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  1. BSmith23

    Master Cam slow down

    Is the file still keeping solids and surfaces? If so, maybe this is part of the problem as well. I hate using surfaces instead of solids, but everyone has their own way, so I'm not knocking it. But all the individual surfaces add up in file size too. Esp if the solid was complex to begin with. Brent
  2. BSmith23

    Setting up a Trunnion on an Okuma Mill

    The easiest way to find center of rotation, is to indicate the table flat at the top and zero your x-axis and z-axis at the center of the table and face of the table respectively. Then rotate your table 90 degrees, and find the x-axis location of your table face, and then the center of the table in z. Between those two measurements, you should be able to figure out your center of rotation. Then just figure out what those distances are from machine home, if necessary. Hope this helps. Brent
  3. BSmith23

    where do you change stock color MC2020

    Uncheck Use Mastercam colors when you get to that page, then you can change colors.
  4. BSmith23

    Programs blitzing

    I had this issue with a 5-axis toolpath if I remember right. It would suspend all of my previous Opti-Rest toolpaths that were tied to Stock Models that would suspend as well, even before the 5-axis toolpath. I have been told that this was fixed in 2021, but I have not tried it there yet. Brent
  5. BSmith23

    Upgraded material library

    We use HSMAdvisor here too. I have noticed though that drill feeds seem quite high I think. I don't dial back the RPM but I do the feed based on what I've seen so far with it.
  6. BSmith23

    Where do I start?

    As far as custom set-up sheets, one of our former programmers used the Active Reports Tutorial from and made a pretty decent report that we still use today. I have had to tweak it on occasion, mainly after upgrading to next version, because sometimes Mastercam will change an XML tag. But it's not too bad to go through. That's what I used to figure out where to tweak and edit it to get what I want. Brent
  7. BSmith23

    AutoRegen - CHook

    When I first looked at this yesterday, I didn't think much of it. But as I worked today, I could see how this can help a lot. So I loaded all three versions (19/20/21), and have them all set to Start-up. Thank you very much! Brent
  8. BSmith23

    Model Transparency

    Actually, I've been playing around with this lately for my electrode sheets. Set your Glass setting, then click on a solid, then click the glass button, and it will only turn that solid transparent. I've had some pretty good luck with this lately in 2019 with no issues. I've even done different solids in the viewsheet with different glass levels. Hope this helps. Brent
  9. BSmith23

    Different stock in Verify vs MachSim

    Are you calling the STL in Machsim? Or in the Toolpath Manager? I have had similar issues, but have found that if I call the STL in Toolpath Manager, then in the Machsim I tell it to use Mastercam defined stock, I think that is what has worked best for me. Been a few weeks since I've had to do that, so I don't remember exactly what I did, but I think thats it. Hope this helps. Brent
  10. So that is after your drill cycle is done. I'm guessing it is hard-coded into your post as the home position. Not sure of that, but that is what it looks like.
  11. BSmith23

    How long to get a new post?

    I think that after we accepted the quote from our Re-seller and issued a P.O., we had our new post within two weeks. They sent ours through Postability. And any changes that we have needed they have gotten fixed within a week. Good luck!
  12. BSmith23

    Lines on part

    First, I am going to make a few assumptions, that you are using either Waterline, Scallop, Equal Scallop, Raster, or Hybrid. For this I would use Waterline or Scallop. Equal Scallop would be okay but takes a long time to process. I rarely use Hybrid. Next, make sure you are using a ballnose or bullnose endmill, depending on which tool path you use. If using Waterline, us a bullnose. If scallop, use a ballnose. Raster would be okay to with either tool. Do not use a Sharp Corner endmill! If using Waterline, check the Add cuts box on the Cut Parameters page, to add minimum stepdown and max stepover. If using Scallop, make sure Expand inside to out is checked on Cut Parameters page. When you verify, no matter what you do, it will look like there is steps. But the real look of the part may look nice and shiny. Just my thoughts. 100 ways to do most anything. Brent
  13. Typically, I use a ball end mill, do a waterline toolpath first, then a scallop. Sometimes, depending on how much of the radius there is on the floor, you can get away with a scallop only. Typically when I use scallop like this, I will work outside to inside. But I also consider myself a newbie, even though I've been doing this almost 5 years now. And I know that Hybrid, and Equal Scallop will probably work well too. They take me longer to process. Brent
  14. BSmith23

    Can't cut taper with waterline

    Just heard back from Curtiss Howard at CNC. He said that Waterline does not support undercut at all, which I didn't realize. He also mentioned Surface Contour, which I have plotted through and looks good. Also, while I was trying to figure this out, I found I could also use 2D Contour, with Depth Cuts, Tapered Walls, and Undercut all checked, and it seems to plot out correctly as well. But I will probably go with Surface Contour as my first option. Thanks gcode! Brent
  15. I just posted this on Mastercam Forum, thought I would put it here too. I am trying to cut an 8' relief taper under a 90.16mm diameter bore. I am using a 3/4" slot mill with full 3mm radius and 1/2" shank. No matter what I select, it will only cut will not post any code that tapers out as the tool goes down. Anyone have any ideas? Mastercam 2019 file. Brent TAPER TEST.ZIP

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