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  1. nickbe10

    Comments not posting

    1) What is the base post? 2 Has it been previously edited?
  2. nickbe10

    Add G0 first line after G41

    What is your base post?
  3. That looks better, the tool is starting lower down, if you run it in back plot you should see it start to engage at the top part of the ball rad. If the first cut is too heavy move your minimum depth up. I am usually aiming for a very light first cut, or even air just for safety, especially in hard metals You are usually going relatively quick, especially in Al, so not much time lost. The other thing to play with is the Directions tab which will allow you to control your entries and exits.
  4. You have a couple of ways to control this: Via formatting, and parameters in the post, and/or in the tool definition. Tool library would of course be required. Have you got the MP documentation? Try a search too, I can't believe this hasn't been talked about in some form, perhaps not so extensive as you might want but at least a place to start.
  5. I have also done this with Titanium. Use the extra stock to keep the rigidity adjacent to the cut for as long as possible.
  6. What you are seeing here is the cutter starting on the edge of the surface. As it moves down the surface it has to offset itself in the x-y plane in order for the ballnose to stay tangent to the surface being machined. Have you got z level control with Surface Finish Parallel (Not a toolpath I use much)? If so start the cut about half your ball diameter below the top of the surface. Surface Finish Parallel is normally recommended for surfaces that are relatively flat with little slope.
  7. This is one of the reasons people tend to start with mpmaster (this and the high speed lookahead options). X coolant would be a tough one to transfer. Most of the stuff you might want to add to mpmaster is fairly easy to copy out of the generics.
  8. nickbe10

    Can't cut taper with waterline

    Blend is also an very underused undercutting toolpath. And you can project your geometry (C plane) from a different plane than your tool plane (T plane)
  9. nickbe10

    Inverse Z Axis on Sub Spindle

    Yes you need to reconcile your post with how your machine is set up, or vise versa. The best way is to work your way down the list and devise a toolpath or 2 to verify it is moving and posting code correctly. I use the CNC Generic MT post and it is the: "Machining position/turret and spindle settings section" that I use for this.
  10. Have you selected the stage tool option in the post header?
  11. Another "free luncher".
  12. nickbe10

    No Retract on Depth Cuts

    Who was it that said: "Every time I think I am getting too cynical, I stop and think about it for a few seconds and realize I am just not keeping up..." ?
  13. nickbe10

    No Retract on Depth Cuts

    This could be a post issue ...
  14. The most reliable transfer protocol is parasolid. You can use .x_t (parasolid text) or .x_b (parasolid binary) While there are tools as above for specific transfer protocols the parasolid are the most reliable over all the CAD systems.
  15. nickbe10

    Cutter Grinder Cost

    I am with JP here. The real challenge (well it certainly would be out here in PNW) would be to staff it and keep it running enough to justify the cost. Like any specialized / complex machining task there is just nothing like the daily honing of skills.

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