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  1. ah, i haven't been updated to 10 yet, couple more week, thats good to know
  2. that only works if you have a pdf create program not from MC, you need adobe
  3. windows snipping tool you can save as .png
  4. htm01

    backup copies

    you can set it so it saves after every operation, worse case you lose one toolpath
  5. htm01

    backup copies

    under config/files/autosave/backup you set the # of backups under files/backup files you set the path you can also use auto save i used that with save after every operation when i had crashing problems
  6. htm01

    2D Chamfer Problems

    a file would probably help
  7. i have a dongle with V7, i let them use it in the shop for simple drilling and some engraving it's on an old computer with a serial port and isn't allowed on the network
  8. htm01

    sorry i didn't explaint my situation correctly

    then you just use cimco to send, set your editor to mastercam or other in config. start/exit. you set communications in config communications or just open your cimco and send from there
  9. i ran v9 on windows 7 but IT had to set up a virtual drive with xp, for v6 you might have to go back to win95
  10. htm01

    sorry i didn't explaint my situation correctly

    are you using mc to transfer files or do you have a stand alone cimco? also what version
  11. htm01

    Tapping Speeds and Feeds

    thats the problem, 1/4-20 is 20 threads per inch = 200 rpm 10 ipm, 3/8-16 = 160 rpm 10 ipm also are you sure you have rigid tapping?
  12. htm01

    Tapping Speeds and Feeds

    depends on machine and size of tap. feed is dependent on speed and threads per inch also the quality and type of tap (spiral point, spiral flute, etc) on our haas it was recommended under 300rpm
  13. htm01

    Exit/entry on an elipse

    or try lead to center, if you turn off gauge protection it might work
  14. we use Emuge thread mills and they supply the program written in incremental G91, so i just copy the drill operation for position and paste the thread path
  15. htm01

    Scrap carbide

    i just went to a local scrapyard about 10 years ago, got $150 for a coffee can of endmills there are places out there though Scrap&utm_content=Carbide Scrap

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