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  1. Thee Cutterman

    Lots of good enhancements

    Why did they change the trim Functions ?. And the easy post sequence with the space bar? Push your space bar 3 times and it posts for you Is that a feature or a *** up.
  2. Thee Cutterman

    File opens with dirty ops

    Thanks Metallic Thats done the trick Cheers Daz
  3. Thee Cutterman

    File opens with dirty ops

    Also been having this issue over the last few weeks. Has anyone from cnc chimed in yet or is there anything been logged for this problem?.
  4. Circle Threads like this, it's "generally" me who moves them......I've not been around as much......when I did see it, I Lock it Fissed I will ban myself John. See yas next month. Glad you got it sorted Mike.
  5. Thee Cutterman

    toolpath simulation using solid body- mastercam 2017

    Right Click and up the top are your attributes. Highlight the solid..... Right click and select Solid Color....Choose the color you want.
  6. Thee Cutterman

    3DConnexion drivers

    Same here Ron. I went straight back after having issues and haven't had a problem since.
  7. Thee Cutterman

    The New 2017 Interface

    Maybe we need a Not As Yet Option in the poll. JMO Ive been using it since the first public beta. Once i sorted all my toolbars with what i wanted its just been a case of getting used to it. I wouldn't go back now. A lot of hate for the new Interface when i first started with it but set it up to what you need and its now faster than using X9.
  8. Thee Cutterman

    O/T Okuma Lathe /Mill users?

    No im all good now David.
  9. Thee Cutterman

    Arc centre points in 2017 PC

    Yea i like it also now Ive found it.
  10. Thee Cutterman

    Arc centre points in 2017 PC

    Trying to turn off the auto arc center point. I'm sure that the setting for displaying arc center points was in the config/ cad settings. Driving me mad but cant find the setting in the configuration page anymore. EDIT... All Good Im going blind.. Home tab / Display / Arc Centre Points.
  11. Thee Cutterman

    Machine Simulation setup help 2017

    Thanks Craig.
  12. Thee Cutterman

    Machine Simulation setup help 2017

    Thanks for that Josh. Beta update didn't fix the tool problem so looked into the stl files and they were all over the place. Thanks Ron. i was able to look through the stl,s and found the problems are with them. Tool is now in the spindle and workpeice is on the table. Cheers Guys
  13. Thee Cutterman

    Machine Simulation setup help 2017

    Good Morning Guys and Girls I haven't used the machine simulation much as yet and are trying to set it up for my Okuma. So far i have the arbor dropping down out of the spindle and the work piece is up off the table. As i said i have not had much time to play around with it but was wondering if there is any documentation or video for setting up the machine simulation side of things. cheers Daz
  14. Thee Cutterman

    Mastercam 2017

    I'm sick and tired already of not being able to select a box around geometry without the top selection bar getting in the way. One work around Ive found is that if u run a dual monitor software you can move them to your second monitor and out of the way. Works for the auto-cursor bar but will not move the quick masks-bar Not the best way of doing it but works for me
  15. Thee Cutterman


    Awesome work thru out this thread Murlin. Learn t a hell of a lot. Thanks mate.

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