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  1. Save the file out of Solidworks as a parasolid (x_t or x_b). They should be able to import this (or open it) directly into MC. Always the bullet proof method for file (model) transfer.
  2. nickbe10

    Work Offsets moving

    I have seen this on 4 axis and multiaxis programs which were on a constructed WCS, rather than using MC origin.
  3. nickbe10

    Cutter comp number match

    Look in CD under Tool tab. Make sure From Tool is selected under offset registers
  4. nickbe10

    Rapid after Index

    Check your axis assignments in the MD/CD. Looks like it thinks your X axis is pointing in the wrong direction., or it is rotating around the wrong axis.
  5. nickbe10

    Rapid after Index

    Most people I know start with MPMASTER for 4 axis mills. Amongst other things it has a safe index option (and high speed machining / look ahead activation). This base post is available on this site and would give you an idea of how to move forward.
  6. I usually just sue a center drill as they are very strong. Make sure what geometry you are using for your engraving is readable by Mastercam. Use Contour path. Comp and lead in / out off. Nice slow plunge if you are I steel.
  7. nickbe10

    Taking too long to generate a 3D toolpath.

    What are the specifications of your computer.
  8. nickbe10

    Nvidia quadro

    I think the minimum is provided by the P2000 or P3000. I have a P4000 in my work station at home. P5000 is top of the line but considerably more expensive
  9. nickbe10

    Program Operation Name

    How you do this will depend on the post processer you are using. The only way to help is if you provide a Zip2Go file which includes machine and control definitions, a post processer and a sample .mcx or .mcam sample file.
  10. nickbe10

    Posting G50 in 3+2

    I know that you lose some functionality when you run multi axis toolpaths on a constructed WCS. mainly on multi axis toolpaths. This is true for 4 and 5 axis machines. I have also seen a certain amount of instability with the origin on some 4 axis programs. I generally move my part to MC origin and as long as I am not using any multi axis paths I construct WCS anywhere "around" MC origin. If multi axis I program with MC axis same as machine.
  11. nickbe10

    formula for depth of thread?

    It does depend on the thread spec. you are using as well. We use a lot of AS8879 which is an old MIL spec. and has a larger minor on external threads for extra strength.
  12. nickbe10

    4Th Axis problem Z inverted

    Yes, but how are you generating your rotations? Do you use "rotate planes" function or are you in the "rotary axis positioning" tab?
  13. nickbe10

    4Th Axis problem Z inverted

    How are you generating your rotations?
  14. I think it might behoove you to start with Makino and find out from them how the info is stored and retrieved in their machine.
  15. nickbe10

    Saving a post as a pst_backup file

    Your reseller. Asking for a post is not done here, you will get short shrift from the moderator(s)

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