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  1. poolrod2

    Tab help

    My problem is, I have steps that need milled on both sides and on the top side I cut the profiles full depth and it puts the tabs at the base of the part, when I cut the steps on the bottom the tabs either get cut away, or they are monsters ha ha, I could go in and step them down I guess.
  2. poolrod2

    Tab help

    Great, I will try it, it is .75 thick material. Thank you.
  3. poolrod2

    Tab help

    Thank you for checking it.
  4. Hi all, I'm sure this has been beat to death before, is there a way to raise my tabs from the bottom of the part?. No matter how thick I make them, when I cut the bottom of the part they get cut away because my part has steps that get cut away.. I tried moving my profile geometry to the middle of the part but the tabs always cut at the same place. I'm using X5, thank you for the help on this.
  5. I did a curve slice on these parts to run the profile with tabs, but after milling the steps on the second side the tabs are gone. The stock is 4x7x.75 and the parts are .725. Any help would be great. Now that I think about it, maybe I can raise my profile chain since it’s in the middle.
  6. It worked, thank you again.
  7. Great, I will check that out and thank you again.
  8. I don’t see a place to save it in Configuration/ Default Machines
  9. Ok, I will try that, thank you again.
  10. Every time I open a new Mastercam, I have to create or modify in the edit combinations, it won't save for some reason even after I move it to top top of the list.
  11. I just seen it, it is the three arrows on the top left to edit combinations. Thank you.
  12. There are a lot of things in Mastercam to poke around in ha ha, do you mean in here?, not that this is the correct machine, but this location.
  13. I'm sure this has been brought up a few thousand times, but I just need to remove the A0 from the g-code so I don't need to edit it. Thank you for your help. N100 G20 N110 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 N120 T215 M6 N130 G0 G90 G54 X0. Y0. A0. S305 M3 N140 G43 H215 Z2. N150 G98 G84 Z-.525 R.1 F33.9556 N160 G80 N170 M5 N180 G91 G28 Z0. N190 G28 X0. Y0. A0. N200 M30
  14. I will try G91.1. my guy said either have a post created or find one created already compatible withGRBL. Thank you for the help.
  15. poolrod2

    is there any hope for this program?

    If you go to users public public documents shared mastercam version you are using CNC Machines any control file like default.mcam from there will open your Mastercam by double clicking. Then you can adjust any oops settings.

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