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  1. nickbe10

    Machine undercut with lolly-pop cutter

    Or Blend Toolpath. Many options on this toolpath.
  2. I think there are some router posts on the Mastercam site if you have current maintenance. And there is specific documentation for converting mill posts for routers which might be useful.
  3. You need to read the forum guidelines. Requesting posts is not permitted. I am surprised you haven't been moderated.
  4. nickbe10

    Thread Milling Burr

    It's called a Higby by the "roundies".
  5. nickbe10

    Surfacing issues

    Note the point doesn't have to be in the "center", the path will "morph" to compensate.
  6. nickbe10

    Surfacing issues

    One way, that's what a spiral is. Using the point as your first chain gives it a starting point. The legacy toolpath works too and doesn't have so many options, so might be easier to control. Right click in Ops Manger to get to the Legacy Surface Toolpaths.
  7. Have you tried a parameter dump?
  8. nickbe10

    Surfacing issues

    Yes it does. Select a point as you first chain and then the profile chain. This works well, and because it is a projected path, you can project from any view using the construction plane, regardless of the tool plane (i.e Cplane does not = Tplane)
  9. In the meantime you could run a file compare against the Mastercam generic 4 axis post. Look in the downloads section on the Mastercam site and see if there is a Mazak Genric. Either one of these should give you a clue when compared to your current post. Looks like a pretty old post. You might want to consider updating, it is involved but you will learn a lot about post editing and you might end up with more functionality. I updated mine when I went to X9, and I plan another when I update to 2021.
  10. There is a specific stream that handles single tool programs. Yours appears to be broken. Just remind me, what are the initials used in the revision log section just below where you stopped (IHS or CNC are usual). I think this was a generic. Kinda busy now, will take a look later if I get a chance. Try searching "Single tool" and you will see the specific post blocks and functions which control this.
  11. nickbe10

    Where do I start?

    Look out for Post Processer editing classes through emastercam. Colin Gilchrist runs these and is a frequent forum contributor and usually gives a heads up on the forum when one is planned.
  12. So it is actually a CNC generic post, I am not as familiar but should be OK. if rot_on_x, pbld, n$, *sgcode, *sg28, protretinc, e$ *****************( not sure how to arrange this line, if at all) #if rot_on_x, pbld, n$, *sgcode, *sg28, protretinc, e$ *****************( not sure how to arrange this line, if at all) Add the # at the front of the line in pretract and pretract0, this will prevent the G0 G29 A0 line from being output at toolchange. Try reposting after the edit and see where you are. In mpmaster there is a similar line in peof which should output the line at the end of the program, if not you might have to insert it. One step at a time will prevent back tracking.
  13. Looks like Mpmaster, to confirm this look at the Revision Log just below the Header above. If it has IHS and dates it is an IN House Solutions Mpmaster post, or at least started that way. The post blocks which control the output you are interested in are pretract which outputs the code at tool change events, pretract0 which outputs at null tool change events (operation change but tool is the same) and peof which outputs at end of file. The line you are looking for should look something like this: pbld, n$, *sg28, protretinc, e$ This is the output line for G28 A0 and it looks like some one has added in a reiterated forced G0, there are several ways of doing this. Comment out this line in pretract and pretract0. To do this use # at the beginning of the line.
  14. Which "base post" is it?
  15. Not with Okuma. Haas Fanuc and Mitsubishi but ended up booking extended training. We are post and go here so I wanted specific control with comments etc...still lots to do to get 100% good output as it depends to some extent how your machine was set up. It is not unlike "post editing" for complexity. With all the bells and whistles that come standard on every Okuma, I wouldn't be surprised if the set up for these machines is more challenging, probably excellent functionality once you get it figured out...

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