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  1. nickbe10

    Depth cut order "By depth" broken?

    Only use clearance at start and end of toolpath. Its up nestled under Clearance. Will go to Retract height except enter and exit (to clearance). Mind the Absolute/ Incremental settings...
  2. nickbe10

    aligning fixture to tables using 2 dowell pins

    You will have to be more specific about your table. Is it just a normal slotted table or does it have a sub plate? If sub plate does it have holes.....what type....?
  3. nickbe10

    Drilling inconel sheet

    If you have problems, Mikron Cross Pilots might do the trick. 170 degree point so good for sheet. Not cheap but we normally get a couple of hundred holes drilling on a 30 degree slope in Inconel (not sheet).
  4. nickbe10

    getting a tool to cut parallel to the wall

    Have you got y axis?
  5. This will require some fairly straight forward post modification. Will need to know your base post and what you want it to look like.
  6. 1 Analyze entity 2 Analyze entity 3 Analyze distance
  7. nickbe10

    Post to 2 post processors automatically

    A good start would be to put your post in the Post Processer Development Forum. I think you could handle this with "ppost" but I will defer to Mr. Gilchrist who has more experience with this "function".
  8. nickbe10

    Engraving cutters

    Try Harvey, they have tip radii down to 0.0025.
  9. nickbe10

    Modeling in Mastercam 2021

    It's usually better to start with a solid. It is easy to create a surface from a solid face. More complicated to make a solid "solid" from a hollow surface model. It is also easy to create a curve on a solid edge to make wireframe. Surfaces and solid faces can be useful for different applications.
  10. nickbe10

    Verify movement

    Even with Vericut it can be a challenge. A local company were the first kids on the block with a Mag 4 high speed cell. Makino turned up with a pallet of spindle cartridges, it took a fair few weeks and a number of spindles to get it dialed in so they could reliably push the button. At 30,000 rpm and 1,000+ ipm FEED rates just a glancing contact can be curtains for the spindle. I think it was about 4 months after they started that one of the supervisors who I worked with in a previous life told me their annualized chip recycling had just gone through seven figures....
  11. Or you could just save it as a parasolid (out of Solidworks).......x_t or .x_b (the best transfer protocol across a range of platforms). This also works for Solidworks assy files, which MC also sometimes has problems with.
  12. Spindle double whammy, you are bleeding at 2x rate, it just isn't good.
  13. Our new Mori has a double bump option, rotating 180 degrees between each bump. This definitely seems to help on 2d offset pickups.
  14. nickbe10

    Code posting problem

    yep, looks suspiciously like code dropping... You can get away with running across electrical cable sometimes, running next to it (parallel) with insufficient space is the big killer . But nothing beats well shielded cable (all cable is not created equal as you inferred), and as much space as possible.
  15. nickbe10

    using tool comp on 5axis

    You need to manipulate from within the Operation (Stock or Cutter definition). For most material / tolerance combinations this is sufficient....note I said most....

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