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  1. BSmith23


    I agree. I like working in it for some things, but have had good and bad luck with it. It is pretty vanilla I think, but I don't have anything to judge it against, so I guess I shouldn't. Brent
  2. BSmith23

    Active Reports Tag

    A coworker did before I got into the programming department. But I have tweaked it a few times to what you see here. It is similar to what the Active Reports Tutorial goes through. The Max Z is actually the lowest point the tool goes, not the highest. I could send you the files if you wish. Would just have to get our shop logo out of it, but that wouldn't take much. Brent
  3. BSmith23

    Active Reports Tag

    It doesn't on mine, just gives me the length from the holder. Brent
  4. BSmith23

    Active Reports Tag

    Try TOOL/OVERALL-LENGTH See if that works Brent
  5. BSmith23

    Adding 2 items to Active Reports

    See if this helps. Like I say, they may have changed the field name for 2020, I don't know. I run into that with our other Set-up sheets whenever we upgrade, I usually have to change the Z value.
  6. BSmith23

    Adding 2 items to Active Reports

    That's pretty close. Tool Crib # is where I put the EDP number at in the data field. Maybe 2020 has changed the list name for that data? I haven't upgraded yet, usually wait until at least one update has happened.
  7. BSmith23

    Adding 2 items to Active Reports

    BLS is where the actual fields and field data is held. BLSPAGE is the main that references BLS to create the printed format. These are in 2019 format.
  8. BSmith23

    custom tools in x9

    Does not have to be dxf file. can be x9 or dxf, and which way you do it makes a difference along which axis you draw your tool along and what levels are named what. I believe that an x9 file has to be drawn along the x-axis, and yes on center, with profile only, and level names don't matter. for the dxf however, go along the y-axis, and level one must be named CUT, and level 2 NOCUT, with cutting geometry on 1 and non-cutting geometry on 2. I may have those backwards, as I don't do it often, and I always have to go back to the Tool Manager tutorial to get it right. Someone here may be of more help than I. Brent
  9. BSmith23

    Adding 2 items to Active Reports

    Yes you can. See if my files have what you are looking for. BLSPAGE is the headline and BLS is the tool list itself. Hopefully this helps. Brent -Tool List (MILL-OPMGR)BLS.rpx Tool List (MILL-OPMGR)BLSPAGE.rpx
  10. BSmith23


    I'm going to assume that before you start simulation, you have your WCS and workpiece oriented the way you will see it looking down from the Z-axis. If this is the case, depending on where your part x/y/z zero is, you may have to change Workpiece Position to "Translation in XYZ", and adjust those until you get the part where you want it. This is what I usually have to do to get it on my fixturing where I need it. Hope this helps. Brent
  11. BSmith23

    Active Reports Z Depths

    That's odd. It shows numbers for my 3d HS Toolpaths. And my 5-axis work too.
  12. BSmith23

    Active Reports Z Depths

    MIN-Z-TPLANE should do what you need. If not, there is a knowledge base article on Mastercam's website that should be able to help. Every time we've upgraded, I have had to search to find the right variable because it seems like it always changes. Hope this helps. Brent
  13. BSmith23

    need to post drill cycle that starts slowly

    Our Reseller made us a Custom Drill Cycle exactly like this for our Fanuc controlled YCM's. We get really good code that we don't have to edit. We use Thru-Spindle Coolant drills with this cycle, and we don't turn on the thru-spindle coolant until after we get into the holes. Brent
  14. BSmith23

    Quadro RTX series

    I'm currently using a RTX-4000 with 2019 with no issues so far.
  15. BSmith23

    New Mikron

    We got a DMG MORI 5-axis back in February, with a Heidenhain control. I have only ever use FANUC anywhere else I've worked, so it has been a bit of a learning curve for me too. There are some things I like about it, and others where I wish it was a FANUC. But overall, so far, not too bad.

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