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  1. scottvan

    Mastercam Appearance

    Is this what you want?
  2. scottvan

    mastercam glitch

    It's in here
  3. scottvan

    2018 Mastercam

    wireframe---> create letters
  4. scottvan

    mind blown

    options--->customize ribbon, nevermind the first part!
  5. scottvan

    mind blown

    You can add the icons you use a lot to the quick access toolbar. options---->customize ribbon
  6. scottvan

    Spline to arc

    Have you tried " simplify spline"
  7. scottvan

    Surface contour

    I got it to work better by using the top surface as drive, instead of check.
  8. scottvan

    Pattern Layout

  9. scottvan

    Drafting note leader

    If you use smart dimension you can click on leader arrow point and move it.
  10. scottvan

    Drill pecking

    Have you tried it with this checked?
  11. There is also a "start hole" program.
  12. scottvan

    video card

    Have you turned your precision up? Bottom left.
  13. scottvan

    Finish leftover with end mill

    Tell it you used 8 mm ball.
  14. scottvan

    fill holes

    Two minutes, any version, loft surface.... FILL SURFACE-2.mcam
  15. scottvan

    GMCCS X+

    Ok Thank you!!

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