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  1. For me the derived geometry is worth the extra time as long as you use it to help "tell the story" of the program. Being able to isolate it also helps chaining or selection process.
  2. Have you tried just using the finish passes? I would normally break something like this into a couple of toolpaths for control, but then its not something you generally come across in aerospace (what I do), so if you have to do it a lot it might be a pain.
  3. nickbe10

    lathe post help

    So MPLMASTER has some significant differences to the CNC generics. Look in the revision history initials to discover the base post. CNC usually means CNC generic, IHS would normally indicate MPLMASTER. The normal procedure is to make a copy of the post you want to develop. Rename the copy indicating what you are doing. At the moment I am working on custom drill cycles so my development copy is MORI SEIKI NV5100 4 AXIS CUT. DRILL DEV. Once I have finished I save over the production .pst file MORI SEIKI NV5100 4 AXIS.
  4. nickbe10

    lathe post help

    What's your base post?
  5. nickbe10


    Was it in TOP when you opened it or did you need to change it? What happens when you just display the OP1 result .stl on the screen?
  6. nickbe10


    Make sure you are in TOP in the Stock Setup Tab in Properties in Machine Group.
  7. nickbe10

    Latest computer builds

    I got my HP workstation through the Medium Size Business dept. at HP (although I do own an LLC it wasn't necessary, at least when I ordered). Got a good discount. Love the computer, will be going back next year for it's replacement.
  8. nickbe10

    Toolpath for machining a fillet without a form tool?

    Blend might also be worth a try as it is good over multiple surfaces (even if they are not particularly well trimmed together).
  9. nickbe10

    reverse Alt+E Show/Hide entities

    Reverse selection button
  10. nickbe10

    osp-p300m control

    If you look in the pwcs postblock you can see the fix to extend the range. You could also just disable the error message call, as long as you are sure everything is OK otherwise, not my first choice..
  11. What post do you have linked?
  12. nickbe10

    Gerber EIA RS274-D

    This output is generated in one of two places depending on your base post and any mods. pretract or peof
  13. nickbe10

    Mastercam Maintenance Codes

    No you just can't update or any other "perks" that maintenance subscribers have.
  14. The debugger was bought as a third party item and has not been completely integrated. Yes I have come across this, sometimes you have to start a new debug session. It just doesn't reset properly. Sometimes just rerunning will do the trick. I have rebuilt watchlists too. If anyone else has any tricks they use I'd like to hear them too
  15. nickbe10

    Stock flip, stock transfer disabled

    Stock flip worked for me straight out of the box. I'm not really in charge of lathe stuff here but I am working up lathe posts for MC , POCO is still on my to do list.

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