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  1. Ewood42


    Yup. Had an old kafo horizontal at at a previous employer that had a some deformed teeth on the ring gear that drove the B axis. Discrepency between B+ and B- moves was about half a degree. Rather than fix it, they had me modify the post for the machine to output backlash elimination moves any time the B moved, and adjusted the B offset to compensate.
  2. Ewood42


    Spindle still good (measured less than .0001" runout on a tool setting gage), but axis of the trunion (B) is out of alignment with Y axis by .007" from front to back of table. Might be a bit of backlash in B axis, got slightly different readings when moving from + vs - (difference of .0025" across 10"), and MRZP mismatches the parameters by .045". We're having a vendor come out to re-align everything. Thanks for feedback. I've never run a UMC before here. They are about as rigid as a cardboard box.
  3. Ewood42


    Our UMC750 was crashed last week by a temp restarting the machine in the middle of a file. Hit hard enough on the tool holder to munch the fixture and shear off one of the 1/2-13 cap screws holding the fixture down with a B/C axis move, and ripped the dovetail off the fixture (mounted on a 5" technigrip). Would you guys thoroughly inspect to be sure axis alignments are all still true, or just re-find COR and go? I re-checked for center of rotation and it is different from what was stored in the control by .03" in x, .01" in y and z. This is the first shop I've been at with UMCs, I've heard they're pretty flimsy. If it were a Mori, I'd just keep going. But it's a Haas.
  4. Ewood42

    Need help creating a boss

    If you're using a contour toolpath, bring up the geometry, right click the chain, and change side. Make sure it's still cutting in the direction you want.
  5. So we've got a job we're doing in a really thin composite on a vacuum table with a router, and having trouble holding hole sizes. I'm wondering if a nice sharp annular cutter would do the job, but the holes are pretty small, .289-.295 and .189-.193. Has anyone ever seen one that small? Part of the problem is needing to maintain vacuum during the cut, so when the material gets cut away air can get in through flutes and the edges tear more with less holding force. Using a brad point now and holding size in most of the time, but still lose a few holes here and there due to the material twisting up on the web when it loses vacuum.
  6. I'll give that a try. Thanks! Update - it worked. Thanks again
  7. A while back I set up custom drill cycles for probing on our Haas machines (worked from generic VF post), but couldn't quite figure out how to suppress spindle on codes without using a MI switch. Is there an easy way to do this? I've worked around it by just setting the probe tool with spindle speed of 0, but there has to be a better way. Still kind of a noob when it comes to post edits, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Still using the standard MP post from mcam.
  8. Ewood42


    I wouldn't always trust the cycle time output from MCAM anyway, unless someone has taken the time to fully set up the machine definition with all the machine's characteristics. It's not 100% accurate, usually under by a fair amount.
  9. Ewood42


    Thanks! I'll pass that along to the guy who handles all the billet inconel. I get all the weird $hit - formed sheet metal, weldments, etc. Finding that the more aggressive helix angles kill the tools when machining sheet - causes more vibration because it's lifting more than a low helix tool. When I get around to it, I've got some reverse helix tools to try out. See if pushing the sheet down into the fixture will help with MRR and tool life. Yep... until one of the guys on the floor decides that he can try to run the program faster by turning on coolant, and that thing will explode like a grenade.
  10. Need to start over with our haas post, I fear. Started poking around this morning to add probing cycles, but it looks like the copy we are using has migrated all the way from X3 to 2019, and has a copious number of references to data that no longer exists in the post. Can't seem to find the copies from 2019 or 18 on our server, does the install still come with those?
  11. Ewood42

    Zero turret

    If it has Y axis, shouldn't you zero that before sending x home?
  12. Look in control definition. I'm pretty sure you need to switch it on there.
  13. Making a check fixture for an assembly we build, and I'm trying to track down some bushings (for pins) that aren't too expensive, and not much higher than 43rc so I can machine them after assembling the fixture (worried about compound error... being made on a haas after all). About ready to just go turn slugs from rem tool steel we have out on the floor. Anyone have a preferred source for something like this?
  14. Anyone know of another manufacturer besides maritool that makes downcut endmills for stainless/high temp alloys? IMCO rep offered to have a test tool made up for us, and the quantity we go through will make it a standard tool if we go with it, but I was hoping to try an off the shelf option sooner rather than later. Ordering from Maritool tomorrow if I don't hear anything. Volume on these parts is doubling over the next 4 months and we're sitting at 70% capacity on the machine they run on.
  15. Has anyone tried out IMCO IPC7 endmills in inconel 625 (or similar heat resistant alloy)? I used their M726 and it worked ok, but didn't hold up as well as I'd hoped.

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