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  1. htm01

    Creating letters question

    2020 says create machinable geometry from text
  2. we got rid of one like new 2004 don't think they got $5000 for it,that a toolroom lathe and the big one was a Mazak hyperquadrex
  3. no, i'm just saying i understand why they don't want us trading posts on here
  4. but it is their site , that they let us use for free and most of the time it's pirates that are looking for free posts
  5. i can understand inHouse position as they sell posts
  6. htm01


    you could modify drilling one hole make it a subroutine and call it up at each hole location
  7. htm01

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    best bet check it out on website
  8. we started a shop with one of those and a anilam retrofit for a lathe, you could program all kinds of stuff with the software. we made a set of these
  9. htm01

    Changing Direction on radial toolpath

    i tried it on plain radial, i see now you have high speed radial
  10. htm01

    Changing Direction on radial toolpath

    are you cutting 0-360? if so make it 0-(-360)
  11. htm01

    MasterCAM proficiency testing.

    guess you never looked back for the answer
  12. htm01

    MasterCAM proficiency testing.

    try a search
  13. htm01

    ID Splined Shaft Vendor

    we use they do have specialty ones
  14. htm01

    ID Splined Shaft Vendor

    we do rotary broaching hexes and squares on our Mazak integrex , works very well not sure if you can find a spline broach

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