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  1. Thanks for commenting guys. I will take that into consideration. I just emailed the service department about getting an update on the control. That seems like a good place to start.
  2. We have an Okuma OSP-P300-LA Control and there are a few quirks with it that I'm having trouble with. The spindle set-up screen has some of it's information disappear when you re-post the program. Each time you re-post, it switches from I.D. clamp back to O.D. clamp. This morning when I started up the machine, the tools I mounted yesterday were no longer mounted. In the registration number column there are just asterisks showing. This is in the turret info tab. I'm guessing that the two problems are connected. Any thoughts?
  3. I'm wondering if any of you guys know how to define a Sandvik Capto grooving tool on an Okuma LB3000 MYW with the OSP-P300-LA control. I am using the easy model feature. It allows me to build it as a 3mm wide insert but when I input a 1.5mm width, it says that the tip is too small and the tool can't be used. Any ideas? This is our first Okuma.
  4. Parabellum

    Verify comparison: Mastercam X6 vs Mastercam 2017

    I have been meaning to reply but haven't found the time until now. I have had the same problems with the 2017 verify as well. I know many other users that are angry about this but no one says anything because they are too busy or just think that it won't help anyway. So thank you for the time you have put into documenting all of this.

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