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  1. Oh well, I take it you don't have a maintenance package with your reseller? If you did I would expect them to help you out with this, especially as you have already upgraded to 2018/19. Don't forget any of your HASPS will read work for all previous versions too. So you just need the Installation .EXE file for X9 to get going. The other alternative might be to just upgrade the problem files to 2019 (I bypassed 2017 and 2018 for the same reasons as above). The GUI is somewhat different but they have made further improvements to the HS toolpaths.
  2. Without wishing to sound negative, I would recommend upgrading to X9 to start. The High speed toolpaths have always been glitchy / difficult and this was nowhere more evident than in X7 and X8. I never even downloaded them, went straight from X6 to X9, along with many others. I don't generally have a problem with reading parameters in from tools in my tool libraries as long as it is the initial set up. Where I still run into problems is editing a pre existing toolpath and being sure it "buys" the new parameters. The Apply button helps here before you Green Check out. I have even used the return to defaults and then re entering the edit, then Apply and this will sometimes force the new parameters.
  3. nickbe10

    Link on

    Interesting, when I first logged on our security system wouldn't allow it so our reseller gave us a special code that hooked us up straight through the field on the website. I guess all resellers aren't created equal......
  4. Re post in the Post Processer Forum. We will need to know what your "base post" is. If it is MPMASTER then there are switches at the top of the post to give you what you want. If its an MC Generic it might take some work.
  5. nickbe10

    MC Postprocessor coolant commands

    I think that as you seem to be interested, engaged and experienced you will make rapid progress . Read the Intro., the MP processing and Quick Reference and FAQ first. These will give you an eye opening overview of what happens when you hit that button that launches the Post Processer..... Good luck!!
  6. nickbe10

    MC Postprocessor coolant commands

    No such thing, especially where Posts are's very easy to cause chaos. MP is the language that the .DLL file is written in. It is a very derived "C type" language. The documentation is only available through your reseller, how good a response you get from your reseller varies, some would rather sell you a persistent and insistent. The full documentation is 10 volumes + some extras on the debugger etc..... Including lists of postblocks and what they do. This is basically a reference and is best accompanied by some training. Colin Gilchrist runs semi regular Post Processer introduction classes through emastercam and is regularly here on the forum. ALWAYS copy your original Post to work on it, that way if something goes wrong you can get back to where you started.
  7. Unfortunate. Just as a matter of interest most experienced MC users program in incremental (there are a few places where I use absolute in 3 axis ). The reason is that if you were programmed incrementally you could achieve what you want simply by selecting the new WCS Z0 and regenerating. It can save hours of work especially say converting a Vertical 4 Axis to a Horizontal 4 Axis machine. Just be careful, your post is apparently giving you exactly what you want but you are "cheating" the system, which might not work under ALL circumstances so a problem or crash could just come out of the blue . An example would be that I have just finished updating all my mill Posts to fresh MPMASTER bases to get the Productivity + codes and just generally clean thins up. Everything was fine until I used Force Tool change option and the Coolant stopped outputting correctly, had to re debug and find the problem (it was posting "clean"). Now that wouldn't cause a crash in itself but it just goes to show that unless you have a full understanding of what is happening in this post it always has the potential for problems.
  8. I don't think this is a post processer issue. It is how you are setting up your toolpaths. Are you using absolute or incremental on the linking page? Usually people will use a solid model or geometry arranged in the same way it is on the part. Now you can lie to the system and say I don't want to machine the geometry at a different Z level but this can be a slippery slope which is easy to loose track of. Why set the WCS at .7 and then machine Z-.25? Why not just set the WCS at Z.45? Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. Also AXYZ implies a 4 axis post....
  9. nickbe10

    MC Postprocessor coolant commands

    I would recommend that you get the MP documentation from your reseller. About an hour or two of reading and you will start understanding a lot more what is going on. You will also find people much more willing and able to help if you have more specific problems that you would be able to ask about, this is somewhat open ended. If you run the debugger in "Run" mode it will create a trace of the postblock path through the debugger. Clicking on the G code being generated on the L/H side will take you to the area of the post you need to look at, as will clicking on postblocks in the trace on the R/H side. There are probably several ways to accomplish what you want and will probably involve the following postblocks: ptlghg_com, pretract and pcant_out at least, none of which we have seen so far.
  10. nickbe10

    MC Postprocessor coolant commands

    I am a bit hesitant here because I see some strange variables (var1). This is for the toolchange block number, but this available on most modern generic and free available posts(such as MPMASTER available on this site) and can be turned on simply by initializing an existing variable to an integer in the post header). This would lead me to think that the post is either straight off the Arc (as in Noahs'), or is extremely hacked about. The problem with that is that you may have created traps and problems which only appear under certain circumstances. Does it post clean? Or do you get the "Do you want to see your errors" message when posting. Your coolant is now converted to Xcoolant, where your coolant call appears is controlled by pcan, pcan1 and pcan2 the latter usually via pcom_movea . Do you know how to use the debugger?
  11. nickbe10

    Flowline - Undercut with key cutter

    You could try Blend. T-plane from the Top and project your curves (C-plane) from the side to control the depth
  12. nickbe10

    HELP WITH G05.1

    I don't think you are doing anything wrong.... This looks like a Post Processor issue, someone has fat fingered an extra R in a format or postline statement
  13. nickbe10

    MillTurn part handling

    Not necessarily. We are looking at getting the new MP.Net set ups for our two Doosans, one of which is a TT 1800 SY. Here are the pitfalls I see at the moment: There just aren't that many people out there who are familiar enough with the new "machine environment" to be able to get the thing working really well, this is especially true of the resellers: most of whom find it difficult enough to provide simple mods in the classic MP which has been around for years. So at some point you will have to fall back on CNC and then you have to wait in line for service. The mods should be included in the maintenance (at least with our reseller) as long as you specified when you got the system what you wanted to do with it. I don't think what you are requesting should be too difficult (Ive done similar in a classic MP post and it was only an hour or so) and I would expect it to be handled by my reseller, but all resellers are not created equally so you will have to ask. They will be allowing more access gradually (remember this new machine environment is still under development), word round the campfire is it will first be the tool library / load, but access might require some official training. Contact your reseller, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  14. nickbe10

    MillTurn part handling

    If this is the MP.NET Mill/Turn you will have to go through your reseller. Editing of the machine environment (which includes the post) is unavailable to general users, even if you have the license. If you have a normal MP post processer with separate MD and CD a lot of the misc. functions are not instantly available. This is because every machine can have different internal set ups for these, both between makes and models, but between two machines of the same make and model. This led to crashes early on as it was impossible to have a generic post to handle all the variations. So much of the logic is commented out. So many POCO functions need to be opened up and logic constructed (actually mostly variable assignments) to output the codes for your specific requirements. If you are unfamiliar with Post Processor editing again your reseller will be the best place to start.
  15. nickbe10


    I seem to remember a switch at the top of the .pst file as well. In General Output Settings section. Just checked it, need to initialize the variables to 1

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