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  1. Kampfzentrum

    Right Angle Aggregate HELP!

    Yes, talked to my Mastercam reseller and am paying for the feature. It appears to be way over my head.
  2. Kampfzentrum

    Right Angle Aggregate HELP!

    Well, I'm not a pro at post editing, so it unnerves me a bit, but you are correct... I should want to change it. I'm going to point the RAH in X+ and X-. I guess it's the terminology I've never heard. When I go into the Machine Definition Manager, it doesn't have the RAH Aggregates in the Machine Configuration box, so I think not. I did contact my Mastercam reseller and they said they are going to configure the post to accept a RAH, but it is going to cost $$$ - even if I pay maintenance, does that sound right?
  3. Kampfzentrum

    Right Angle Aggregate HELP!

    Got a HMC and we have a right angle head for it. I've never programmed for it so I searched the forum and came up with quite a bit of information but am unsure how to execute. So I've gotten this far: After completing all of my normal machining (no RAH) I created a new machine group and went into the Machine Definition Manager and on the opening screen I can see "Dual Outlet Right Angle Aggregate" and "Four Outlet Right Angle Aggregate". I'm assuming I have to select one of these but three questions: By making any changes for this Machine Definition, it will only make changes to this particular machine group, correct? I don't want to make any permanent alterations to the post. Which do I use? Dual Outlet Right Angle Aggregate or Four Outlet Right Angle Aggregate? What is the difference? Once I determine what aggregate to use, what do I do to apply it? Could really use some help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Kampfzentrum

    DX-32 Post Processor

    And how to do this? In the .pst file?
  5. Kampfzentrum

    Backfacing Operations

    I'll be honest, I don't even know where to post that. I know that most guys on here have a in-depth knowledge of Mastercam, but I never got that kind of training or have messed around with it. If I was more knowledgeable, I'm sure I could do something with this, but at this point I'm not there. Thanks though.
  6. Kampfzentrum

    Backfacing Operations

    Link me?
  7. Kampfzentrum

    Backfacing Operations

    I think what I'm going to do is create a custom cycle by just authoring the G&M code and inserting it as a subroutine. That way the program will pull up to the location, then execute the subroutine. It's not doing anything crazy, just a few feed moves, a rapid, dwell, a stop, etc. I'll have to look into the spindle stopping after the M00, that could be an issue and most likely will be.
  8. Hey guys, Got a question about backfacing operations. Basically I got a tool that rapids in to M00 (requires a head to be placed on it), machines - backwards - the spotface to depth, and will need to rapid down (again M00 for tool removal), and rapids out. Maybe a canned cycle? Definitely open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  9. Kampfzentrum

    DX-32 Post Processor

    Thanks for the responses guys. I downloaded the post for a friend of mine, the only reason I'm asking about the G54 is because his operator is asking for it. I personally am not on site, but I'll ask more. I automatically assumed that the machine utilized a standard G54 offset - especially when the operator is asking for it. Let me update this thread. But the notes on the tooling operations, surely that should be able to post out.
  10. Kampfzentrum

    DX-32 Post Processor

  11. OK, got a Bridgeport DX-32 post processor off of the MC website. Post is pretty decent but it is met with some errors: 1) Post will not post out toolpath messages - which is actually more helpful now that I cannot post them. 2) Post will not post out a G54 offset. Much thanks in advance.
  12. Kampfzentrum

    Bridgeport DX32 Post Processor

    Gotcha. Yeah, we have a maintenance license. I have the files he was referring. Just needed to know how to navigate that.
  13. Kampfzentrum

    Bridgeport DX32 Post Processor

    I've linked my account. Didn't understand what you meant by maintenance. However, still cannot find.
  14. Kampfzentrum

    Bridgeport DX32 Post Processor

    Maintenance? Where do I modify that?
  15. Kampfzentrum

    Bridgeport DX32 Post Processor

    Man, I am just not seeing the same thing you are... PM sent.

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