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  1. why yasda over mikron/agie ?
  2. hello , watching this video about finishing corners, i dont understand how useful and trustfull is to know/see the triangulated model of the toolpath , i know this is the method how cam software create the toolpath, is this really a good option or just to wow the audience, thank you. guys
  3. Hi, guys. i was reading a description about vericut force and the videos about it. looks great for peel,and chip thining,but for chatering of the tool will work?, does anybody have try vericut force?. thank you guys.
  4. Hi, guys. i was reading a description about a machine tool, i am a noob, so i do not understand some concepts. Like ... "5xHMCHHBA" = i think its a 5 axis, horizontal , machine, center, head, head, A axis (-+110deg) mounted in B axis (-+360) deg. so, also says, A axis rotates around and axis parallel to X axis. = i think its correct because A axis is mounted in B axis , so im ok whith these statement. but next line make me nuts, " B AXIS rotation , is parallel to Y axis" = i think thise statement is wrong because b axis rotation is not parallel to Y axis because it is a horizontal HMC. i am wrong whit my statement about b-y axis? thank you guys.
  5. my system is dual core , 6 gb of ram ddr3, and amd fire gl 512 mb opengl 4.1 grafics card. not so bad. there is no modeled threads , just plane holes. the plate is 1 meter x 1 meter. i am inside requirements when i open the fileim just using 2 gigs of ram and just 1 core and 50 percent. im going to try in another pc maybe my pc is old.
  6. Hi guys, im in the process of creating a gcode for a plate, but when i load the fixture in mastercam it takes forever to change view from wireframe to shaded. In wireframe view is ok the pan and rotating but when i change the view to solid shaded lines mastercam is very slow it takes forever to pan and rotate, my fixture is a 20 mb step file is a plate whith holes,the result MCAM file is just 30 mb, then i load another plate as stock and finally the part. In my cad system the plate is ok the pan and rotating is ok, but i think the problem is the conversion of CAD system via step file to mastercam.

    Mastercam 2017 graphics issues.

    ok, i dont know why always when mastercam have some bugs is a ... hardware problem ,other ting. men, my parts are "nobrain , NO BRAIN" machinining parts. no big stock, no big assemblies, no big and complex surfaces. just a cube whit holes thats it. why mastercam canthandle a a cube whit holes?,

    Mastercam 2017 graphics issues.

    rotating with new cws

    Best Finishing Toolpath for Cavity

    step 1.- whit isert mill use opticore for roughing 1 in for example 2.- use a 1/" to millflat to remove more areas. 3.-use semifinish whit opti core wit a ball of 1/2 4.- use parallel for 90 degres and 45 degres wit 0.1 of overstock. 5.- use a parallel croos matchet to final finish wit high speed optins activated for better results. do you want to conect with me by gotometing to make a demo? just send a PM.! i curious to teach about cavity machining.
  10. I thought mastercam graphics issues was solved, imgeting this -i7 cpu - latest drivers nvidia quadro 600 -windows 7 pc formated whit al latest drivers from web . im feel im in the unknokw dimension. does anybody know when mastercam going to release a new MU OR SP1 SP2, OR WHEREVER.?

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