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  1. BSmith23

    Active Reports Z Depths

    That's odd. It shows numbers for my 3d HS Toolpaths. And my 5-axis work too.
  2. BSmith23

    Active Reports Z Depths

    MIN-Z-TPLANE should do what you need. If not, there is a knowledge base article on Mastercam's website that should be able to help. Every time we've upgraded, I have had to search to find the right variable because it seems like it always changes. Hope this helps. Brent
  3. BSmith23

    need to post drill cycle that starts slowly

    Our Reseller made us a Custom Drill Cycle exactly like this for our Fanuc controlled YCM's. We get really good code that we don't have to edit. We use Thru-Spindle Coolant drills with this cycle, and we don't turn on the thru-spindle coolant until after we get into the holes. Brent
  4. BSmith23

    Quadro RTX series

    I'm currently using a RTX-4000 with 2019 with no issues so far.
  5. BSmith23

    New Mikron

    We got a DMG MORI 5-axis back in February, with a Heidenhain control. I have only ever use FANUC anywhere else I've worked, so it has been a bit of a learning curve for me too. There are some things I like about it, and others where I wish it was a FANUC. But overall, so far, not too bad.
  6. Is there a way to set a default holders library for a certain Machine Definition? I have one machine that uses HSK63A holders, the rest use CAT/BT-40, so I want to set the HSK holders as default for that particular machine. Brent
  7. Dave228, Those look nice. I thought ours looked good, but yours look pretty good too. Mine aren't quite as simple as yours are. Nice Job! Brent
  8. BSmith23

    Stock Models

    Back to the original question, I don't know if this is related to your issue or not, but I found it was causing issues with my computer trying to do the same thing, check Configuration, Toolpaths, Memory Buffering setting. I don't know how mine got down to 50%, but once I bumped it back up to 80%, I didn't have these issues so much anymore. I happened to see it as a suggestion to another question here, so that's how I found it. Brent
  9. Usually, when I run into this issue, it's because I didn't set my Minimum Z Depth appropriately on the Steep/Shallow page. Hope this helps. Brent
  10. BSmith23

    Pic into MC

    See if this works for you. May have to clean it up a little. I have a link to a free jpg to dxf converter that I do things like this with. Let me know if you'd like it. Brent RHP.mcam
  11. BSmith23

    Post question

    The problem I am having is that I don't know what the Post Processor recognizes from what Mastercam defines. For example, In the Cut Parameters page for the Peck Drill Cycle, it only uses the first Peck variable, so I know what the PP calls that. But what does the PP refer to the Subsequent peck variable as? Same for Peck clearance? If I know that, then I think I can get it. Or do I only need to reference what I am calling those spots? If I am using Peck to tell me Pilot Depth, do I just call it Pilot Depth in my PP lines? That's what's hanging me up.
  12. BSmith23

    Post question

    So did you put those into the Custom Parameters? Or did you modify the normal Parameters? I am trying to do something similar with my YCM post.
  13. BSmith23

    Viewsheets--- Why should I use them?

    We use them here for the S/U views and info for our S/U sheets. That way all we have to do when we get a repeat job is to click on the correct viewsheet, select the correct OPs, and print S/U sheets.

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