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  1. TOM S

    SCM Ergon Basics

    I know this 3 years too late. In my experience with SCM machines (15+ years) you need to put the tool back in the carousel/magazine. You cannot put the tool back in the spindle manually (you can physically do this obviously) because the machine will not recognize what tool it has. There is no way that I am aware of to tell the machine which tool it has. The machine needs to pick the tool up itself to recognize the parameters.
  2. I am running Mastercam Router 2021 with Curve 5 axis I don't know much about chooks or nethooks, but will start looking into them. The Toolpath Transform the pullo (Gracjan) suggested worked perfectly. It seems to me though that perhaps Mastercam should automatically do this, or prompt you when mirroring geometry associated to an existing toolpath. But perhaps I am a rare exception...
  3. TOM S

    PM1000 Powermatic Table Saw

    1-3/4 HP seems a little under powered. 10" Cabinet saws more often start around 3HP. Have you looked at King, or Grizzly? I think you'll get more bang for the buck with these.
  4. I need to machine 2 parts which are mirror images of each other. I have programmed the first one. I will mirror the geometry to create the second one. Is there a faster / easier way of changing the toolpath? I usually "reverse" and "change side" each operation individually, alternatively I have exported and imported the toolpath group and rechained the geometry. Both methods can be time consuming. It seems to me there must be a better way when a complete part is mirrored to automatically reverse the chaining. Am I missing something?
  5. TOM S

    What am I missing?

    D'Oh! That was it. Thank you!! That's what I both love and hate about this program. It's so plastic and versatile and customizable. But that means there is so much to overlook! Thanks again!!
  6. TOM S

    Graphics issues

    So I followed that and discovered the version is Open CL 1.1 CUDA. So there is my problem. I will refer this back to our I.T. guy and see about getting a new graphics card. Thanks for the help!
  7. TOM S

    Graphics issues

    No, It's a desktop. No onboard graphics. Actually running dual Quadro 2000D's to run 3 monitors. Worked fine with 2020.
  8. TOM S

    What am I missing?

    I just installed 2021. The information doesn't seem to carry over from the tooling file like it did in 2020. When picking a tool from the tool library the Tool# doesn't carry over. I have to input it, and if i don't it overwrites the library and changes the tool number in the library. In the picture that tool number should be 109 and the head number should be 1. This is a change since 2020, so I don't if I am missing a setting somewhere?
  9. TOM S

    Graphics issues

    I just installed 2021, and everything went as smoothly as in previous versions. When I start Mastercam it gives me this warning: I am running NVIDIA Quadro 2000D 1.0 GB dedicated memory. The driver is up to date, and my research tells me this graphics card supports Open CL 1.2. Our I.T. guy is looking into upgrading the graphics card. But I don't see what the problem is.
  10. TOM S

    Stock Setup 2020

    I have a newbie question... In Mcam 2019 in Stock setup I could set the stock values by clicking rectangular in the shape box, then All Entities and the numbers would propagate. Then often I would go back and choose an STL File, so that it would simulate my actual part when verifying. But the overall part size would remain (the numbers that propagated from the rectangular stock). These numbers carry over into my post so I never had to enter of change them. Now, with Mcam 2020 this doesn't happen. I can set the stock value the same way, but when I click to use a File instead of Rectangle the values change back to zero. Am I missing something? A setting somewhere that didn't carry over when I upgraded to 2020? Or is this just how it is now, and I need only readjust how I do things? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. TOM S

    Multi Axis Drill 2020

    Yes! I did get this figured out. Thanks everyone for the help!
  12. TOM S

    Multi Axis Drill 2020

    Where did the Multi Axis Drill toolpath go? It was there in 2019. And seems to be missing now. It never worked for me, the post kept spitting out way wrong numbers. So just used the curve toolpath to achieve same result, or a quick few lines by hand. Just curious if it's actually gone, or has been moved somewhere I haven't noticed yet.
  13. Actually, just playing around with it now I discovered the "trace mode" button. Now that I have it selected the quick verify works fine. trace.bmp Hope it helps!
  14. TOM S

    Compensation Poll - Take the poll

    Almost always use computer (no comp). Alternatively I will use Control. I program SCM (Routech/Morbidelli) machines. They don't play well with wear comp for whatever reason.
  15. You're right about the Morbidelli not liking wear. I have been running SCM machines for 15 years and never used it because of that. When I played with my setup (also Mcam 2020) I found that I had to step through the backplot for the quick verify to show up. Does this work on yours? I'd think if this is the case then running 'verify selected operations' maybe quicker.

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