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  1. jagg2499

    Good Mill house

    We are in Romulus, what kind of work?
  2. jagg2499

    Drilling Incrementally

    I have the top of the holes selected not the bottom but my hole depths are all the same from the point selected, my concern is I am drilling .03 holes .125 deep and with the contour I have to have my retract set at an inch to clear the part and was looking for a way not to drill an inch of air above the part
  3. jagg2499

    Drilling Incrementally

    X6 MU2 ......... I really need to change that
  4. jagg2499

    Drilling Incrementally

    I am trying to drill holes at different z depths and checking incremental under reference hieghts does not seem to be controlling the reference on each individual hole. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. jagg2499


    I have a part with a 3/16 wide slot and the bottom is not 2D it has a contour to it, i want to just run a 3/16 ball endmill around it and have it just follow the contour. What would be the best toolpath to use?
  6. jagg2499

    Solids Help

    its ok John I will let you slide I was just looking for direction and you gave me that
  7. jagg2499

    Solids Help

    it is supposed to angel the other direction
  8. jagg2499

    Solids Help

    I have not actually done it yet but his solution looks like it would work but I am always interested in more then one way to skin a cat
  9. jagg2499

    Solids Help

    Thank you I got it now thank you very much for all your help
  10. jagg2499

    Solids Help

    on the right side the 2 areas outlined in yellow to the top and bottom of the strange shaped thru hole need to angle down into the thru hole but have a verticle wall
  11. jagg2499

    Solids Help

    Sorry John thank you for the input i have attached a file with most of it done except for the area i am having trouble with i am looking to angle just one wall all the way to meet the opposite side of the pocket FILE.MCX-5
  12. jagg2499

    Solids Help

    I am pretty new to creating solids and am looking for a tip on how to creaet something. I have a large solid face and I am looking to create a pocket with an angled bottom. What I am trying to create basically looks like a whistle notch with a vertical wall not a perpendicular one. Any direction would be a great help thanks in advance guys. FILE.MCX-5
  13. jagg2499

    Coolant issues

    We also use Hocut 795 and the stuff works great and no skin rashes at all. Maybe they have it mixed way too strong or something.
  14. jagg2499

    X5 Facing Error

    Thanks for looking into it and your right Zig-Zag does work, also I guess i should have mentioned I was using one-way. I looked at the code too and it looked alright to me too. Thank you for logging it John
  15. jagg2499

    X5 Facing Error

    When I post out a facing tool path with depth cuts I get a Warning !! ................... Invalid tool motion detected within depth cuts. Operations require regeneration. Cancel post processing? ........... Then when I cancel the op turns dirty, I regenerate it and it is ok but when I try posting it I get the same error again. Anybody seen this before?

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