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  1. scottvan

    Tool Filter always active

    I just turn all tools on. I
  2. scottvan

    Active reports

    Thanks to you both, it was a combination of permission and the new Activereports.exe. Yes, I am using 2019, sorry.
  3. scottvan

    Active reports

    I'm trying to learn ActiveReports to make a setup sheet, I get this warning when I try to preview it. I am going through the tutorial from CNC software, if anyone knows what I might be doing wrong that would be great. TIA
  4. scottvan

    hole table

    I misunderstood what you wanted, I've never seen that one, our wire guy is still on X2, no help there, sorry.
  5. scottvan

    hole table

    Select all advanced---->diameter lower right on the screen
  6. scottvan

    New computer- Can't remember where some options are

    You can copy your workspace file.
  7. scottvan

    Manager window text too small.

    Hit the arrow in the upper right, it will give you options
  8. scottvan

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    Thank you
  9. scottvan

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    Hello can anyone tell me why every other sheet my header moves from top to bottom? I'm using 2019 Thanks
  10. scottvan

    Mastercam Appearance

    Is this what you want?
  11. scottvan

    mastercam glitch

    It's in here
  12. scottvan

    2018 Mastercam

    wireframe---> create letters
  13. scottvan

    mind blown

    options--->customize ribbon, nevermind the first part!
  14. scottvan

    mind blown

    You can add the icons you use a lot to the quick access toolbar. options---->customize ribbon
  15. scottvan

    Spline to arc

    Have you tried " simplify spline"

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