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  1. Gary

    3D arc linking in Optirest

    uncheck line arc filter. Check always use high feed and if you are leaving.01 or more loosen up the tolerance a thousands or 2. I think it’s trying to make those steps as a rapid move and choking.
  2. Gary


    I will take a look first thing in morning. May try and rebuild this model. I’m not sure how they designed this but the sweep is ugly. I’ve used swept on extrusion diverters in the past and it worked awesome. .
  3. Gary


    Well thats a hell of a lot nicer than what I had going. The old school way makes a nice path but whoa thats work thank you very much for the help!
  4. Gary


    I am trying to cut this so I don't have to just run a 4th axis spiral path and add an offset surface to protect the o.d. I have had good luck with morph paths on other stuff but the curves aligned better. Is there anything someone can suggest on this? File attached thanks Label-Shaft-mill2.mcam
  5. Gary

    One page setup sheet

    Funny just bought a yr. of x+ yesterday because of this need.
  6. crrl,alt,shift,p held at same time and I pick whatever post I want. This way I have seperate posts locked to g54 g55 ect. Especially on rotary work with transform/rotate use. Personally I think it should default to locked and prompt me if I want multiple work offsets. I also believe the entire model should come in as a check surface and you grab what you want to cut. I don't think you should have to worry about running a raster toolpath and having to fight vialating other surfaces or make a bunch of boundary curves to keep cutter from rolling into surfaces you don't want to machine. Start everything out safe and click a box a box if you want to get risky. Not start all in risky with planes and work offsets and not model aware and have to manually tie them all down. jmo
  7. Gary

    HAAS Rigid Tapping Code

    If its an old dinosaur machine from the 90's I don't believe g95 works but on anything newer it does. I have our post set to output g95 so the guys can change rpm at machine without having to calculate the feed rate. Also have post modified to allow for peck tapping.
  8. Gary

    screw compressor in the shop

    Can't go wrong with a screw. We had a thumper forever but once we kept adding machines it seemed to run non stop. Added a 250 gallon tank inline that helped some. Bought a small screw and it wouldnt keep up. Now have a 20 horse I believe and it does great. I know longer need to use accumulator tank. With the auto air guns ect on our haas its great. I do however use the old thumper when running on off shifts running unattended. If I blow a air line I would rather burn that one up vs. the screw. How many horse screw you looking at?
  9. Gary

    Scallop avoidance surface

    Holder collision and min retracts ect. added to the old school and Mastercam would be the ultimate. But they obviously can not do it. To old of code I guess.
  10. Gary

    Stock Models and Opti-Rough

    Holy crap. lol thank you.
  11. Gary

    Stock Models and Opti-Rough

    So dumb question but where did the save as stl go to on the verification page? I can export stock models as stl from the main screen. It used to be in the file save as in x9 but not in my 2017 or 2018. thanks
  12. Gary

    Designing Fixtures

    Do this alot with solidworks and also mastercam. The indent tool in Solidworks I use a lot. Do this for modifying plastic molded parts all the time. The fun part is when the parts seem to very from shot to shot or are not quite the same as what the model is. If a software would work like say pushing a part into a piece of clay instead of having to remove piles of undercuts/ ribs ect. would be the so frikken handy.
  13. Gary

    Stock Models and Opti-Rough

    Need 3d stock that recognizes when the stock is gone from the previous setup. Say when you cut top of a part and flip over and rest goes all the way down to min z even though the stock was gone and inch before. Yes I know you can dummy op some toolpaths and make more stock models but you should not have to. And yes drawing big azz rectangles on the screen to get a area or opti rest to work correct is dumb. If you outside for containment thats what it should mean, not well almost all outside.
  14. Go as deep as you can with regular tap to pilot the long tap. It is not going to tap any harder once the tap is buried in the material. The front half the tap is doing all the work anyway. Reversing without blowing out the chips first is whats gonna get you. We get stuck doing dumb stuff like this quite often on the engine lathes.

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