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  1. Frank Caudillo

    Changing drill rpm at a point in progress

    A point path should do the trick. Since, as far as I can tell, you can't edit RPM in the toolpath editor, you'll probably need to create different operations for your different RPMs and select the depths to go to for each RPM/feed. You can also set up a normal canned cycle to start where the drill is safely in the piloted hole with all retracts at incremental 0. Then put point paths before and after at lower feeds/speeds to safely enter and retract from the hole. Another trick I've used for carbide drills is a 3D contour with a line along the drill axis going to the necessary depths. I'll typically set the start of the line at a point below the surface where the drill will be completely "captured" and it will end at the full depth of the hole. Set plunge rate to the feed you want the drill to begin drilling to the start of the contour, and then it will take off from there at the cutting feed rate, however I don't think you'll be able to edit RPM this way. I've done it each way I've described and they've all worked well, just depends on what you're trying to accomplish. The other option would be to probably create custom drill cycles, but where is the fun in that? Being creative is more fun
  2. Frank Caudillo

    MasterCAM network file collision.

    This is my thought as well. Trying to get CIMCO MDM implemented at my shop.
  3. Frank Caudillo

    Thoughts on gaming mice

    I can't live without it at this point. I would be completely lost on a system without my mouse and custom keyboard shortcuts. I like having delete right next to enter so when I delete entities or anything else I don't need, I can immediately hit enter to confirm. Makes things a breeze.
  4. Frank Caudillo

    Thoughts on gaming mice

    I'm also using a G502 and I love it. I have my shift and alt keys, as well as my delete and enter keys mapped to my buttons. This allows me to use the "shift + " and "alt +" custom keyboard shortcuts I created for my x-form functions, trim, change levels, clear colors, and stuff like that. I've also started using Mastercam's default keyboard shortcuts for creating geometry and such. I'm also using a mechanical keyboard (Vortex Race3 with Cherry MX Blues), which has been soooo nice compared to the basic membrane keyboards. I had even thought of building a custom mechanical pad and programming macros for my most used Mastercam functions.
  5. Frank Caudillo

    laptop recommendation

    I probably would have spec'd it the same way if money was no option.
  6. Frank Caudillo

    Benchmark 3.0

    Just ran the benchmark on my new laptop last night. Using the original metric I got just over 5 minutes, which is almost twice as fast as my desktop I had been using.
  7. Frank Caudillo

    laptop recommendation

    I just got this MSI from HID Evolution. I was originally looking at Dell and Lenovo workstations, but their cooling configurations look really wimpy compared to a gaming-type laptop, like the MSI. I also liked the fact the HID also adds some custom build touches to mitigate heat like CPU delidding. Cost about the same as a similarly spec'd Dell or Lenovo, but I actually the think the processor is better in the MSI vs the options you get with the other two. I've been putting it through its paces today and I'm looking forward to running the benchmark on it tonight.
  8. Frank Caudillo

    Home/Ref Points...

    I just recently used it on a series of stacked counter bores. I set my initial Z-height to a clearance height above the part then I milled the deepest one first. At the end of that operation I set my retract height to the bottom of the next counter bore and finished that one, and then repeated the process for the last. These were all roughed out, so I didn't just plunge into the deepest counter bore first. It was nice because the tool didn't have to come all the way out to the typical retract height and back in.
  9. Frank Caudillo

    Home/Ref Points...

    ...are awesome. I've been using Mastercam for almost three years now and I am just starting to really figure out how slick they are for keeping a tool down between operations. Any other tips/tricks specifically for Home/Ref Points that we should know about?
  10. Frank Caudillo

    Reason for machine environment & maintenance cost?

    As far as I know, you can build your own machine for regular mill/lathe Machine Sim, but not for Mill-Turn. As Colin pointed out, it is literally a complete Machine Environment that is built by CNC Software and not customize-able by the end user (at least that's what I was told by our re-seller), which is the reason for the associated maintenance costs. If something needs to be updated or fixed, only CNC Software can do it.
  11. Frank Caudillo

    Reason for machine environment & maintenance cost?

    Just went to a seminar on this from our local reseller yesterday, and it's completely different than regular machine sim or verify and absolutely necessary if you want to get the most out of your mill-turn with the least amount of headaches.
  12. Someone else just had this problem the other day. I'm almost certain it has to do with your post's "sopnotehst" string select table. Download the latest version of the MPMaster post and compare the same string select table to your post. I'll bet they are different and all you'll need to do is update yours from MPMaster's. Mastercam is outputting data for the operation comment that is out of your string select table's range. It shouldn't be hurting anything with your code, but it's definitely annoying.
  13. Frank Caudillo

    Programming Time

    You're talking actual time spent in front of the computer programming, not verification time, right? If so, then I don't think there's any hard and fast rule. It really depends on programming style and the overall goal of the program. If you're running one-off R&D stuff, you might not be so concerned about cycle time. However, I know I've spent a solid week just trying to squeeze every last second out of short cycle production parts with low margins. Just curious why you're asking. Is this for quoting purposes? Finding some kind of benchmark or standard to hold programmers in your shop to?
  14. Frank Caudillo

    Benchmark 3.0

    Wow, that's pretty impressive. I'm still over here using 2017, so I'm sure I'll be pleasantly surprised when making the jump to 2020.
  15. Frank Caudillo

    Post error

    I think I can answer this one, as Colin helped me with this not too long ago. This has to do with the newer high speed surface toolpaths and the string select table for outputting the toolpath name in the comments. What he had me do is download the latest version of MPMaster and update my post with the "sopnotehst" string select table. What I believe is happening is Mastercam is putting out a value that is greater than what your current post's string select table is setup for. Try that and see if it solves the problem. I always used to get this error in our posts and while Vericut never showed any issues with the code, it was still annoying.

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