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  1. I did some followup testing, You can only pull the "Tool Name", and "Manufacturers Tool Code" from the General Category ( Tested In X8 and 2017). Bummer, I guess I will have my client update his library to have MFG numbers in Description and Crib location in Tool MFG so we can post it
  2. Wondering if anyone has the prmcode$ handy for X8 Tool Description? My MPPARMATER post doesn't pick it up. I am setting up a Clients post to use a Crib location output from this field. TIA Ray
  3. set wcs to bottom, bottom, bottom with 5x flow gives you left to right.
  4. cimco dnc-max has the capability.
  5. Not sure if this is more work or less, but you can use Convert to 5x tool path and set links to "New Links" then you can use 5axis linking between paths. I've done this a few times as I find I could never rely 100% on reference points. You do end up with double the toolpaths, but just another tool in the bag that might help. Ray multiaxis_link_3+2.mcam
  6. Try editing the tool then" update all operations" when prompted.
  7. same I like the idea of the sit stand alternating. They even make apps or desktop widgits that remind you to change position. I'm defiantly going with the 1 touch preprogrammed setup once I pull the trigger.
  8. Np, thats why I love this community, so many different ways to do something and everyone is willing to share their knowledge. I end up using chains alot to drive paths either from chain or to chain. By manipulating where the chain is or the shape of the chain you can control the tool exactly how you want. Need more tilt? put the chain closer, less tilt move it away. Need a zag 1/2 way np add a zig to chain.
  9. File was a quick and dirty Sunday sample for the idea, obviously not dialed in 100%. V2 has the Tool control Drive chain moved inside of part to allow the tool to reach the underside. Your sample file didn't have the legs so you would have to add them as collision control check surfaces. +1 on Curve 5, whenever I cant make an advanced path do what I want, curve 5 will do anything, its just alot of work to draw everything up which we try to avoid Ray HOP SKIP AND JUMP_v2.mcam
  10. Something like this?!Am1LOI65HdMDgS4BSA3XmOIZx9CR
  11. F a gor, G53 is cancel all work offsets on the control. all manuals for f a gor are available on there website for download.
  12. excellent product, i cant tell you howmuch time it saves me on a daily basis.
  13. I set this up at a customer a few years ago. For the pilot project we used Cimco NC-Base(Already owned) on a windows tablet, and also setup shortcuts for there ERP, Drawings library, company documents. Worked well, but after crunching costs it didn't make sense at the time to go with tablets for limited power, function and screen size. In the end we went with a few all in one PC's strategically placed around the shop. If I was to do it again today, i would look at doing thin clients or having access via mobile friendly web client.
  14. Ben are you running the 34" UW @ 1080p, or 1440p? I am thinking's of making the jump to 34" UW.
  15. Default 2017/18 colors, but with Grid changed to black. I found the lighter background was less eye strain, and when your on Mastercam for 8+ hours a day it helps

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