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  1. cam-eleon

    Haas 617 alarm missing adress code

    I'm going to think that you checked that you are in G94 fpm mode??? If that's what you need.
  2. cam-eleon


    I would do a simplified 3d block sketch of the vise/base to use as guide when you work on your created planes. I had a look at the file and am not sure about your paths on the front and back planes. With the simple vise giving a bit of clarity of the table orientation you can get a clear idea of the plane definition required. Spend a 1/2 hr out the machine to get a better understanding of the table orientations you have to deal with. This is what seems to work for me in getting thing straight in my head.
  3. cam-eleon


    I've done something similar by setting up a single plane and using 3ax surface finish contour to rough out a gear tooth. Then rotated the operation using transform for the remaining teeth. You have to play around to get that 1st plane set up to mill what ever you can.. It may work for your application.
  4. cam-eleon

    Y Axis Parting on Okuma LB 3000 EXII MYW

    I don't know how you would tie in CSS with Y axis cut off motion. Normally the rpm change is with the X motion. Let us know. Also setting up the tool offset for Y axis cut off is to be considered.
  5. cam-eleon

    advanced rotary

    No, not the mastercam ver of swarf. Not that I know of anyway. The module works ver of swarf is more involved but I think even for that the tool is working on just one side. If you can complete a wall for guiding the tool around to cut both sides then try it that way. Maybe others who use this toolpath more often then I do can offer more advice. I just make 2 ops to cut both sides.
  6. cam-eleon

    advanced rotary

    @westernoftexas: here is a sample. It's mcam 2019 pov_DWG_00005074_OGS_FINAL_SPRIAL.mcam
  7. cam-eleon

    advanced rotary

    I like using swarf 4ax output. Keeps the tool side cutting along the wall. The tool needs to shift off on Y in a vert machine with a rot axis.
  8. cam-eleon

    back plot says double the time 2019

    I ran the op's thru AR setup sheets
  9. cam-eleon

    back plot says double the time 2019

    Running this toolpath group (1-26) thru vericut quickly shows just about 29min
  10. cam-eleon

    back plot says double the time 2019

    I don't know what goes on with backplot times...op6 reports 16min???
  11. cam-eleon

    Swarf Depth

    For the old school swarf it's under the collision control- Distance above lower rail (use +/-). For the new "Swarf Milling" toolpath I believe it's under Multi Cuts and then set the tool shifts to constant and then enter a value in the "To" field. I's been a while since I used the newer swarf but I think that's what does it...Try it out
  12. cam-eleon

    Mastercam Lathe Concern

    I'm getting the same result with a quick toolpath check using mpfan. Looks like psccomp post call may be missing from parts of ltlchg$
  13. cam-eleon


    My guess would be to create a rotated top plane to the angle of the cut you want to make for the scoring blade. This is OK for 1-2 cuts on the top plane but if you are doing many angle cuts then creating all those planes is going to become a chore. I created a router post many, many years ago that looked at the angle of the single contour scoring line and output the angle as a head rotation. There is a post command to calculate the angle of motion. I would never remember how I did this....
  14. cam-eleon

    TOOL icon gone 2019

    I had my toolpath disappear off the main ribbon tab also. Sent it in to my local support and it's been kicked up to CNC software..possible bug they say? Save the file and re-open it. That's what the work around is for now as suggested to me.
  15. Set helix rad entry in dynamic pocket to "0". Then use the drill start hole op to create an operation to drill. Keep the circle as it will mark the start location of the pocket and you can delete the drill start op and make your own drill op if you want.

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