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  1. The problem was the video card. Computer is a new windows 10 install. Windows did not recognize the Nvidia Video Card. Had to download Nvidia GeForce Experience. After download and running the software recognizes your video card and downloads the correct video driver.
  2. I was to impatient to wait for the search in mastercam forum. I found a post that it might be related to video card.
  3. Masteram 2021, while using Dynamic Plane mastercam locks up while trying to exit after successfully setting up a new wcs, tool plane and construction plane.
  4. 6105Moss

    Lost Hasp

    Thanks Guy's for the great information. They found it today. One of the guy's took it home at the last minute. Steps have been taken to know where and who has a hasp. Unfortunately I will have to wait until tempers ease and work picks up until they will need me.I shared all your replies with the managers there. Best forum of any kind on the internet.
  5. 6105Moss

    Lost Hasp

    Thanks for your reply. The company is mostly manufacturing with no computer people that I am aware of anyway. If mastercam is downloaded onto a computer can't mastercam see what hasp license is attached to that seat?
  6. 6105Moss

    Lost Hasp

    I program for a company maybe once a month for a couple days to help them stay on schedule. When they need me I stop and pick up a hasp and program from home. When done I drop off the hasp asap. This process is needed next week but they can not find one of their hasps (they have several) and suspect foul play. I told them to contact mastercam support and they will. Is their a way to locate the whereabouts of the hasp through mastercam? Thank you!
  7. 6105Moss

    2017 & X9 View Fit Addon

    Closed mastercam and restarted. It works! Thanks everyone!!!
  8. 6105Moss

    2017 & X9 View Fit Addon

    Almost there. Thanks for response. I did as htm01 suggested and when I ran chook from mastercam it said "Functions available via customize". Started customize and looked everywhere for it and i can not find it.
  9. 6105Moss

    2017 & X9 View Fit Addon

    I tried everything mentioned except for the unblock. Hate to admit it but I do not know if it is blocked or how to unblock it of it is. Thaks to everyone who responded.
  10. 6105Moss

    2017 & X9 View Fit Addon

    I can not get it to work.in X9. Run user application view fit.dll - result = invalid user application. Thanks anyway
  11. 6105Moss

    2017 & X9 View Fit Addon

    This is the best add on to mastercam and I have been using it from the mastercam x version. I need help getting the add on to work for version X9. Thank you.

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