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  1. htm01

    'WINNING' with a Fadal

    this was 20 yrs ago now,there was a line in the cavity every inch or so, finally figured out it was when the oil pumped every 10 minutes , op put a indicator on it and it was almost .0005
  2. htm01

    'WINNING' with a Fadal

    we had fadals that when we did cavity machining you could see lines where the auto lube kicked on, it actually raised the table
  3. htm01

    Changes in MasterCAM 2019

    to mill a slot use pocket, select point as your first selection then chain your slot then under lead in/out click use entry point
  4. we get a few jobs where it's specked to roll tap
  5. sounds like he's trying to get us to do his homework, or they are questions for a job interview
  6. we use Emuge single tooth and full profile cutters, very pleased with them, they will even give you programs with speeds and feeds for any material. was milling 6-32 in inconel and it was programmed with control comp and the op forgot cc ended up cutting a 1/4-32 in one shot from a .113 drilled hole and didn't even break
  7. you could try flowline
  8. htm01

    post form

    if you click on "posts" them select the type of post a form will load, if not its a problem with your browser. that is a form to purchase a post from in-house custom to your machine requirements. if you are just looking for a free post this is not the place go to mastercam .com and download a generic post and people here can help you tweak it
  9. htm01

    Rookie Mistake

    notes under comment
  10. htm01

    Rookie Mistake

    if you use X+ for a set up sheet you can have it list WCS name, even if you don't use the sheet you could run it as a check
  11. htm01

    Deep hole FINISHING drill cycle

    on our Haas i use ijk , it doesn't start at your depth but it goes down in one peck i= first peck j=amount to reduce peck k=min peck
  12. htm01

    ARRRGHHH!!! Customers

    we get that all the time "here's the model but go by the print" WTF they should be the same you lazy sod
  13. htm01

    Trade school tour.

    here's the old sample file REDSOX_PENCIL.MC9
  14. htm01

    Trade school tour.

    this it i did it on a cylinder BOSTON-1.MCX-5
  15. htm01

    Lathe cross contour milling

    in #4 he's cutting on the right side in the other 3 it's left you also selected the 3rd entity 3 times

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