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  1. we put USB extender with 4 ports, that way we don't wear out the machine port, maybe less static away from control and 4 port is plastic case
  2. htm01

    Machsim MCAM2020

    he said bummer not BOOMER
  3. you should put it in the budget when you buy the machine, the cost of a post is nothing in the long run, log how much time you waste editing programs and multiply that by your shop rate and see how fast it pays for itself
  4. htm01


    we had an old guy that we called them Jimmy-isms he parked in the "computer" parking lot
  5. htm01

    Problems Saving

    usually means you changed some of the geometry that is used to create the solid
  6. it saves when you close, so close before you copy the backup over
  7. just had this happen again
  8. had the same thing happen twice
  9. htm01

    Cutter Grinder Cost

    that he did. we had two lista cabinets filled with custom thread form tools for bottle molds along with all kinds of form tools and broaches
  10. htm01

    Cutter Grinder Cost

    we had an old guy that could grind anything , he was a mathematical genius
  11. htm01

    removing defining wireframe

    just move the solid to another level and shut the other one off
  12. htm01

    MC2020 Update 1

    showed up in auto updates this morning
  13. htm01

    HAAS Rigid Tapping Code

    from Haas website G84 Tapping Canned Cycle (Group 09) For Axial Live-Tool tapping, use a G95 or G186 command. For Radial Live-Tool tapping, use a G195 or G196 command. For Reverse Tapping (left-hand thread) on the Main or Secondary Spindle, refer to G184 Reverse Tapping Canned Cycle For Left Hand Threads (Gr.... More programming examples, in both Inch and Metric, are shown below: G01 Linear Interpolation Motion (Group 01) This F value can be in units (inch or metric) per minute ( G94) or per spindle revolution ( G95), or time to complete the motion ( G93). The feedrate value ( F) can be on the current program line, or a previous line. The control will always use the most recent F value until another F value is commanded. If in G93, an F value is used on each line.
  14. htm01

    Tapping Spiralock threads

    i always try to keep the feed rate to as close to a whole #, your control might round to 2 places also
  15. htm01

    Tapping Spiralock threads

    we use oil with 10-32 form tap in SS, Emuge recommended 100-150 holes we're getting 250

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