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  1. Open your task manager and go to Performance. See if anything is getting maxed out during this. You didn't mention what video card. If this is specifically happening during tasks that are graphics related, may be worth a look. Is the file located on a local drive or network, or even worse...a cloud drive. Is autosave on?
  2. I would lean towards the P16 between those two. AMD is making some nice stuff but Intel/Nvidia are still king in my mind. Plus, 4GB Vram vs 12GB. I'm guessing the P16 costs a bit more?
  3. Can you share a file or steps to reproduce? This is the exact thing I want to see for comparing GeForce to Quadro.
  4. Try going into File>Options in Verify and switch to the 5-axis engine (at the bottom of General). ....edit, sorry. just noticed this was answered above already.
  5. Machine Sim has little effect on my GPU load. Full 5X cuts. with 2D and 3D thrown in, using the Haas UMC machine, GPU doesn't get above 25%. I will admit I haven't thrown the kitchen sink at this though, but my first thought is anything else is just loading extra toolpath data and would have little effect on graphical performance. If the sim models were very detailed or there was a lot of bodies attached to an axis/fixture, this could increase the load. What I find most taxing to my GeForce GPU is simply skewing in the graphics area. Here's a file and a short demo. Circles and Cylinders.zip If GeForce and Quadro are the same graphically with this, maybe a different type of test is needed. I could put a couple hundred 5x toolpaths in a file and do the same? Open to other ideas. Circles and Cylinders.mp4
  6. I have compared and ya, it makes ya wonder.
  7. My bad, I interpreted "complex 3D & 4th & 5th axis cuts" as referring to toolpath creation. Still, point is the card is not doing anything but graphics in Mastercam. And you see the same with a Quadro? So, technically, you can calculate the most complex of toolpaths with no videocard. Not that you would, but if we are talking performance of anything other than model manipulation, the card doesn't matter? Ya, my day to day stuff is not on the highly complex spectrum but when I go down these bench marking rabbit holes, what I'm doing is probably more taxing than what most would ever put their machines through. These files that bring my current setup to its knees, I'm curious if the Quadro would make more of a difference, or would more RAM be a better investment (this is what I'm testing now)
  8. Bit of an unfair comparison in that article. $10,000 Quadro vs $1000 GeForce. It is a good point though, there are no $10k GeForce cards so if that is the area you're working in, Quadro is the only answer. If you compare similar priced, or even cheaper GeForce, the specs are tilted towards Geforce. These are just numbers and don't reflect real world where drivers and software come into play but I'm of the opinion that GeForce shouldn't be written off. I am more than willing to be proven wrong though. I just have a hard time with 'trust me, this is better'. Weren't Xeons seen as the best CPU option at one point? I do these sort of things frequently with a GeForce and have never had anything fail. Any example of what would push the card to the limit? I don't notice the GPU getting used during toolpath calc, only when graphical items on screen are being displayed/hidden or manipulated.
  9. RTX A4000 and RTX30xx/40xx show use of OpenGL 4.6. What is Quadro doing different?
  10. I've narrowed it down to a Surface Finish Contour op. Normally it takes 7-8 seconds to regen. If the Running Security is triggered, it takes 3:30ish. Running Security seems to only get triggered when first opening the file, but not every time. I disabled all internet connections, was able to get the Running Security to trigger, still 3:30ish regen time. So...I have no idea what's going on. Guess I'll have to send this one in.
  11. I've been working on some new benchmarking and I'm getting inconsistent results and it seems to be due to this 'Running Security' event. Is anyone else seeing this in the bottom left corner for extended periods of time (minutes) when calculating toolpaths? I am on an internet license and it does look like code meter and mastercam are more active on the network than usual during this time. Surely it isn't phoning home every time I calculate a toolpath, right? -these are large toolpaths, several are 100,00k+, it wouldn't be sending this data would it? (I do not click the send feedback when installing) -sometimes the 'Running Security' is only on screen for a second, at most. I can't find a pattern for when its one second and when its 3 minutes.
  12. The RTX3080Ti is twice the card that RTX4000 is. I would expect you'd see better performance from the 3080Ti. I'm still of the mind set that Quadro doesn't matter in Mastercam, specially when compared to the RTX 30xx and 40xx cards...until there is some sort of comparison to show otherwise.
  13. Are you not wanting to just view from the top? I can't really think of a scenario where skewing a flat drawing is needed. If the drawing is not on a system plane, you could create a plane relative to some geometry in the drawing and use that for your top view?
  14. Right click on any whitespace on the ribbon and choose Customize the Ribbon. You can find all the icons in these lists. Screen grab and crop to whatever size you need, import those into your macros. The image doesn't have to be 24x24, 20x20 works just fine
  15. It can be done. If this is an easier option is your call. Using a space mouse, you can program a button with a custom macro. So, if you want to launch into Edit Common Parameters, you program a button to do a right click>arrow down 5x> arrow right>Enter. With that button programmed, select your operations then push the button you programmed. If you just want the context menu, leave out the Enter keystroke and also be sure the Toolpath Manager is in focus.

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