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  1. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    Mill/Turn question

    Jesus G! You must of grew up with the biggest toys in the sandbox. Try and loosen up the stock tolerance. Round stock needs a lot of triangles to define, and with your Behemoth parts, I would loosen them up quite a bit.
  2. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    Finding centerline of letters

    Take a look here:
  3. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    2d Dynamic milling over engage

    Because the raw stock can be heavy on one side and light on the other, and saw cut. The dynamic toolpath needs to go around the stock once to understand where the material is. Try giving it a first pass offset with feed reduction and you will achieve what you are looking for.
  4. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    Posting NCI code

    Tom run the command finder and type in Import NCI. It will show up. I think you can also set up a tool button.
  5. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    Opti rough never cuts faces?!?!

    If you make your step up equal to your step down then it will hit every flat.
  6. Use the engrave toolpath. If you take the tool deep enough to ride on both side rails, it will center up your cutter. It will also clean out the corners. Just turn off the roughing and do the finish. Using the Engrave toolpath I was able to window chain the geometry. Hope this helps.
  7. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    2018 entity selection

    Your prayers are answered in 2019 You will be able to turn on and off the QM buttons.
  8. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    5-axis swarf question

    It's under Multi cuts Tool shift. Not the most intuitive place to put it, but there you go!
  9. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    SoCal 2018 Rollouts

    I just got back from working out the details with the Planes of Fame museum. The place is amazing, especially since yesterday was the anniversary of D-Day. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
  10. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    SoCal 2018 Rollouts

    We are back at the Planes of Fame Museum!! June 8th We will also be at the Camarillo Airport. June 14th Make sure to sign up as soon as possible, and don't forget to submit your T-shirt size. These are going to be great venues, and the registration gets you full admission into the museums. Oh and we will feed you too! Hope to see all of you there Register here:
  11. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    What is this Origin in Mill Turn

    That is the spindle origin. Since you can bolt on different size chucks mastercam needs to know where the face of the spindle is. It's only used for simulation purposes and does not affect your code output.
  12. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    Westec 2015

    We are having a Dynamic Day which includes our X9 Rollout in the morning, and first time ever Brew and View in the afternoon. Yes there will be beer at this event. Here is the link to register So far we are over 600 registered for the event. Hope to see you there. Jay we need to meet up!
  13. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    Arc issue on Fanuc

    JP set the arc output to R's not IJK. Some older machines controls will reverse arcs G2 To G3 in IJK mode. It wants to try and go in thru the back door. I've seen it mostly on the old Yasnak controls. Again setting the output to R will take care of it.
  14. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    x8 roll out event in so cal ?

    I just got back from the Air Museum at Chino. Guys this is going to be a cool venue! I can't wait for this one! By the way anyone that is going to the Chino Rollout gets free admission to the Museum and can enjoy all of the planes on display. Hope many of you can make it. -Peace
  15. Rob Dusenbury CAD/CAM CONSULTING

    x8 roll out event in so cal ?

    Here is the link to our X8 Rollouts

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