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  1. Codeworx

    laptop recommendation

    As a contract programmer I run my business from a dell precision 7710, Fantastic laptop and I've had zero issues with it. Handles everything I throw at it. That being said its close to 12lbs with the brick. Not so bad if im travelling with my own vehical and am only one shop ina day, but often im at multiple customers and when I fly its unruly to lug around, near impossible to use on a flight. Not that I fly often for work but its not exactly portable. I got to lay my hands on MSI new WS63 work series when I was at my local PC store yesterday, and man is it nice. Other than the less than ideal trackpad (minor issue as I pack a mouse) thin, light, beautiful speced with 8 gen i7, and P3200 gpu. My plan for next upgrade is a WS tower for home/shop. And eventually replace my Dell with a slimmer more travel friendly 15". I do the bulk of my contract stuff pre programmed and only make minor changes onsite.
  2. Codeworx

    Filezilla to Fanuc

    Anyone had success with Filezilla FTP server to Fanuc recently? I've done a bunch of machines over the years and its pretty simple peer to peer networking and a few settings on the server side. With the newer Filezilla server I cant for the life of me make anything connect. TLS settings i'm sure is the culprit as I cant seem to be able to configure Plain FTP anymore in Filezilla. TIA
  3. Codeworx

    Smart Machine Tool

    99.9% sure Smart is Samsung Machine rebranded.
  4. Codeworx

    Repeat without transformation

    Use a macro variable and to jump over those one time FMS commands in you G65 call program. Or make A B as subs and have one time commands in "main" than run a or b, or a and b based on operator requirments. Could also use basic logig with a variable set to 0 or 1(on/off) A hundred diffrent ways to this safely and with check conditions
  5. Codeworx

    not wanting to drill upside down

    Without opening file my guess is surface normal is the wrong direction.
  6. Codeworx

    Stock Model ( all previous operations )

    You can do this.. just select all operations. I like the fact that i can pick and choose, files with well over 200-300 operations and any PC would stall out if i couldn't control stock models throught the process.
  7. Codeworx

    Cimco 8 adding file extention

    These settings will give you file with no extension, down side is Windows will not know to open it with Cimco
  8. Codeworx

    Tool Angle Settings....

    Greg, Will setting the tool as Horizontal +45 give you the results your after?
  9. This might be happening due to using intel gpu driver on launch. Set mcx to use "high performance" gpu
  10. You should have a cd/usb that came with your probe that have the macro creation software. If of course your company bought the inspection + software.
  11. supatuch is a check box when generating the macros, there is some parameter/rensttings fine tuning involved.
  12. Create a pmesh and use it as solid geomotry for the next stop model in line. This is basically the same as using old stl method but you dont get the hollow issue and dont have to referance files outside.
  13. Codeworx

    Changing X positive direction

    Tell the customer to pound sand. Aslong as part is correct what does it matter how you got from point A to B. You should be more concerned about profit, accuracy, and effeciancy not X sign thats irrelevant. Ive had stupid drawings over the years and first thing I do is do some math and dimention it correctly.
  14. Codeworx

    Curved Monitor

    Dell U34127W, love it, i'll likely get a second one for the Garage when i'm programming out there.
  15. Codeworx

    video card

    Is your monitor plugged into the nvidia gpu or the onboard gpu?

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