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  1. nickbe10

    .ipt files

    Probably not, there are several "native" CAD types which require a specific reader, CATIA being the most used in aerospace, yours requires an Autiocad Inventor reader. I don't think there is an MC add on, could be wrong tho'. The easiest fix is to get them to save them as parasolid .x_t files, which is the best file transfer protocol, and get them to send them to you in that format.
  2. nickbe10

    .SET Tool List

    Hey Colin Is there another place in the tree other than Toolpaths tab dropdown? If I change it here it changes the set up sheet output but still calls Active reports Toollist via the Active reports viewer.
  3. Did a quick search but couldn't actually find an answer to the question: Is it possible to launch a .SET file for tool list from the R/H click Ops menu? If so how, if not how can I launch it as standalone? Tried reselecting at the Post Dialog Box stage but it wouldn't give me a .SET option
  4. nickbe10

    Backfacing Operations

    Or Custom Drill Cycle......
  5. Hey All, I seem to have lost the search function for the forum. Don't think I have used it since the "format change".... Do I need to re log on?
  6. nickbe10

    Accuracy of simulation in Verify for MC 2019

    Just remember X6 was still using Light Waves for verification. Verification is now by Moduleworks so it is bound to be different. Try File/options for tolerance settings. I think the "pixilating" is actually incomplete processing of the triangles (or corrupt triangles) from which the .stl is made. If you zoom on a ragged edge and click you will notice the enhancing model and/or enhancing view bars at the bottom start to regenerate . If you want a fully regenned and "clean" display it can take a while for the system to repair everything on a complex surface, there could be 10s even 100s of thousands of triangles to regenerate.
  7. nickbe10

    laptop recommendation

    I last used HPs Medium Size Business center for my laptop (obviously for an HP). List was $5000+ but getting it through Med. Business Center cost < $3,500, can't remember the exact specs but I will be using them again.....great computer.
  8. nickbe10

    Default Source library file

    Files tab at top of ops tree in the ops manager. Below where you select the MD (and associated CD and post) are various default file selectors, one of these is for Ops Library.
  9. nickbe10

    Feed Per Revolution

    Was working on my posts today, it's in MPMASTER as mi6. forces G94 (units/min) to output as G95 (units /rev).
  10. nickbe10

    2018 Wireframe Spiral WTF!!!

    Or you could just use.....yes that's right Surface Blend, chain point in middle and boundary, select spiral. Not as good entry/exit options tho'.... Or 2D High Speed contour.....more entry exit options.
  11. Need more info.... Your computer specs? Screen shot of problem....?
  12. nickbe10

    help , probe

    You will not get code from the probe toolpath without the Renishaw Productvity+ software installed. The only other alternative is to modify Custom Drill Cycles in your post. se will not work via the probe toolpath icon but via drill toolpaths.
  13. nickbe10

    help , probe

    So when you click on the probe icon you get an error? Have you got the Productivity+ software installed? This is 3rd party software from Renishaw which integrates at the post processer level with Mastercam to give output code for the probe. If you have got the software and it is installed properly (not a straight forward process) have you built your "Probe Library"?
  14. nickbe10

    Feed Per Revolution

    I am pretty sure one of the "base posts" has this set up as an mi. If you can find it and run it through the debugger it should be pretty easy to make force the "branch" to always post ipr, if you don't want to have a choice.
  15. nickbe10

    Coolant Commands

    Converting to coolant in it's self is not difficult. However along with the extra control (i.e. before, with and after functionality for example) you do need to give the system the extra information required. The tools aren't set up for V9 only as the choice between Coolantx and V9 is in the post and MD. So once you make the necessary modifications to these you are done, no need to do anything to the tools. There have been several threads on converting.

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