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  1. Roger, Thank you very much for your patience. About the previous question, I found a solution myself. I will come back to ask if there are other problems. Thanks again!
  2. This is really a bad news. By the way,In Visual Studio breakpoint mode, I can see a lot of operation member, As shown “PIC-1" Can I access them? If i access it directly, the error "Not operation member" is displayed. "PIC-2"
  3. Okay, I understand. I try "Operation.GetMinimumZ" Method gets the minimum Z . The document is described as such: Gets the minimum Z coordinate (from the binary NCI) ... No matter whether I save NCI file first or not, I always get the minimum value allowed in a Double. Or "the binary NCI" is not the way to save NCI?
  4. I think maybe I didn't express it clearly. There is a 2D-Contour path: Only select one Chain , Z coordinate is -5.0 (absolute value) . The Contour path setting : depth value is -4.0 , Incremental mode ---> Then the absolute value of the cut depth is -9.0 In VS, get information about this operation: "linking.DepthIncremental" = True, "linking.Depth"="-5." Now, if I want to get the abs value of this operation (-9.0), Is there any way? I thought about calculating the depth of the entity + Incremental depth value,But it seems not easy to achieve.
  5. Thank you for replying, I want to get this parameter in NEThook, but I did not found information about “back plot” in NEThook.
  6. There is another question. If the toolpath is created in incremental mode (contour), then will get "linking.DepthIncremental" - True Is there any way to calculate the ABS value? (incremental to absolute)
  7. Thanks very much! I will try it later if we upgrade to 2020.
  8. Hi, I want to get some operation's parameter. “NETHook” can get many parameter simple, like operation type、tool information... but some parameter i can't find, like cycle time,XY /Z stock to leave. (like "setup sheet report" ) How can i get the operation's cycle time? (X9) Thank you.
  9. Roger, I tried X9 and 20017 (VS 2015) Is OK, but when X6 ( VS2010 ) Get the error. what can i do for X6?
  10. Hello I am new to mastercam API'S too. I Write the code as below, but get an error. code: ---------------------------------------- Imports Mastercam Imports Mastercam.BasicGeometry Imports Mastercam.Database Sub Test() Dim point As New PointGeometry(10.0, 20.0, 0.0) point.Commit() End Sub ---------------------------------------- Error 1 "Commit" has an unsupported return type or an unsupported parameter type. The code "point.Commit()" Can't pass debugging, DId I miss something? Can someone help?

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