somebody here in a more reasonable time. Gotta get those spindles turning again. Thanks for any replies.
  15. Smit

    Mastecam does not open

    That happened to me earlier this week after replacing a computer. I disabled the hardware acceleration and it started right up.

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