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  1. Frank Caudillo

    2020 post update issue

    I've had this issue when trying to migrate posts to 2020, as well. Thankfully it was only for testing and not for all of our programmers using Mastercam, but it was a pain nonetheless. It's been awhile so I can't remember if I even fixed it or not, but it has me rethinking if we should just keep posts stored on each machine like Mastercam defaults to. I know this would make things much less of a hassle. Of course, the whole point of having them on a shared network drive is that you know that all programmers are using the exact same post. A work around here would be to use Group Policy (if your computers are on a domain) to run a logon script that could check if a post stored on the server has been updated and then overwrite local copies with the server copy. This way you would have the benefit of knowing all programmers are using up-to-date posts without breaking Mastercam's file structure.
  2. Frank Caudillo

    Change Log

    Something like NC-Base from Cimco will handle all NC file revisions pretty easily. Might be worth talking to your local VAR.
  3. Frank Caudillo

    Lots of good enhancements

    They basically split up Trim/Break/Extend into separate functions. Where you used to be able to trim entities together, trim to a point, extend entities (positively or negatively) all from one dialogue box, you now need to accept and open up a new dialogue box for each function. I also dislike how they change "Extend" to "Modify Length". You used to be able to enter a negative value to shorten the wireframe, now you must select either Lengthen or Shorten and are only allowed positive values in the box. A very good workflow that used to contain a lot of functionality has, in my opinion, been completely neutered.
  4. Frank Caudillo

    Lots of good enhancements

    It seems relatively trivial, but it's keeping me from doing anything significant in 2020. There's a lot of new things I would like to take advantage of but I'm not sure if I want to recommend our shop to switch out of spite.
  5. Frank Caudillo

    RAM usage on stock models

    I mean, they're probably not wrong for some of the other programs you use, by the sounds of it. It definitely sounds like you'll be better off with a simpler, but specialized, system for Mastercam. A good single threading i7 or i9, and half the RAM would still be plenty for Mastercam. Glad we could shed some light on it for you!
  6. Frank Caudillo

    RAM usage on stock models

    What other programs are they running? Different programs utilize CPUs differently so it's not surprising that some programs will see a big performance boost from your new system while Mastercam will not. The bottom line is that Mastercam needs clock speed and uses single thread processing more than anything else. Those dual Xeons you have, and probably the ones in your system, are not ideal for Mastercam. I'm not surprised other programs you use might perform much better while Mastercam's performance is marginal. It's not a settings issue, it's a hardware issue.
  7. Frank Caudillo

    RAM usage on stock models

    I have to agree that your very expensive CPUs are the bottle neck. Here is a comparison between your CPU and mine, which has a pretty respectable single thread rating. Single thread rating is king with Mastercam so any top rated CPU on this chart is what you want. Notice that very few of them are Xeons. That looks like a very expensive box they built you, but I don't know that there's any tricks or extra configuration that will get you better performance.
  8. Frank Caudillo

    RAM usage on stock models

    What are your computer specs? CPU, RAM, GPU, etc.
  9. Frank Caudillo

    P4000 Settings?

    Is hardware acceleration checked off for some reason? Running the correct drivers for the card? Nvidia drivers are notoriously troublesome so you may have to run drivers that are slightly "older" but more stable.
  10. Frank Caudillo

    RAM usage on stock models

    I remember other users discussing the priority setting for Mastercam in the task manager, but also clarifying that the priority gets reset every time you close Mastercam. If you have it open all then setting the priority first thing every morning should work fine. Otherwise, a program like Corey suggested should be able to manage that for you.
  11. Frank Caudillo


    I do this, but the opposite. I have my config setup to pan with the middle button by default. I usually have my spacemouse but when I don't I'll hold shift+middle mouse button to rotate. Works well for me.
  12. Frank Caudillo

    Post with more then one work offset

    Check your miscellaneous parameters. There is probably an option to set it to lock on to first WCS. This will prevent different rotations from posting with a different work offset.
  13. Frank Caudillo

    Manager Windows Flyout Speed

    You're probably not wrong. You have to be a little unhitched to do what we do, huh?
  14. Thanks, Ron. I hardly ever deal with inverse time stuff so I didn't have any idea of what could have been wrong. That video spelled it out pretty clearly!
  15. Frank Caudillo

    Manager Windows Flyout Speed

    Is there any way to adjust the speed of the toolpath/level/plane manager flyout animation? I normally have it docked on a second monitor or just pinned opened in the graphics window but while running an instance of Mastercam on each monitor I would like to be able to maximize graphics real estate. I really like the ability to have my managers as tabs but the flyout animation is killing me and I literally cannot wait the .5 second it takes to open completely. I know there's adjustment for the g-view transition animation speed but I haven't seen anything yet for the flyout menus. Am I SOL?

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