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  1. not sure if this is all just Intergex but a lot of info here
  2. htm01

    Swiss Programming?

    from what the guy told me partmaker is subscription based and they don't want to pay the $$$$ for minor programming
  3. htm01

    Swiss Programming?

    i'm in the same boat, we just acquired a small swiss shop, he has partmaker but doesn't really know it, does his programming by hand, could sometimes use a little help with some features, are there posts available for Star machines for MC,first would be Star Ecas 32-T with Siemens 840DI control ( *** looking for direction not free post ***)
  4. htm01

    Getting a new computer!

    surprised they didn't cut down to 3 programmers
  5. htm01

    Backing up the quick access toolbar in 2020

    Glad to see you back with your old ID
  6. htm01

    Opening V7???

    thousands of files over the last 25 years, mold work that would sometimes come back for repairs
  7. htm01

    Opening V7???

    2020 will open V9 files
  8. htm01

    Opening V7???

    i had it , IT set up a drive with VMware with a USB Hasp we have an old computer with XP that has V7 and V9 but it's not allowed on the network, i have an old white dongle that goes in the printer port
  9. htm01

    Opening V7???

    X5 will open V8, thats the oldest i have installed
  10. htm01

    Looking for MasterCAM Skill testing.

    $hit i have a guy that still doesn't know the difference between a G91 and G90. i prefer that he doesn't do any editing
  11. htm01

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    go to the website and contact Günther
  12. htm01

    How can I improve finish

    i would go 90 deg to your current cutting direction or lower your stepover distance
  13. htm01

    X+ License file

    Günther was quick to respond, just remember there is a time difference
  14. htm01

    2D Start Point

    you can create a point anywhere you want to start, select that first before your contour geometry, then in above picture select " use entry point"
  15. htm01

    Importing .dwg files


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