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  1. Codeworx

    HAAS Rigid Tapping Code

    100% G95 works on Haas mills, but ive found an issue on some software versions where certian rounded pitch past 4 places machine freezes, but same pitch calculated in G94 works fine. Non issue in my mill but ive run into the issue in other software versions.
  2. Yasda is sub micron tolerance all day. Probably the best Japanese machine Available IMO. I got to spend a few days with the Japanese apps guys from Yasda on the micro center at Methods a few years ago, was truly impressed with the machines.
  3. Codeworx

    Vice on lathe turret for secondary ops

    Schunk has options to achieve what your after
  4. Codeworx

    Operation Libraries

    Where is this available? Prototek has nothing on there site.
  5. Codeworx

    haas tool length system macro variable #s

    FYI, Its in the Operators manual if your looking for a full list.
  6. Codeworx

    haas tool length system macro variable #s

    Why not use 2d oscillate dropdown in contour which is specifically for this application?
  7. Codeworx

    Taper Lock thread

    Checknout Spiralock threads, its a threadform that locks on itself once enguaged. Used in automotive a bunch, aswell as other uses. Can get taps, threadmills with the thread profile.
  8. Codeworx

    X7 install issues (win10)

    Solved my own issue with a little more digging on official forums. well at least its in two places on the interwebs now
  9. Codeworx

    X7 install issues (win10)

    So I have this customer who is on X7. I usually will program customers parts in whatever version they own for ease of edits or future re-run. As much as I encourage shops to upgrade some just don't have the budget. I've tried numerous times to install X7 on windows 10 x64 laptop, I did a fresh download form to make sure my install files were good. I have X2, X8, X9, 2017, 2019 installed currently all work with no issues. I found this thread: Tried this "fix" to no avail. Short of fresh windows install (which i'm likely due for but don't have the time) does anyone have any other ideas? TIA Ray
  10. Fillet Chain R=0.0001, While technically not sharp will undo the larger rads
  11. Set the Roughing Angle +/-180 Degrees to what it currently is (Found on Pocket Parameters Tab).
  12. Codeworx

    Heidenhain Hail Mary

    No problem, likely my rushed wording. Yes I've tried that, was a suggestion I recieved from a friend who is familiar with the Hedenheian.
  13. I have an issue with a Heidenhain control and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Control is Cerca 2004 TNC426/430 Nutating Head Machine, I'm going though some post issues with the customer, and 5 axis programming support. We have sorted out that the control does not do TCP (M128) in Cycle 19, only Spatial plane, I was doing some test code on the control too check formatting for the post update. Issue is Every time I call a Cycle 19, or Plane Reset STAY, I'm getting an "Angle Cannot Be Calculated" error, I'm pretty much getting this error all the time. Even tempting a tool change gives this error. Started when I did a Plane Reset Stay before an M128. What I feel is happening based on the behavior of the machine is somehow the Kinematics is twisted compared to head or something, I've Restated the machine with the head vertical, and all the numbers display 0's (B,C). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Codeworx

    Cimco DNC transfer tab lost

    Check your Cimco shortcut, your likely using Cimco basic attached to Mastercam Sim. If opening .nc file directly check windows default association (prolly looking at MCX cimco) If launching direct from Mastercam check your Start tab and make sure "CIMCOedit" is selected not "CIMCO"
  15. Codeworx

    Multiaxis vs Curve/Drill 5 axis

    Unless thigs have changed with how you can bundle mcx license. Curve5 is an addon that can run on a mill1 seat, its actually pretty powerful if you know what your doing but by no means a replacment for full Multi. Full Multi requires mill3, the largest portion of the price increase is the added full 3d package. If you buy curve 5 now there is no reduced upgrade price as curve5 is considered an addon, and full multi is a software upgrade.

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