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  1. nickbe10

    Changing drill speed mid cycle

    You might want to try Guhring, those guys have got me out of trouble on things like this. Although modern carbide is "sharper" than in days of yore, HSS can still be sharpened to a finer edge which might give you easier penetration, they do some long split point and parabolic tips that might help you out here. The carbide is more rigid, to be sure, but it just might not be the best compromise here. You are definitely "out of the boat" so be open minded (you seem to be that already). The "3 point" appearance is not unlike the holes you can make in sheet if you use a drill point that penetrates the far side before picking up the full diameter so the chip doesn't form properly, this could also be caused by the point building up pressure before finally it penetrates the surface. But now again your chip formation is not "timed" properly. If the HSCO can penetrated more freely then the stability might be maintained, if you can balance the tool pressure with the helical effect. It might also broaden out your machining parameter "window", which will be relatively narrow whatever you come up with.
  2. nickbe10

    Changing drill speed mid cycle

    I just can't imagine keeping a stable cut going on a high aspect ratio like that at much more then 500 - 600 rpm (probably less) until you have at least 1.5D engaged. What kind of drill are you using, have you tried Guhring Technical guys? Carbide or HSCo? I have seen long shank and relatively short flute length drills which might be a little more rigid if you can get them in that size. Have you dialed in the drill like a reamer? If you drop the spot drill you will almost certainly need to make a flat on the cast surface. Holes are nothing but misery, my mentor used to assure me.
  3. nickbe10

    Changing drill speed mid cycle

    I situations like that I always like to request that they move the hole closer to the wall just for the challenge. That usually gets them going...not necessarily in a helpful way...what's the material?
  4. nickbe10

    Changing drill speed mid cycle

    That's 30+D. Generally piloting should start at 9D for best results.
  5. One of the main reasons I use Mastercam is because it allows programming dept. to tune itself to the problem at hand. Although we are an aerospace job shop, we make a specialized product, swaged tubes with a gazillion derivatives. Our machining problems are not the same as a typical structural hog out shop and our code and machine set ups reflect that,... customization.
  6. nickbe10

    Odd Okuma 5 axis toolpath

    Looks like it could be an offset issue. Make sure your Tool info is coherent, in other words is it a left or right hand tool and do I have the correct offset direction for the cut I am making. Not being correct in this regard gives the output you are seeing.
  7. nickbe10


    After for Mills so the set up guy isn't getting a shower. Dwell on drill cycles to allow the high pressure coolant to come on (in post for machines that have it). Mixture in lathes, some of our drill motors require coolant on to spool them up, so before for those.
  8. You will have to provide more info. Base post? Control?
  9. nickbe10

    Zero Point System

    I could use one of those for the coffee making machine, as few of the humans have been able to master it.
  10. nickbe10

    3D Mill external corner radius

    Might be mistaken but I think there have been some UV manipulation tools for some time, might be more functionality now.
  11. nickbe10

    Angled slots

    He has been in the PacNW, too. At this very company. I wish he would at least title the universal level. A part number might be nice.
  12. To add to gcodes comments it also gives you a permanent source file which an be used for other machines and can be easily edited for similar parts. I do aerospace job shop work and the company has had Mazaks for a number of years using Mazatrol. Despite adding a new one a couple of years ago they have finally decided to abandon ship especially as we are approaching post and go from the programming dept so we are exposing some of the short comings of the conversational machines. But as JP says it really depends on your work, aerospace job shop is reasonably unique.
  13. nickbe10


    Try CAD file. Just run the simulation up to the previous OP and save the .stl and use that.
  14. nickbe10


    What are you using, previous tools or CAD file for your rest material?
  15. nickbe10


    Not untypical. Does this op have a "restore defaults" or "save to defaults" dialog as in 3d High speed? If so I have had luck using the restore defaults to nudge it out of its rut. Often have to start from scratch

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