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  1. nickbe10

    Is there a way around Solidworks and Mastercam

    Surely if there were ANY conflict you would be calling anyway right. So you have a print without a callout, I would be calling regardless of what the hole wizard says, if only to confirm that was their intention.
  2. nickbe10

    Scrap carbide

    It would probably be an idea to contact other carbide tool makers. I think Iscar is one that doesn't use Sandvik carbide blanks. Even if they don't take it themselves they might be "in the know" about that part of the supply chain.
  3. nickbe10

    Is there a way around Solidworks and Mastercam

    Not sure that's more difficult or harder than sending a Solidworks file. If you just use Parasolid as your file transfer protocol for everything then it is pretty much the end of the problem. Same with all the Engineering software. Saves you having to develop a gazillion work arounds and buying software readers. Now there are exceptions. We get orders direct from we have a Catia reader, but this is not necessary for non upper tier Boeing suppliers. We send out parasolids to our outsource shops. Saves us and them problems regardless of the software they are running. And do what Colin suggested as well, another problem off the list. never to rear its ugly head again.
  4. nickbe10

    Assigning formula to variable

    You didn't get the documentation ?
  5. nickbe10

    Crap....I messed up....

    Back when I seriously started Mastercam (X2) It could cause a crash if the auto save kicked in during toolpath regen. Didn't happen every time, but.... Sounds like they have at least added a prompt before saving. and from what you say it appears there is now something internally which prevents the conflict. So I guess my defense would be "Old habits die hard".
  6. nickbe10

    Crap....I messed up....

    As Programinator says, I don't use the "auto" function though. This can cause problems if it decides it needs to save while you are processing a large toolpath. Mine saves a copy to the network whenever I save on my PC. You do have to remember to save with this set up.
  7. nickbe10

    Extremely Slow Posting

    If you run it through the debugger it should be obvious. Do you have the little "ladybug" in the bottom L/H corner of the posting dialog box? If so it is already active. Programs/MastercamX/Utilities/Advanced config/Post Support. Click on the R/H column for the drop down and select enable turns it on. Click on the Post button and then hit the ladybug icon and the debugger will come up. Hit the play (don't hit turbo) button and it will output the post process and the trace of the post blocks. Clicking in the post process window or on the trace takes you to the line in the actual post on the post page you clicked.
  8. nickbe10

    Extremely Slow Posting

    Has this post been edited? I would load a default MD/CD/post and see if the problem goes away. If it does there is a problem in the post. If you have the documentation review the Post Debugger section. The other possibility is that you are generating a lot of code, are you surfacing anything? What do the toolpath sizes look like in the Ops. Manager?
  9. nickbe10

    Scan NCI for mi3$ value

    Could of sworn I have seen parameter numbers for mi and mr in the documentation somewhere. I will try and chase it down. Should be able to use one of the prep postblocks depending on the parameter group.
  10. Don't do it with inserts. solid carbide knock yourself out. But you are adding additional wear, especially in Ti, so you might not want to get too carried away. With a decent 50T you shouldn't have to. if you feel you are taking too many, try playing with the stock left during roughing (increase it). By increasing the engagement you might be able to balance, somewhat, the deflection. If the spindle is like a well cooked noodle then there is little you can do, the material is just too unforgiving.
  11. nickbe10

    YCM 4th Axis Post Edit Help!

    This could be in pretract, pretract0 or peof depending on your starter post. My bet is its a string literal so look at these postblocks and see if there is a "A0" on an output line. As Ron said, I have mine set up via Mi 7 and Mr 7 to give me a choice whether I output (Mi 7), and if I want it to go to a specific rotation angle I enter that in Mr 7. But this is not the default post condition, so you may have to hunt a little, depending if the post editor knew what he / she was doing. Do you know how to use the debugger?
  12. nickbe10

    My configuration is all messed up now!

    As Gunther says you have to find the original config file. I normally make a personal config file, so NICK'SX9.config so it's easier to find and I can keep a back up copy.
  13. nickbe10

    Macro Loading, advice needed

    One possibility is to get rid of the Macro and program everything centerline. Worked at a shop where we did this. Needless to say it was like pulling teeth without anesthetic for 18 months, but once we hit a critical mass of progs which were programmed centerline you couldn't get the complainers to go back if you held a gun to their heads. COR was set in the common offset, the only thing the operator had to do was enter the TLOs and we were off to the races. Hard work up front, but rewarding in the long run.
  14. Cutter Compensation of any type can be problematic. The only shop where I never had any problems was a shop where we didn't use it. Control Comp tends to give more problems because of the amount of straight line movement required on entry. Wear Comp only requires 2x the amount you expect to comp in a straight line, so if you never expect the cutter diameter to deviate more than 0.25mm you would only need a 0.5mm straight move . It is what most, but by no means all, shops use. There is a thread with a survey at the top of the Industrial page if you are interested. Yes the arc page would be the next place I would send you. However first we needed to confirm Control Comp was the culprit. Did you try it with Wear comp.?
  15. nickbe10

    Trouble viewing presentation on new PC

    We use Virtual Machines to read older 32 bit software on 64 bit machines. Don't think you can go the other way because you need the higher bit computer somewhere in the loop to read and display the 64 bit software.

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