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  1. Anyone know of another manufacturer besides maritool that makes downcut endmills for stainless/high temp alloys? IMCO rep offered to have a test tool made up for us, and the quantity we go through will make it a standard tool if we go with it, but I was hoping to try an off the shelf option sooner rather than later. Ordering from Maritool tomorrow if I don't hear anything. Volume on these parts is doubling over the next 4 months and we're sitting at 70% capacity on the machine they run on.
  2. Has anyone tried out IMCO IPC7 endmills in inconel 625 (or similar heat resistant alloy)? I used their M726 and it worked ok, but didn't hold up as well as I'd hoped.
  3. Ewood42

    NT Tools holders

  4. Ewood42

    NT Tools holders

    Works well so far, almost no runout. Easy to set up. Just need to see how well they hold up long term now. And cheaper than an equivalent sandvik,
  5. Ended up getting an NT tools slim fit hydraulic holder and some Nachi SG-ESS drills. I'm loving those drills. Work great in inconel, only going a little slower than the cheapo carbide we were using and 1/3 the price.
  6. Ewood42

    NT Tools holders

    Japanese company. Have some long reach hydraulic holders in metric sizes. Not many distributors on the west coast for them so I was having a hard time tracking down info on them. Only one distributor in my area carries them. I guess I'll let you guys know how they work out then.
  7. Anyone here have experience with NT Tools Slim Hydro chucks? They hold up ok?
  8. Was going to use a carbide drill, but I've had pretty good luck lately with Nachi powdered metal. The vendor I was going to use for grinding doesn't like working in anything other than carbide though. It can, but the hole is only about .400" away from a 5"+ tall wall. Smallest ER16 extension or holder I could find was over 1" diameter.
  9. Have a job that was two ops, I'm trying to get it down to one, but that requires using a 5" extension with a diameter of no more than 3/4". I had initially programmed it for a 9/32" tool, but our CNC lead says we need to use a 7.3mm drill... only problem is I can't find an ER11 collet that will hold the 8mm shank. I'm thinking I can probably get away with having the shank ground down to 9/32 from 8mm. Just poking a few holes in inconel, will be spot drilled. Anyone think this will fail catastrophically? I think it'll be fine if I back up my feed/speed a little, but I've never tried this before.
  10. No laser drilling, unless the parts get drilled under-size and reamed after to remove heat affected edge, which kinda defeats the purpose of getting rid of the burr at the machine. Particular part I'm looking at is .025" inconel sheet that has been formed in a coining die. Tried some MA ford carbide circuit board drills with a 170 deg tip and they worked ok... for about 20 parts then the burr got pretty horrible. That was just something to try because the drills were dirt cheap (for carbide anyway). Now trying a powdered metal HSS/CO Nachi brand drill, TiCN coated. Only feeding at 3ipm, but looking promising. Got about 600 holes with the first one we tried before the burr got nasty. Tip geometry on those is just about perfect for inconel. Not too worried about speed on the drills at the moment, that's only about a minute of the 8 minute cycle even at 3ipm. Next I need to figure out how to get the profile cutting time down, but looking like I just need to make a better fixture. Inconel flapping around during machining is no bueno.
  11. Any suggestions for drills that won't push a huge burr out on breakthrough? I know that's somewhat unavoidable in this material, but not all drills are equal.
  12. Ewood42

    Setup sheets

    Can't use option 1, need pictures. Our machinists have wildly varying levels of skill. A lot can go without setup images, but many can't. Lowest common denominator and all that. Do you know if Jim offers training on it setting up activereports? I think he worked for my local reseller. I'd rather learn to do it myself than have someone else do it for me.
  13. Ewood42

    Setup sheets

    At my last shop, I never used them since all tools were dedicated, offsets were hard coded, and I was the one to prove out any new programs I wrote. Here, I hand off setup sheets and new programs to someone else 90% of the time. Currently using activereports and a template made by a previous employee. Works OK, but I need to tweak the format a little, and wondering if learning to write template files is worth it or if there are any other plug-ins that work well. Comment what you use, if not on the list.
  14. Ewood42

    MasterCam 2018 Avoidance Region

    Might be, but it's just as easy to xform the avoidance geometry.
  15. There is a section in the post where you can define B axis limits. But as JParis said, there's probably a good reason why it posts that way. Depending on where the post came from, there's a good chance it's in the binned section anyway.

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