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  1. cam-eleon

    Weird arc slot

    I'm old school. Sketch in every rough pass with a ramp type 2 d contour if you have to. Then all arcs are/should be in the top view. Worry about the last pass/passes as a 3d cut. Then the boss is off your back.....
  2. cam-eleon

    Weird arc slot

    From what I know machines will only execute proper helical code on arcs in the G17 plane. Helical code is a G02/3 with a linear Z motion. Circles on the G18, G19 plane by definition will contain a Z. There are 5 arcs in the chain. If you close each arc and don't see a perfect circle as viewed from the top,front, or right/left then there are no G17,18,19 arcs.
  3. cam-eleon

    Weird arc slot

    Only a couple of the arcs are on the xy, yz, xz planes. You won't be able to filter/create arcs on circles that are not on the G17, 18, 19 planes
  4. cam-eleon

    Makino skipping arc moves

  5. cam-eleon

    Makino skipping arc moves

    I think you are already at the XY positions of the skipped arc move. So it would need to be a 360deg arc?? If that's OK then split the move into 2 G03 moves
  6. cam-eleon

    OptiRough - Not Recognising Stock

    I looking very quickly at this now. I'm a bit old school but I would define a new stock model before your OP5. I sometimes have my very first op as a stock model. I also have 2-3-4 stock models as I go along and then refer to the last stock model as my current part condition for my rest milling op.
  7. cam-eleon

    4-Axis Wire EDM Pocket

    I programmed wire many many years ago. For this case you may want to start offsetting those finish surfaces and creating your own core cut paths. Just my suggestion.
  8. cam-eleon

    MC 2021 verify troubles

    If the same tool is moving between planes, try for test purposes only, check force tool change then run the simulator. I would use to check the force tool change if I was unsure about what I was seeing in the simulation. I most cases I sometimes left them in and posed code. It does not hurt and may save a crash.
  9. cam-eleon

    Machining inclined groove with T slot

    To me if a form tool is used or even a t slot cutter the tool axis vector needs to be kept perpendicular to the floor or you'll "wash" out the form behind the tool. That's what I visualize as what can happen. Is this something that is being considered?
  10. cam-eleon

    Windows update

    I had similar issues with our IT "pushing" updates. I had to go back and update the graphics card drivers right from the Nvidia (in my case) web site. At least check the drivers you are running and compare with the latest available.
  11. How about Analyze, Dynamic. Check the normal vector values. Would that not be the same with parallel faces. As long as the normal direction is the same. Make surface and flip them to point in the same direction if needed. Try it, not sure if it's what you are looking for.
  12. cam-eleon

    Whats up with Modify Offset in 2021

    Mine seems OK. Zoom out as your default distance throws it off screen????
  13. Try turning lead in/out on for contour. For a pocket I don't think it will call dia comp
  14. cam-eleon

    Zirconia Machining (Dental Project)

    Thanks for the feedback. Would you mind to mention if you milled it in the pre-sintered state? It looks like you did. Then the piece was sintered, correct. What was the appx rpm you used and feed per tooth. Looks good, we appreciate the information you have given.
  15. cam-eleon

    2021 creating new plane freezes program

    Same here. Had to update drivers from Nvidia and use their app for setting what uses which card. A Win updated killed all that was once working.

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