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  1. Machine Sim vs true NC verification

    machsim not tied to the post is verify with machine models, has its uses but is limited
  2. Sending my list to santa (New PC)

    I wont hold my breath 😉
  3. Sending my list to santa (New PC)

    i know intel core speed is faster, was curious if the extra cores and cache would offset the clock difference resualting in a net gain. Could be faster for stock models and opti/modulworks paths but defiantly slower in legacy surface.... 2D who cares regen is negligible Ram/ssd/gpu will be top end for budget.
  4. Sending my list to santa (New PC)

    its not uncommon for my files to be 300+ mb and regenerating multiple operations. (lots tied to stock model's)
  5. Putting together a list for Santa for a new desktop. Has anyone tired AMD Ryzen for a processor? Specifically the 1900X 3.8Ghz with 40mb cache. Or should I steer clear and stick with i7-7700k/7740X From everything I know about Mastercam and everything I've read on PC spec thread we want Highest Single core speed with lots of Cache and the threadripper meets those criteria, just not sure I want to be the Ginny-pig
  6. Transform a Trasnform and add to WCS for each

    I believe you are right, I was hoping to save the extra work . Short term i'm going to hand edit the last 3 positions of each op. Long term Customer is adding a work probe so this problem goes away and I can use a sub with variable offset #. Thanks JP
  7. Transform a Trasnform and add to WCS for each

    I had coordinate set because the base position is center of fixture(sorry forgot to mention it in original post), so all the positions need different output and different offset. Otherwise I would just use a subprogram. Also when using Toolplane Rotate throws an error in MPMaster
  8. I'm either missing something or this is not possible. Sample is mill default but I'm using a MPmaster based post. I am trying to use Transform > Transform and make the output WCS for each position +1. G54.1 P11 to G54.1 P19 I'm able to get the first 5 positions but the last three don't increase (something is wrong in second transform). I know I could make geometry to replace first transform and transform that but my file already has 300+ operations as is and adding 4 operations for each path is not ideal. TIA Transform Transform offset NUmbers.mcam
  9. remove this -1 from groups

    I have mine set to prompt, name groups to meaningful names that make sense for part/paths. This way posted group comment may or may not be useful.
  10. I did some followup testing, You can only pull the "Tool Name", and "Manufacturers Tool Code" from the General Category ( Tested In X8 and 2017). Bummer, I guess I will have my client update his library to have MFG numbers in Description and Crib location in Tool MFG so we can post it
  11. Wondering if anyone has the prmcode$ handy for X8 Tool Description? My MPPARMATER post doesn't pick it up. I am setting up a Clients post to use a Crib location output from this field. TIA Ray
  12. control cut direction of 4th axis rotary tool path

    set wcs to bottom, bottom, bottom with 5x flow gives you left to right.
  13. RS-232 Machine Monitoring

    cimco dnc-max has the capability.
  14. Simple way to create REF points?

    Not sure if this is more work or less, but you can use Convert to 5x tool path and set links to "New Links" then you can use 5axis linking between paths. I've done this a few times as I find I could never rely 100% on reference points. You do end up with double the toolpaths, but just another tool in the bag that might help. Ray multiaxis_link_3+2.mcam
  15. edit common parameters

    Try editing the tool then" update all operations" when prompted.

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