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  1. Smit

    Tooling for a special (to us) job

    That looks like a really sweet tool. I doubt we have the quantity to justify the cost but it's definitely something to remember if the application does come up!
  2. Smit

    Tooling for a special (to us) job

    I forgot to mention this job is going to be done on a 5 axis mill, not a lathe.
  3. Wondering if you guys could save me some time. I need to find the tooling to finish a pretty good size casting. We need a back spot face tool to go through a 11/16" drill hole and back spot face to 1.375 diameter. We also need to drill, semi finsih, and finish a 1.937 bore to +.001 -0 tolerance. The bore is 10 1/2" deep which is longer than the boring bars we have so we're going to have to buy some to get this job done. Thanks for any replies!
  4. Smit

    DMG/MORI 3rd party service

    DMG service has always been terrible for us. Mori used to be excellent thru Maruka but when Mori merged with DMG and started handling their own service it started sucking too. I wouldn't buy either brand now. If you can't get service in a timely manner it's a bad deal.
  5. Does anybody know of a service company that specializes in dmg equipment who will travel? We're having a hell of a time trying to get service on our older DMG machines. It takes weeks to get somebody from our local supplier. There is another company we use at times and they're scheduled 6 weeks out. It's crazy. Any way, we're will to pay travel costs to get somebody here in a more reasonable time. Gotta get those spindles turning again. Thanks for any replies.
  6. Smit

    Mastecam does not open

    That happened to me earlier this week after replacing a computer. I disabled the hardware acceleration and it started right up.
  7. Smit

    Using Tool Path Editor

  8. Smit

    Using Tool Path Editor

    Just highlight the operation you want to modify, right click, select toolpath editor from the bottom of the menu. Click the point arrow until you reach the end point of the contour you want to change the feed rate. Select edit, change the feed rate, click ok. Move the the end of the contour you want to change speed back to, edit, change feed, ok. Etc. If there are additional depth cuts you will need to select them with the pass arrow and make the same changes. Play around by changing things and then post to make sure they are where you want them. It's pretty easy, you'll catch on quickly. HTH
  9. Smit

    Dynamic feeds and speeds

    Here ya go Dynamic mill database Machining Advisor Pro has some good info HSMAdvisor is useful too.
  10. Thanks Gents, those are all good tips and they did fix my problem. Appreciation!
  11. I've been trying to do my lathe and mill operations in the same mastercam file lately but I'm running into problems. Specifically, when I program a lathe operation and then a mill operation the analyze box will display D Y Z instead of changing to an X Y Z display. If there is a way to force it the display into X Y Z mode please share. This is kinda frustrating. Thanks!
  12. I'm trying to export an STL file for one of our engineers to use in ProE from Mastercam verify. The default setting for STL is giving him a very choppy file when imported. Is there a way to tighten up the mesh of the STL or create a different file format to export that would be cleaner than an STL? Thanks for any help offered.
  13. Very good, thanks for the quick response. We'll give it a try on Monday. Have a great weekend.
  14. I've an odd request guys. Does anybody know how to program a Haas 4th axis rotary to rotate at 4 rpms? One of our engineers needs to check an electronic part out while spinning 4 rpms. I'm at a loss on how to do that. Thanks for any help offered.
  15. Smit

    Creating Points in Mcam 2018

    Or just click point position and start typing your coordinates. The box will come up.

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