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  1. Could use a little nudge here

    1. Turn it 2. Put a grooving Bar in your mill and use it as a fly cutter 3. What others have suggested
  2. Cad/Cam milestone

    This is cool for all us fanboys
  3. Mazak EIA sometimes is not setup very well out of the box, there are a lot of parameter changes that tell the G-code which Mazatrol parameters to use. (IE use Mazatrol wear comp or eia wear comp. The best way I have come across is setting the machine up so that Tool and WPC are used on the Mazatrol side, Extended work offsets can be used any time by calling G54, G55, etc. I also have customers who use Mazatrol as main program and EIA sub's for each path, as using EIA Restart on Mazak is about 12 button presses.
  4. X7 graphics locked after Win10 update?!?

    sounds like Compatibility setting is not set?
  5. Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

    Nothing wrong with windows 10, Its a solid OS, likely the best Microsoft ever made. There are however a lot of things to dial in. You have to remember OS software is made to work on every pieces of hardware configuration world wide(within limitations) so you can see there may or may not be issues. 95% of PC issues are due to setup, most people install OS a few drivers and expect everything to work 100%, sorry to break it to you but not likely not going to happen. PC's require some basic know how and a little time to set up, and some common sense. Aside form my main Precision Laptop I use to run my business I have a 7 year old tower with an AMD gaming card that runs Mastercam like a champ, on windows 10 in 3440x1440, Zero issues it's a little slow at generating large 5x or surfacing paths but it's a good example of what the hardware is capable of if you keep control of the xxxx you install on a PC, and do a little maintenance. I even game on thing the latest and greatest games at medium settings with 40_ FPS full screen. Ive installed MCX on brand new PC where the specs blow it out of the water, but it turns out to be a $4-5k turd because they installed some BS software to make the lights change colors, or some bloatware music service with 400+ dubious "services" or browser plugins, among other stupid xxxx people do. I do agree with GCode about deferring updates, as its Microsoft is pushing out "Public beta, or PC1 in MC terms as you will. My 2 gripes with W10, is when it does update I have to spend some time to redial a few things in as Microsoft will reinstall the xxxx I've stripped or turning off, and you have minimal control of when it updates, always seems to be when I'm booting up at a customer or "I need to check something quick" There are a million resources for how to properly install and setup a PC OS, the main one I've used for forever and his strategy of setting up a box is to make it fully functional but streamline it.
  6. is there any hope for this program?

    try to merge the part into a fresh file. you will have to redo toolpaths but it might save your geometry.
  7. Limit A +-180

    Not exactly but you gave me an idea that worked a treat, Thanks Alex I ended up putting similar logic in Toolplane positioning. pxyzcout0 #Toolplane Positioning xabs = vequ(x$) iout = vequ(i$) if cuttype = 2 & rot_on_x = two & vmc, c$ = -atan2(vtoolx$,vtoolz$) if rot_on_x = two, csav = -c$ else, csav = c$ while csav >= 180 #added from here [ csav = csav - 360 ] while csav < -180, [ csav = csav + 360 ] #to here
  8. Limit A +-180

    Thanks Ron I appreciate the input The A travel total in mach def is not used for any calculation in MPmaster as its just used as a error check msg, and used for unwind logic. I know re-ordering operations will give different results, but in real world application you have to have flexibility, Also if you don't have an A0 (top) operation between front/back post outputs to keep going in the same direction, +90 then +270, or -90 then -270.
  9. Any ideas where I should alter MPmaster so the post only output +/- 180 Degree on A axis. I've tried messing with some of the calculations as well as machine/control def setting with mixed results. tyia Ray CODEWORX A+-180.mcam
  10. Benchmark

    2017 - 1:11.8 2018 - 1:17.49 With average processes running in background Dell M7710 i7-6820HQ 32Gig Ram Samsung 960 Evo M2 SSD
  11. Machine Sim vs true NC verification

    machsim not tied to the post is verify with machine models, has its uses but is limited
  12. Sending my list to santa (New PC)

    I wont hold my breath 😉
  13. Sending my list to santa (New PC)

    i know intel core speed is faster, was curious if the extra cores and cache would offset the clock difference resualting in a net gain. Could be faster for stock models and opti/modulworks paths but defiantly slower in legacy surface.... 2D who cares regen is negligible Ram/ssd/gpu will be top end for budget.
  14. Sending my list to santa (New PC)

    its not uncommon for my files to be 300+ mb and regenerating multiple operations. (lots tied to stock model's)
  15. Putting together a list for Santa for a new desktop. Has anyone tired AMD Ryzen for a processor? Specifically the 1900X 3.8Ghz with 40mb cache. Or should I steer clear and stick with i7-7700k/7740X From everything I know about Mastercam and everything I've read on PC spec thread we want Highest Single core speed with lots of Cache and the threadripper meets those criteria, just not sure I want to be the Ginny-pig

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