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  1. htm01


    can't right now, ill try later
  2. htm01


    should work but you'll need to break it up so you have the same # of segments top and bottom
  3. htm01

    Dynamic feeds and speeds

    worked with a guy that we called 50% Bauer, because the first thing he did when he came in was turn speed and feed to 50%
  4. htm01

    Feature Based Machining

    if you have solidworks try parasolid (.X_T) file but roll back to version 14 in options
  5. htm01

    finding line number

    note pad has goto also
  6. htm01

    finding line number

    open in mastercam or cimco editor or you'll have to count lines
  7. htm01

    setting spot drill depth by chamfer dia

    only if they use the right tool. me: why didn't you use the 1/8" sharp point tool that i gave you with the set-up sheet? op: i already had a 1/4" with a .01 flat on it set up
  8. htm01

    mind blown

    i usually skip a year if there is nothing major, been doing odd years
  9. htm01

    mind blown

    i agree, every time i finally get used to a version a new one comes out and its start all over, not just MC but all software. I don't believe we need a new version just because the date changes, in the early days it was years between.
  10. htm01

    MC 2019 Update 3

    yeah i went to CNC and downloaded it
  11. htm01

    MC 2019 Update 3

    i get a push notice from MC
  12. htm01

    MasterCAM network file collision.

    i set auto save every 60min and after every op, also backup with just the name "bob"
  13. htm01

    mind blown

    and cadkey, i'm surprised some F keys still work
  14. htm01

    mind blown

    put common stuff in right mouse button

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