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  1. Try to force regenerate (Select all toolpaths and push the regenerate with the green sideways triangle). I'm just doing it to the whole file now everytime before i post. It is working and i'm so glad i'm able to trust it again
  2. Ok I have my answer!!! In order to ensure the approach and retract values posted I was told to "Force" regenerate and it works!!!
  3. Yeah, my files are usually in the several hundred op range. I am still waiting on MasterCam as far as their answer. Next time I see it I will try the file repair. That may fix it.
  4. Thanks for replying guys. Still waiting on customer service to give me an answer. I will post my findings so maybe it will help the next person with the same question. Or at least for peace of mind.
  5. Unfortunately, due to the nature of what I manufacture, I cannot share a file. And unfortunately it sounds like I'm the only one with this problem. I believe it must be a post error so I am contacting MasterCam now. The fact that I can post and It will show up correct - close file - next day open file - and the ref points will be missing from the program next time I post. Its sporadic and can't be trusted...
  6. Using a G54 WCS. Using Absolute. Like I said-- Same file, same parameters, different times posting = different results within the program. I know it sounds like I'm missing something simple, but trust me, I have looked at all angles. I have used MasterCam since X6 and now on 2017. I saw this problem at X9 and it is still there on 2017.
  7. I have seen this happen in most toolpaths I use. Mainly Contour toolpaths because that's what I mainly use. Put simply, Lets say I turn on Z home ref points for both approach and retract. I input 6.0 inches. When I post, depending on the day or hour of the day, the 6.0 will show up or won't show up. It's a roll of the dice.
  8. Am I the only one that has been having this problem? For no reason that I can figure out, the home / ref. points I input inside the toolpath parameters do not show up consistently when I post. This is a problem because if I use them, it is to avoid a crash.

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